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A Trick [NOT] and Bunnies

How was everyone’s weekend?  Did you get tricked or fooled?  I wish I got tricked, but it was real.  Saturday night after midnight, so yes, that means April 1, my hubby was in bed nursing a horrible cold and I was downstairs watching a movie.  Do you know the sound of a smoke alarm when the battery goes out?  It goes beep, beep, beep.  Well, this was a blood curling continuous scream.  I grabbed a chair to stand on and pulled the smoke alarm lid it from the ceiling.  My hubby came downstairs all fuzzy wanting to know what is going on.  The air  smelled like hair burning, no smoke.  We spent the next 30 minutes walking around the entire house, checking every corner, every heating vent, etc. and could not find a thing.  By this time, it had subsided and oh by the way, I didn’t get to see the end of my movie.

Fast forward to 7:30 Sunday morning.  The heat didn’t kick in and the pilot light in the furnace did not come on.  That’s not uncommon this time of year if we were having our normal weather but we have been having cold, rainy, ugly weather.  Hubs went off to work and I proceeded to stay cold as it was 63 degrees in our house.  I called our fix-it guy and because we’re on the preferred plan, there wasn’t any extra cost for a Sunday call.  They said they would be here at 10:30.  Perfect, that would give me time to run to the store and for Divot and I to go for a walk….NOT!

I started smelling the hair burning smell again, switched the heat to off on the controller and called hubs.  He said just do it so I did.  I called 911 and asked for the fire department non-alarm assistance.  I thought they would just drive their little service truck here, but instead here comes the big fire truck, all lights flashing.  Two hunks get out in full gear, carrying their axes, etc.  I was wondering how many neighbors we’re watching from behind their curtains. HA!  They checked using their scanner all through the house for an electrical fire in the walls but didn’t  find anything.  I wasn’t crazy though.  They smelled it too and told me I was  smart to call them and not take any chances.  YES! 

My fire guys left and shortly after the nice Beacon man came.  Well, lets say he was nice until he told me the furnace needed a new motor and the smell was the current motor on slow burnout and sit was ucking the filter into it.  Then he said $800.00, I wrote the check and he’s coming back with the motor today.  Not a trick, a real bad dream.

I think I’d rather think of Easter bunnies, all kinds of bunnies, wouldn’t you?

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Did you get tricked?  Happy Monday!


The Chair Affair – So Inspiring

A friend of mine was telling me about a fantastic charity auction they attended last week in Tacoma, WA at the Tacoma Museum of Glass.  It’s called the Chair Affair and it is sponsored by the Northwest Furniture Bank.


“The mission of NW Furniture Bank is to help restore hope, dignity, and stability in our community by recycling donated furniture to people in need”.

Founded in 2007, NW Furniture Bank has served over 7,600 individuals, which include over 4,400 children and we are working with over 90 agencies in Pierce County. We have given over 273 ocean containers of furniture, with a value of over $2.3 million to people in need in our community!

The event itself cost $60.00 a ticket and includes hors d’oeuvres and drinks and your opportunity to participate in live and silent auctions.  Local area artists create one-of-a-kind chairs which everyone can bid on.

Here is the link with information and pictures of the chairs and artists who created pieces for this years auction.  You will be in awe if you go take a peek.  I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

The Hexecutive Chair, was crafted by Penny Grellier.  Her works can be found at www.pennygrellier.com

image image 

Once Upon A Time bench is an old church pew seat and has been creatively styled by Kristina Smethers and is a Visual Arts teacher at a Seattle Area High School.  Her fairy tale story is told oh so gorgeous. 



Another local artist, Erin Littrell, created Flowers Delight.  I’m a nature lover and I love love love this chair.

image  image

Have you read H.G. Wells, “The Time Machine”?  Robert Knapp created The Time Travel Chair.  What a creative mind this artist has taking two chairs to and combining them for an awesome place for a child to do their reading.

image image


I definitely plan on attending next year.  If you would like more information on both the NW Furniture Bank and how you can donate your all chairs check out http://nwfurniturebank.org/.