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October 2012 Monthly Recap

Happy Friday!  Before November slips away I wanted to revisit October in one fell swoop.

Oct Monthly Recap Collage 1

I really strrrrrectchhhhed out the Fall decor posts!

Fall Floral

Before and After Dollar Store Pumpkins

Fall Porch

Fall on the Mantel and In the Kitchen

Fall: Dining Room and Entry

Oct Monthly Recap Collage 2

Hanging Pictures with the Incredible Hook

Glossy Black Side Table

Decorative Cell Phone Boxes

Bridal Shower

October Recap Collage 3

Organized Recipe Cupboard

The Divot Diary 10.12.2012 and The Divot Diary 10.31.2012

Pumpkin Turkey Chili

Same Hutch, New Look

Oct Rcap Collage4

Words To Live By Part 3

DIY Painted Pinecones

Wall Stripes and Pics

Hoping your weekend is fabulous!


Updated Living Room

It’s Thursday and it’s high time I shared my updated Living room.  It got a brand new paint job on the walls and ceiling, new lamp shades, new pillows and curtains, some table updates, and some different pictures.

Color Strip

The walls and ceiling both were painted with Behr’s Dream Catcher (top on the paint strip).  It looks grey, but it’s more of a very light blue.  Depending on the natural light and time of day, the color will change from almost white, to a light blue, to a pale lilac.  I’m really loving it.

I’ve had my living room furniture for awhile and it’s not going anywhere soon so it was important for me to use colors that complimented it. I pulled on black, light blues, gold’s and turquoise.

After LR 2

Curtain Close-Up Pillows and Throw

I ordered the curtain panels from jcpenney.com, Casio in Fog Blue in case you’re wondering.  I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I need to order 1 more for the living room and 1 more for the dining room. (I’ll share the dining room makeover next week).  I ordered a 120 length, fully lined, each panel $75.00, which I thought was totally reasonable.  The grey and blue striped pillow, 1 of 2, were a steal on the clearance rack at Bed, Bath and Beyond, $9.00 total.  The turquoise round is a pillow I had upstairs which I purchased from Target a while back.  The turquoise throw is also from Target.

Pillows - Pinecones Garage Sale Pillow

I found the turquoise and gold pillow at a garage sale for a $1.00 The other pillow is from Home Goods and if you want to read about my DIY pinecones click here or my DIY pumpkins, here.

LR Before 1 LR After

LR Before 2 LR After 4

S0, what cha think?


Same Hutch, New Look

What do you do when you want a new look, but are not willing to spend bunches of money?  You can paint, but if the object is wood then you might, like me, have a hubby that says No, please don’t.

I wanted a new look for my dining room hutch.  It’s old, a bit out of style, but it’s been with me forever. So I just took the doors off and I’m okay with it awhile longer.  Removing the lead glass doors certainly gives it a more open feel.  But, I’m thinking I like the linens.  With them I feel a little more warmth.  Am I right?

Hutch Collage

Half the shelf

Tea Set


white dish top shelf

Old dishes

Hutch after

What do you think?  With doors or without?


Picture Hanging Easy – The Incredible Hook

Happy Monday.  Another beautiful sunny weekend in the Northwest.  I stayed pretty busy meeting friends, a little house and yard work, feeding the obsessions with a little shopping.  My brother and I also hung my living and dining room drapes yesterday.  That is worthy of another post and I’ll share this week.

We’ve been busy painting since August; laundry room, the living and dining room, and our bedroom and master bath (yes, will also being sharing these adventures soon).   It’s amazing what fresh paint will do, especially when you change the color, take down the curtains and let the sunshine in.

My husband has never been a big fan for putting a bunch of pictures up.  He calls it “just putting holes in the wall”.  It kills him to grab the hammer, especially when there’s a mistake, can’t find a stud or the picture just falls off the wall.  It’s never bothered me so I usually will leave the clean walls up for a bit, then hang pictures when he’s not home.  This really saves on emotions barfing all over the place.  Bad term, sorry, but it’s the only way to explain it.

Well, I’ve found the cure!  Have you heard of the Incredible Hook?  I found mine at Target, but I’ve seen them at Home Depot and other stores as well.  And sometimes the name is different, but they all look alike.  Its a wired curved hook you feed into the wall and you don’t need a stud.  The hanger will hold up to 35 pounds.  And it is AWESOME!  Here’s a little tutorial for you because we all know a picture(s) says a thousand words.

The Incredible Hook

Collage Step 1--3 R1Collage Steps 4-6 R1

A picture or art wall in a minute.  This one is in my laundry room.

Laundry Art Wall

Did you already know about the Incredible Hook?  Have you used it before.  Come on, tell the truth, how many holes are really in your walls!


** I’ve changed my blog name to Lattenene Chat.  If you do an internet search you will still find posts from it’s previous name, Lattenenes Cup of Chat.

Faux Desk Top Look

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that the past month or so I’ve been updating what I already updated last September.  I’ve been calling the room the guest/craft/reading room.  From today forward I think I’ll just call it my woman cave.  That’s what my husband calls it.  I also explained in a previous post that I have to live in the change for a bit to know if there is a need for more change.  In the case of the woman cave it does.

I originally wanted the room to be predominately black, white and yellow.  The loveseat/hide-a-bed is a deep turquoise  and needed to stay in the room for guest purposes.  I think that decison influenced/persuaded me to incorporate to much of the turquise color in the room.  That, plus a few other little items are what I am changing.  Last September I painted the walls a bright sunny yellow and I still am hapy with that choice.  I’ve always loved black and white; plain, together, patterned, whatever.  But that’s what I’m adding more of.  So far I’ve updated the dresser and desk chair.

