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The Divot Diary 10-21-13 {Plush Bedding}

Home Goods rocks, right?  I went in for pillows and came out with pillows and a plush pillow bed for Divot.  He loves it.  We have a U shaped couch in the family room.  I get one side, the hubby gets the other and Divot has the middle and that’s where his pillow bed is.

pillow bed 2

Happy Monday everyone!


close up

pillow bed 1

pillow bed 3

pillow bed 4

pillow bed 5

close up 1

The Divot Diary 8-12-13 {I’ve Got A Girlfriend}

Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?  We had sun, wind and rain, but lucky for us, the raindrops came at night.  The “big news” is Divot has a girlfriend!  My neighbor adopted a stray cat and named her Tucker and let me just say, he is smitten!  He follows her everywhere and I find it quite comical.

rockery 2 kissing

rockery 3




Girlfriend collage


stretch 2 stretching

I’m sharing at Mosaic Mondays.  Have a great Monday!


The Divot Diary 8-5-13 Home Sweet Home

It’s a true fact the Divot is one spoiled puppy.  I probably should not even say puppy because he is three.  Lets just say he still looks, acts and reacts like a puppy.  Today Divot shares his view of Home Sweet Home.

Favorite seat on the bench allows Divot a clear view of the golfers during the day and a key seat at night in front of the fire pit.relaxing on bench

Stuck in the rod iron fence trying for an escape to chase a squirrel.stuck

Favorite Friday perch when I work from home. work partner

Best friends with Maggie.bench outside

Summer haircut.stting on chair

A few more.Divot Collage

I’m joining Mosaic Monday! http://dearlittleredhouse.blogspot.com/2013/08/mosaic-monday-moody-blues.html

Happy Monday!


The Divot Diary 06-26-13 Low Tide

Our Northwest beaches have offered lots of opportunity for shore walking lately.  We’ve had several low tides around  minus 3.8.  Todays Divot Diary is pics from several weeks ago.

In the car, on the way to the beach.  Divot is on my lap.  Hubby is driving.  Divot knew where he was going.  He likes the beach.on the way too the beach

Low Tides…

KC and Divot

low tide 2

low tide


Divot encountered a crab…

Divot and crab 1

and other beach life…


By the end of our walk Divot was a happy, wet dog on the beach…

all wet

divot and kelp

Happy Wednesday!


The Divot Diary 5-31-13 {Hide and Seek}

Happy Friday!  I think shorter weeks, those that have a holiday, are the hardest to get through.  I run like a crazy person cramming as much as I can into 4 days.  And I took Tuesday off as well so it’s extra zany!

Divot loves to sit on our front porch and watch for squirrels and crows.  When he finally sees one he barks and chases them away.  In todays Divot Diary, I think the crow got the best of him.  I’m titling this one Hide and Seek.

walking on the hill


Sitting on the Hill

wheres the crow

crow getting closer

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

The Divot Diary 04.28.13 Happy Birthday

It’s Sunday and Divot turned 3 this weekend which makes him 21 in dog years!  He’s growing up so fast.  Here he is at 7 weeks old compared to now.

Divot 7 weeks old Stairs

It’s easy to get attached to your animals and Divot is certainly a part of this family.  Happy Birthday Divot!  We love you!

Divot 3rd birthday

Yesterday was our  annual city garage sale and I was able to unload some unwanted items.   Tomorrow the city sponsors free pick-up today so I’ll be cleaning and tossing today.  It’s raining so its the perfect day for it!

Happy Sunday,


The Divot Diary 4.8.13 Hanging Out

Happy Monday.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Old Man Rain is  back so I was “forced” to shop, share appetizers and drinks with friends, and accomplish a few items on my To Do list.

Here’s some pictures I’ve taken over the last several weeks of Divot.  I’m titling this post, as evidenced by these pics, appropriately Hanging Out.


Stairs Stairs 1

In the den Getting Gas

In The Yard

Open Mouth

I hope I’ve put a smile on your face!  This is what happens when the child leaves home. Smile

The Divot Diary 3.5.13 Just Like A Kid

Dogs can be just like little kids sometimes….

Pleaseeeeeeee, can we go for a walk?


Stay out of the woods…

blurred head

woods 1


Look at me when I’m talking to you…


Mom, want to play with me?


I don’t feel good.


I love you Mom.


See what I mean?  And just so you know, Divot is getting a much needed hair cut this week.  Have a good Tuesday!


The Divot Diary 01.31.2013

Divot Diary Button

It’s been awhile since I shared some pics of the pup.  The last time was just before Christmas.  Divot has become really spoiled.  My hubby had rotor cup surgery December 7 and is out of work for a couple of months.  Divot has had someone by his side practically every minute of every day.  Add this to the endless rain we’ve had lately and the result is The Divot Diary for 1-31-2013.  Here’s a day in the life of one little puppy.


sound asleep

sleeping with ice cream cone


stretched out

on the pillow

on the rug072

Have a happy day!


The Divot Diary–My Favorites of 2012

My cute little pupppy  has certainly filled the void for us since young son has been away at college.  Since we’ve only a few weeks left in December I thought I’d look into the 2012 memory file and share “The Best of Divot”.

Craft Drawer and Yard 019

Craft Drawer and Yard 022

2012-07-27 Divot After HC

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 028

Divot Snow 1-17-121


The Best of Divot 2012

TGIW (That’s Thank God its Wednesday in case you were wondering!