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DIY – Painted Pinecones, Pinterest Inspired

Today I’m talking pinecones.  I saw theses beautiful pastel colored ones not too long ago when surfing Pinterest.  In fact, I pinned the idea to my DIY and Craft Inspired board.



Back in early summer I posted about our trip to some Oregon golf courses and my obsessive determination to pick up and bring home every pinecone that had fallen from the Ponderosa Pines.  i’m talking huge and gorgeous pinecones.  Read about that here.

138 139

So I grabbed some Ponderosa pinecones and some smaller ones saved from my neighborhood walks and some Rustoleum’s gold, turquoise and light blue spray paint.  Here’s what I ended up with.  They look so pretty in my newly painted living room (yes, post still coming).

Spray Paint Pinecones 2

Spray Paint Pinecones 1


What about you?  Have you decorated with pinecones?  Happy Wednesday!


DIY – Glossy Black Side Table

How’s everyone?  It’s hump day.  That always puts a smile on my face.  I stopped at a garage sale not too longs ago.  I scored 5 pillows, a wood tray and a mall table meant for the outdoors.  I needed a small table next to my chair in the living room and I decided this little gem would be perfect.

Before-After Collage

I picked the table up for $4.00 at a garage sale.  That cost plus a can of Rustoleum Glossy Black and it’s looking great as a side table .  The scrolls and petals are so finely molded and I’m really happy I went with a dark color.

Close Up 1 Close Up 4

close up7 Close Up 5

Side Table After 1 Close up 8

close up7

To give the table top some stability I added a reversible tray liner I made previously and covered that with plexiglass cut to fit.

Have you been doing any spray painting lately?


** I’ve changed my blog name to Lattenene Chat. If you do an internet search you will still find posts from it’s previous name, Lattenenes Cup of Chat.

DIY – Art In An Hour – The Reveal

Good Afternoon!  Did you see my post this morning?  Are you curious about what I made that took me less than an hour?  Here ya go…

DIY Art Piece

I know some might think this looks like I did this in grade school (laugh) but I like it.  Art is in the eye of the beholder.  And this makes me happy.  Besides, it brightens my laundry room up.

Here’s my inspirations.  I apologize for not being able to provide a link on the left.  I had pinned it to my DIY and Craft Inspiration Board on Pinterest, but when trying to open my virus ware blocked it as a potential spam site.  The picture on the right is wrapping paper and I just love the bright flowers.

image Wrapping Paper

So I grabbed my supplies…

Supplies Buttons

  • canvas art board
  • circle stencil
  • painter pens (I used ones by Decor)
  • buttons

I actually did this twice, but each time was less than an hour to make.  The first time I did the circles, was not happy, tried to make flowers out if it, then hated it.

Art First Try

Thank goodness for Rust Oleum semi-gloss white spray paint.  Another fresh canvas and I was happy.  I also decided to add a few colorful buttons.  I hung the picture in my laundry room next to my welcome sign and a picture I’ve had for over 20 years.  That’s a tea towel that Hubby and I brought back from Australia and we framed it.

The Wall

Closeup 2

Closeup 1 Closeup 3

DIY Art Piece

Have you been creative lately?

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DIY – Art In An Hour -Trailer

Hi Friends!  Cassie at Hi Sugarplum is having a link party today on DIY in an hour or less.  I’ll be sharing mine later today but in the interim here’s a hint ….

Wrapping Paper



Can’t wait to share.  Off to work now.  TTYL


Painting A Welcome Sign

The time is going way to fast.  The weather has just recently started to become a enter the hold pattern of sunny days and that makes me ever so happy.  The last couple of weeks I’ve been updating the laundry room; paint, new rugs, organize cupboards, etc.  I’m hoping to share it in it’s finished stage later this week.

A laundry rooms should be happy, right?  After all, how much do we ladies spend in there?  Since young son left for college I do much less wash and clothes folding.  We almost always  but we normally enter and leave through the garage and so does everyone else.   I decided to fill the walls  with bright and cheery items and only if they make me smile.  Like this:

1-Welcome Sign Painted Letters 2012-08-12

My son, the senior-to-be in college,  took a wood shop class in in his junior year of high school.  One of his projects was a welcome sign.  He took a piece of wood and sanded it down in areas on the board so the letters were raised.  It’s not accurate, the letters are thin in some places, thick in others.  Some of the letters are a bit crooked.  That’s what I love about this sign.  It has character.  It looked like this in the beginning:

Welcome Before

I used white primer and gloss white spray paint from Rustoleum to make it all white.  Then I grabbed my jar full of painter pens.  I made each letter a different color and pattern.  For instance, the W is filled with Xs and the O is full of circles.  I thought about making every letter solid and who knows I may change it later, but for know I really like it.  I’m excited to hang it on the wall.

Welcome Sign Painted Letters 2012-08-12

I love projects that are simple and quick and have a memory.  What about you?  Do you have projects or crafts that you’ve done that fit this description?