Now I get to deal with the desk which isn’t really a desk.  Did I mention I’m trying to do this on the cheap?  The desk is really two stacked modular cubes previously purchased at Michaels on each end with a board across the top.  Not great, but it works for my needs right now and hey, did I say cheap!  I wanted a bit more than the plain white board on top look so I added contact paper to give it a granite type look.

Desk with Chair-001

Not bad, right?  And the great thing about the contact paper is I can easily remobe it any time I want! Here’s the before and after.

Desk long view L-view 1-001

and a few more pictures…

another view

Full View

yellow pots

L-view 2

Desk with Chair-001

B-T-W, the yellow pen containers, $1.00 each at the Dollar Store.  Have you done any “cheap” decorating lately?


Easter Egg Tree

i have one more Easter decoration to share with you friends and that’s my Easter Egg Tree.  This idea all started last fall when I found this $3.50 vase at Marshalls in desperate need of some spray paint.  Then I gathered some branches from the gulley next to our house and spray painted them too.  Each time there’s a reason to decorate for a special day the tree vase gets a special look.  Here’s my Easter Egg Tree…





014 015



If you want to read about the vase and branches and it’s evolution since the beginning click over to my Project Gallery.

What fab projects have you completed lately?


White Dresser Updated with DUCT TAPE!

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  The sun was out in Seattle and that meant a few nice walks and some much needed yard work.  It was so nice to open the windows and have some fresh air come in.  I also got on a spray paint kick and put out some Easter decorations.  I’ll be sharing more later this week.

Saturday morning I was picking up my woman “cave” or to be more exact, the room I call my craft/reading/office/guest room.  The room became this last September and was pretty much done on the buy little, by cheap and use what you got kind of room. I abide by this theory a lot because I know me.  Lots of folks live in an undecorated area for a while to get the vibe of the room and to understand how to furnish, paint, etc. it.  Me, I find I guess at what I want, try it for a while and then end up changing it after I live with it.

If you want to read about the initial redo of the room check Here.  Since then, I have moved the furniture around, added shelves, changed the location of pictures, repainted a few things and on Saturday, gave the white dresser a new look.  I have been wanting to paint the dresser, but I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go.  Back when I painted the fireplace wall black I first put up black scrapbook paper to see what it would look like.  See what I mean that I need to live with it to feel it? 

Okay, back to the white dresser.  I took decorative duct tape and applied it to the front of the white dresser drawers.


I took the drawer handles off and applied the duct tape strip by strip.  Then I poked the through the tape to open the whole and put the pulls back on.  A 30 minute project.  That’s it and I like it!  Here’s a before and after.

Craft Room 006-1  004-1

and some more pictures…

014 016 



013-1 016

Duct Tape…who would of thunk it?


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Spring Craft – Birdhouse Bookends + Stands

I’m so glad winter is over, at least according to the calendar.  Here in the Seattle area there still is the occasional snow/rain/hail storms.  This weekends weather forecast indicates  conditions will improve.  That means clear skies and a little sun.

The girls of blogland ( no reality intended, but it does sound like a TV series, lol).  Anyway,  Layla, Kate, Rhoda, and Sarah are having a Spring Fling party.  If you missed the Monday get-together you really need to check back and see the mantel party Layla hosted HERE because you will find plenty of inspiring ideas, including my very own.


Kate is hosting today’s Spring crafts par-tay.  I’m on a “what can I craft and not spend any money” kick, aka what is sitting in my house stashed in a corner or in the crap craft closet.  I found a box of wood items the other day and ended up just spray painting primer on them for future use.

001 (2)

Today I’m sharing a few things I did with the birdhouses and all you need besides them is spray paint, gorilla glue, tiles and time, all of which I had on hand.

I took some square tiles, 2 sizes,  from a bathroom project, and glued one on top of the other, then glued a birdhouse on top.  I spray painted it glossy white.  If you make two of them, then you can use them as bookends!


Since I was on a spray paint and glue roll, I also gave two wooden candle holders and two more birdhouses some color.  Add some glue to stick them together and you have some decorative birdhouse stands which eventually, when the weather gets warmer, will move to the front porch.


I replaced some of the darker accessories with white and yellow and gave my bookshelves a fresh Spring look.

002 001





012 011-1

I’m always amazed at what a few simple changes can do to put a “Spring” in my step!  Have you done your Spring decorating yet?


Vase Evolution

I usually try to shop the clearance aisles at my local stores once a week.  I call it clearance drive by to stores like Ross, Marshalls and TJ Max.  I usually give myself no more then 10 minutes in a store and I randomly stop on my way home from work.  Which store depends on traffic and what exit I take off of the interstate.

On one of my quick trips last fall I spotted an ugly plastic, fairly large vase for $3.50.  I spray painted it white.  Then I went traipsing through the gulley, found some broken branches, and spray painted them white.  I’m finding this vase a staple when it comes to seasonal decorating.  Here, I’ll show you…

Vase and Branches-1

See what I mean?  Isn’t it fun?  For specific posts click here…

Drab to Fab Vase

Decorated for Christmas

Valentine Tree

It doesn’t take much for me to be happy! 🙂


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Valentine Tree + Wreath

Happy Monday!  What a beautiful weekend in the Northwest, 55 and sunny.  I abandoned my computer and house and had a nice relaxing weekend.

Today I’m sharing my Valentines Tree and another little wreath.  You may recognize this vase.  I’ve written several posts on it.  Later this week I’ll be writing a post on its evolution.

The recipe for this decoration is a vase and branches sprayed white + some cute hanging hearts and sparkly clothes pins from Michaels = a very sweet Valentines tree for the living room.




I also put a wreath up in the dining room to give a bit of color…..



I bought the wreath and just added the bow.  Have you done any decorating for Valentines Day?


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