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Bunny Buckets

Happy Monday!  The sun was out in the Northwest  this weekend and I loved every minute.  I have so much more energy.   We had a busy Saturday, getting lot’s accomplished around the house, completing some projects that I’ll share later this week,  and  having dinner with friends.  Sunday was pretty low-key.

We were having dinner at our friends who have two little girls, 3 and almost 6, and it being close to Easter, I made a couple of Easter baskets buckets and no, I didn’t say honey bucket, I said bunny bucket! Ha Ha!

Easter Buckets
I already had the pink buckets in my craft supplies and wanted to fill them with more than chocolate.  I added bunny ears, sunglasses, ring pops and a stuffed bunny (not shown) for fun.  And lets not forget the large chocolate bunny.  I added their names in glitter so there wouldn’t be any arguments.

Buckets close up

close up 1

The girls definitely rocked their look and also  figured out their buckets easily hung on the handlebars of their scooters

Sammy - Katie 3 Sammy - Katie 6
Sammy - Katie 5 Sammy - Katie 2
Sammy - Katie 1 sideways

Are you putting together Easter goodies for your children, any children this year?


A Message From Me To You



Easter Egg Tree

i have one more Easter decoration to share with you friends and that’s my Easter Egg Tree.  This idea all started last fall when I found this $3.50 vase at Marshalls in desperate need of some spray paint.  Then I gathered some branches from the gulley next to our house and spray painted them too.  Each time there’s a reason to decorate for a special day the tree vase gets a special look.  Here’s my Easter Egg Tree…





014 015



If you want to read about the vase and branches and it’s evolution since the beginning click over to my Project Gallery.

What fab projects have you completed lately?


Ceramic Easter Eggs

My mother-in-law, who passed away 18 years ago, was a very crafty person.  She did stained glass, won blue ribbons at fairs for her knitting and crocheting and made beautiful ceramic objects.  Every Easter I bring out the hand painted ceramic eggs she made us and that’s what I wanted to share with you today.


ceramic eggs ceramic egg 3

ceramic egg 5

ceramic egg 2 024


If you’re wondering about the vase you can read my DIY post to make HERE.

Enjoy your Saturday!  I;m linking this post to Mosaic Monday http://dearlittleredhouse.blogspot.com/2012/04/mosaic-monday-spring-at-willowwood.html


Spring Mantel

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s Spring fling mantel time with Layla @ the Lettered Cottage.  I do enjoy changing it  up and I never can do much because our TV is mounted over the fireplace and the speakers sit on the mantel.  At any rate, I try to put a bit of life into it every season.  Check it out.





I love white and pink and purple. 🙂  This week I’ll be putting up my Easter decorations so you’ll have to check back.  Here’s a hint or should I say mess on my table.


Are you decorating your mantle?