Tray with Reversible Liner

Hello people!  The weekend was soooooo rainy and housework was not sounding like it would cure the creative itch I was having.  Out to the garage I went for a look at the opportunities that lurked.  On the shelf was this old wood tray.  Back in April we had our city wide garage sale and at the end of the weekend the city offered free pick-up for all items left on the curb.  My neighbor pal Sharon and I went curb diving.  That’s where I found an old icky looking flower urn and I rescued it and made it fab.  I also picked this wood tray up from the curb.

Brown Tray

I disinfected in with some wipes and Simple Green.  Then I went to my “Rust Oleum library”, and grabbed the oil based spray primer and the gloss white.  A couple of coats of each and some acrylic spray to seal had it looking like this.

White Tray

Now here’s the fun part.  I always save cardboard because ya just never know.  I had a piece that was the back of a large desk top calendar so I cut it to fit the inside of the tray.  I also have multiple rolls of contact paper so I picked 2 patterns, applying one to each side and then using my glue gun, added ribbon.

Black White Toille Liner

Green Flower Liner Green Liner w Ribbon

Here’s the final product.

DIY tray

Here it is one more time…collage style.

Tray Collage

Do you recognize either one of the contact paper designs?  Check out the green floral here in my DIY porch table update and the black and white toile in my mirror boxes post.

This tray is definitely cheap, definitely easy and definitely versatile!  Do you have trays around your house?


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DIY – Decorative Birdcage

I’m pulling out of my crap craft closet again and the spare room closet and the garage.  I always tell my closest friends if something happened to me tomorrow they would need to get to the closets before my husband.  If he saw all my hidden treasure (as I call it, ha!) I’m sure he would have some smart thing to say.

Today I wanted to share my quick little corner decorative I threw together.  I doubt it will stay like this forever as all parts are separate and can be reused for yet another project, but for now all is good.


Here’s what I had sitting around; One plant stand from many moons ago, birdcage picked up from Marshals several months ago, decorative glass from the Dollar store, decorative bird fro, Ace, a clearance item from last season and a ceramic plant base.

list first look

close up

close up 1

close up bird

Happy Tuesday!


DIY – Mirror Boxes

Happy Happy Monday everyone.  I hope your weekend was awesome and you did what you exactly wanted to do.  Lot’s of high school seniors graduating in our area.  I remember the excitement and pride I felt just 3 years ago when my son graduated.  And now he’ll be entering his college senior year this fall.  Time certainly flies.  Okay, enough memory lane stuff! On with the project at hand.

I keep saying I have enough supplies in my crap craft closet to keep me busy for a year.  Looking at these glass mirror boxes from One Kings Lane gave me some ideas on what to make for my sis-in-laws birthday present.

image image


Here’s what I came up with.

DIY Mirror Boxes

image 071

I had some plain wood boxes from the Dolllar store, and one craft box from Michaels, some Toile contact paper also from the Dollar store, some glass pieces and some metal spray. That’s all I needed!

Step 1 – spray paint the boxes with Rust Oleums grey metal spray.

Step 1

Step 2 – place and glue mirrored pieces.  I used Gorilla clear glue at first, ran out, then switched to the glue gun.  I prefer the gorilla glue as I spent extra time picking off the glue fly aways.

Step 2

I used the toile contact paper to line the inside tops and bottoms of the boxes.

077 084

Here’s a few more pics.




DIY Mirror Boxes

What have you been up to lately?


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What To Do When Waiting for the Spin Dry

It was one of the multiple tasking days; weeding and planting, laundry, banana bread in the oven.  I ran into the laundry room on route to the front yard’s weeds and saw the washer had just started the spin dry cycle.  I might as well wait said I so I stood there watching and listening when I noticed the ball of twine that somehow landed on the shelf and the empty and clean sweet-n-sour sauce bottle in the window.  How random can one get, right?

DIY Header

Ha Ha, it’s late and I’m tired and I just noticed the word bottle is showing on the bottle and it’s not supposed to be there.  I’m going to blame it on the Pic Monkey and I’m not going to fix it.  Seriously though, I was just standing there and this random thought  just entered my head.

Twine Jar Collage

This was dollar store twine so I trimmed the fly aways with some scissors.  At least now I have some fiber to break up my window sill.


DIY Header

Please tell me you’ve done some kind of random craft before.


Welcome Container

Not too long ago I was cleaning the garage out and found this tin from my fall decorating.


and now it looks like this:

DIY Update Tin

Want to see a side by side?

001 Welcome Tin Close up

I first removed the Harvest Meadow Country Farm sign, then primed and spray painted that and the tin white.  Once complete I made a free form pattern on the time with blue tape, then sprayed it with Rust Oleum’s Sage Green.


I used chalk paint for the sign.

This can be used to hold lots of different items; drinks, party gifts, magazines are a few ideas.  I already had the fuchsia in a similar shaped pot and it fit perfectly in the tin.  It’s a nice add to my front porch.

Updated Tin Porch View  018

Welcome Tin side view


Close Up Flowers

DIY Update Tin

Have you done anything special to your porch this summer?


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