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{DIY} Fall Décor Vases and a Paint Chip Banner

I am slowly getting my house up and running with Fall décor.  I’m not much of a Halloween decorator so what goes up will stay until the Christmas bins get pulled out.

I wanted to share a couple of simple projects.  Because I’m a craft hoarder I didn’t have to go to the store for any additional items.

FALL Decor Vases

I picked up these 3 amber colored vases a while back from the Dollar Store for yep, $1.00 each.  Apologies for the picture.  The weather outside wasn’t helping much.


I grabbed some ribbon out of my stash, some old jewelry and my glue gun.

Full Decor Vases titled

Decor Vases 1  Decor vases 2

The vases are sitting on some faux leaves.  They came in a pack of 4, 2 packs for $1.99 at Rite Aid.  I’m using some in another vignette also.  I’ll shaer in another post next week about that.

Decor Vase 3

Jewelry close up

Fall Decor Vases

I also picked up some red vases for the Christmas season.

Paint Chip Banner

You saw the Happy Fall banner when I shared my mantle the other day.  I made it from my paint chip stash.  It was pretty easy.  Just use a hole punch to put holes in the top left and right corner of each chip.  I added some scrapbook sticky letters I had on hand, then fed some twine through the holes of the chip.  How easy!

Happy Fall Banner


Have you got your Fall craft on yet?  If not, I’m linking up to Layla’s Fall craft party and you should probably check it out if you want loads of ideas.  Have fun!


Organize and DIY Your Refrigerator with Placemats

Happy Friday!  Do you ever get an idea in your head and decide you need to do it right then and there, no matter what time it is?  Some of my closest friends think I’m hyper.  I prefer to define myself as I like to stay busy.

A few Friday nights ago the hubby had already gone to sleep and that’s when the refrigerator started bugging me.  Marinade from the steaks had spilled over, the catsup bottle was put away sticky and the milk was expired.  Ever experience this?


My spurt of energy began at midnight and by 1:00 a.m. my refrigerator was the bomb.  I tossed food and cleaned the fridge shelves and doors. My cleaner of choice for all things dirty is Krud Kutter.  L.O.V.E love it!  Then I came up with a marvelous idea.


I decided the red and blue checked July 4 placemats would do the trick to dress up the refrigerator shelves and also save them from future spills and disaster.  After all, the no stick shelf liner and contact paper came from the Dollar store so I wasn’t freaking out on cost.  If they get thrown out it won’t hurt my feelings.  You could also use the shelf liner without the contact paper protection, which is what I will do in the future if I have to replace the existing liners.

full refrig

I call the top shelf my healthy shelf.  Well, except for the mayonnaise.  But I don’t like mayo except when it’s mixed with other items for a dressing.  The yogurt and cottage cheese are good choices.  Although it contains sugar, my raspberry and strawberry jam are musts for me too!  It’s perfect with a toasted bagel and a little cream cheese.  Am I making you hungry yet?

top shelf red

I alternated the placemats between the red and blue and used some additional liner, cut to size, for the bins.  I won’t show you every shelf.  I’m sure you get the idea.  But here’s the bottom shelf that holds all kinds of drinks.

bottom shelf blue

This is a nice way to add some order to the refrigerator for a very small cost.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find an hour this weekend to tackle your own?  What do you do to organize your refrigerator?

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Have a great weekend!


DIY – July 4 Placemats

I picked up some contact paper and shelf paper at the Dollar store a couple of weeks ago.  The two papers combined made four of the cutest July 4 placements.


This is a five minute project.  I used 2 rolls of shelf liner, one red checked and one blue checked plus two rolls of clear contact paper.  Each roll was $1.00 at the Dollar store.  Cut the shelf paper to the size you want your placemat, and the contact paper about 2 inches bigger than the shelf liner on each side.

Tools cut piece

Peal off the back of the contact paper and lay flat on a table.  Place and smooth the shelf liner on top.  Add second piece of contact paper to top.  Use pinking shears to trim the contact paper to I inch.

Full Blue

close up

Blue 3

Red Pic 2

Red - full with setting

I’ve used this method for many years with kids coloring projects, Christmas or birthday wrapping paper, and scrapbook paper.  The possibilities are endless.

My project gallery has some other ideas for July 4 decorations.  Check it out to make these.

DIY Centerpiece


Have fun!


Organize–Under The Kitchen Sink

It was a quiet weekend at home this weekend.  We took some long walks in between rainstorms, did a small bit of shipping and lot’s of organizing.  I’ll be sharing some of those this week.  Some are so simple and cheap to do.  All it really cost is a little time.

I don’t know about you, but under my kitchen sink is where I put my focus, but for some reason, this weekend it caught my attention.  Here’s a before and after pic.  Maybe the camera doesn’t show it, but trust me, the change was big.

After - Under the SinkBefore - Under the Sink

After - Under the Sink

I had everything on hand.  I changed out the liner, and washed the inside walls and garbage can down.  The containers are from the Dollar Store and left  over from the bridal shower I gave for my niece.  The bins were used to hold game supplies.

As I said, simple and quick, but since I am always putting something in the garbage it’s nice to look at an organized space!

I also organized the silverware, dish towels and miscellaneous utensil drawer.  Have you ben organizing anything yet in 2013?

Tomorrow I’ll shown you my new command media book!  Happy Monday!


Light It Up–DIY A Tray of Candleholders

Happy Monday everyone.  Are you checking things off the  Christmas to-do list?  Mine is slowly getting smaller.  I was so glad I put most of the decorations up Thanksgiving weekend.  My husband had a bad fall and this past Friday he had surgery; 2 massive tears and detached tendons in his rotorcup.  It will be a slow recovery process but thankfully we can move forward.

I wanted to share with you today what I call a tray of light.

DIY 1 Candle Holders

All of the vases came from my craft cupboard by way of the Dollar Store.  I keep lot’s on hand.  You make recognize the gray with clear stripe candle and the two gold ones from a recent post I did.

For the remaining bunch, it happened like this.  As I said, I had all the vases as well as lots of scrapbook paper and stickers and I just started experimenting.

CH 2

C-H 3

C-H 4

C-H 5

C-H side

See the goblets on each end?  I made those by taking a Dollar Store vase and candle holder and adhering them together using glass glue.  Then I applied scrapbook stickers, sprayed each of the goblets with Rustoleum Frost spray, then pulled the stickers off.  Every vessel has a tea light that you can get 2 for a $1.00 at the Dollar Store and they last up to 10 hours.  Score!  The tray is one I found on the street curb a couple of months ago and I spray painted it.

Rund Goblet

Simple, fast, and it looks so pretty at night.

What have you been making lately?


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Dining Room Holiday Centerpiece

Happy Monday.  Hope you had a great weekend.  I was able to get some shopping done and also complete a couple of crafts which i will share this week.

Today I wanted to share my dining room centerpiece which cost me less than $10.00.  Remember, because of the broken wrist and my limited ability, I’ve decided to go minimal.  Since I already have lots of blue and cream in my living room and it connects to the dining room I decided to add some silver, gold, and aqua…oh yes, and a touch of green.

I bought small dollies from the $1.00 store and overlaid them to create a table runner.  I already had the larger vase, crystal plate, candle and ornaments  but picked up the rest for a buck each from the dollar store; aqua stones, decorative boxes, and smaller vase.


Here’s some closer looksies 🙂






What kind of decorations are on your table?


latte Lattenene

Bathroom Holiday Bling

I think, if it possible, that every room should have some holiday cheer during the most festive season of the year.  Even the bathroom!  I moved the vase with branches from the gulley from the living room to the downstairs potty, added some green and white raffia from the dollar store to the base and some silver ornanents balls for some bling.  Here’s the results.




CHRISTMAS CRAFTS 014-1 and in the opposite corner some evergreen and rosemary from the yard and some red balls in a vase from the dollar store.


I love the natural elements of decorating.  Have a great weekend!  TTYL,

latte Lattenene

31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 15 – Linen Closet

Yipee!!!  Day 15 of my 31 Days to Clutter Free series.  Hi All! Happy Saturday!

31 Day Button-3There’s lot’s going on today.  I’m excited to have lunch with my nieces and sis-in-laws.  We’ve actually, in all these years,  never been out together, just the 5 of us.  I’m always ready to start new traditions so hopefully this will be the beginning of many lunches and get-togethers with my favorite girly-girls.

I also have plans to paint my family room and kitchen tomorrow so I’d like to get all the prep work done today. 

What’s this got to do with clutter free?  Well, sometimes ya just gotta schedule 30 minutes here and there to do a task.  That’s how long it will probably take me to put my linen closet in order.  It’s a mess right now.  I’ll share before and after pics tomorrow.  My plan of attack today is:

  1. Pull everything out and assess.  Example and don’t laugh…I still have towels that we got for wedding shower presents 30 years ago and they have never been used and I am keeping them why?
  2. Sort in the following categories: Keep and Put Back in the Linen closet, Keep and Put Somewhere Else, Donate, Garbage, Make Rags
  3. Assess if I need any containers, baskets, etc.  Do I have any of this in the pile I’ve already taken to the garage during my previous 14 days of de-cluttering.  Can I reuse?  Is it time to make a trip to the dollar store for cheap cute containers?
  4. Wipe of the shelves
  5. Put everything back
  6. Label

If you want to see the entire 14 days of clutter free posts from the beginning just click on my side bar.  

Have a wonderful Saturday! 


latte Lattenene

31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 10 – Closet Organizer Ideas

Greetings!  It’s Day 10 of the 31 day challenge.  Time goes fast when you’re having fun! LOL!!!  If you’ve read the last couple of posts you’ll know I had intentions of getting through my bedroom closet.  I totally blew it on Saturday.  I ended up doing a paint project instead.  Today it was sunny and beautiful in the Northwest.  I didn’t complete the closet cleanout but I did get a good start. 

Here’s some of the things I am using to help organize my closet.  Storage bins are always handy to have around for the extra purses or flannel PJs.  You can  buy them everywhere for a pretty good price, even The Dollar Store.  Love The Dollar Store.  But these are from Target for $12.00 – $14.00.  I tend to draw towards the black solid and the prints.

Room Essentials Large Storage Bin Black Print Black 15"Room Essentials Large Storage Bin Black Black 15"Room Essentials XL Storage Bin Green Green 18"

Room Essentials Large Storage Bin Floral Print Multi 15"Room Essentials Medium Storage Bin Red Print Red 13"

My son is in college and he has the shoe rack on the left which works well for him.  I have the over the door shoe rack on the right in my closet.  This is where I keep the shoes I wear the most.  I was able to get rid of some that when I really thought about it, aren’t very comfortable.  For the shoes I occasionally wear I put each pair into a clear plastic container, labeled and stacked them.

3-Shelf Wooden/Metal Shoe RackOver-The-Door 24-Pair Shoe Rack

Crystal Clear Over-the-Door Shoe BagSlim Grips™ Green Hangers - Set of 20

I’ve also switched my entire closet to the slim hangers.  You can fit so much more!  I’ve got some more work to do but I made a huge dent!

How are you doing?  Did you clean a closet this weekend?


latte-1 Lattenene

Dollar Store Love

The other day my sis-in-law said to me, “Were you not going to tell us?” “Huh”, I said.  She said, “The dollar store.  When were you going to tell us about the dollar store.  The one that every thing really costs one dollar?”  “Oh, that dollar store”, I said with a smile.


This is in its truest sense of the word, really a $1.00 an item store.  I repeat, everything is $1.00 each.  We’re talking a bunch of different stuff is in that store.

IMAG0685 I ask myself, Why did I go to that card shop that starts with an H all the time when I could come here and stock up on ribbon, and more ribbon

IMAG0690 IMAG0692

and cards and wrap and bags.

IMAG0689 IMAG0696

Do the kiddies need any swim stuff?  Come to the Dollar Tree.


What did I buy today?  Oven mitts, candles, safety pins, birthday card.  Total = $5.00 + tax.  Yep, call me the big spender.  🙂

Do you ever go to a dollar store in your area?  What do you buy?

latte Lattenene