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Everyday Life 10-14-13

Happy Monday…..night!  I feel like I’ve been away forever.  The day job, the one that helps pay the bills, has been keeping me hopping.  I’ve completed a few projects here and there, but the pictures are still in the camera and still need to be processed.  I’m sharing the  everyday normal today.


The weather was dry this weekend so the hubby, the puppy and I were able to get for a few walks.  A week ago the leaves were just starting to change. Now, they look like a painters tray of oils.  I took these pics last year but I could of taken them now.

Fall Collage 1


A little retail therapy doesn’t hurt anyone, right?   I just say Honey, lets go for an appetizer and a drink.  Then I say, Oh look, we’re right across from Home Goods!   I scored as they had  a great selection of pillows and I wanted needed  some to celebrate Fall .    You’ll have to check back later this week if your curious where I put them and what they look like now.

2013-10-06 08.10.31

I did grab the Be Thankful pillow and toss it in the blanket basket in the family room.  My hubby still doesn’t get the “just for show” concept, but I keep explaining.

Thank ful pillow


My hubby and I struggle every month trying to give Divot his flea pill.  Since were surrounded by a gulley and a golf course, there’s lot’s of insects and creepy crawlers.  And Divot loves to run an play.  He snubs his nose at us and refuses to eat when we try to give him his pill.  I just have to watch for him to yawn, then I throw it in his mouth.  He turned into a pouty puppy after he swallowed this months dose.

Divot Pouting

I was at the Dollar store the other day and look what I found…

Dollar Store ribbon tape

Then I went to ACE to buy same spry primer so when I felt the mood to spray paint it would already be here.  They had a ton of colors and patterns so I need to load up the next time I’m there.

That’s it for me except for the normal clean the house, do the laundry, rake leaves from the yard, blah, blah, blah.  Where does the time go?  At the end of each day do you know what you did exactly or does it just fly by?

Enjoy your evening.  The Voice is on tonight so that’s where I’ll be.


A Little Bit of Everyday Life

I was working on a couple of little projects this past weekend {involving spray paint}, but they aren’t finished yet.  So I thought I would share some odds and ends with you today.  Sound good?


I was sitting in my backyard Sunday morning having my coffee.  I live on a golf course and there is woods across from me and a greenbelt on one side of my house.   The next thing I know I’m looking at this beautiful animal.

Deer 1

Deer 2

I love the quiet of the morning.  However, blue jays love to interrupt me.  Have you ever heard the shrill noise they make?  Can you see him in the bushes?

bluejay1   bluejay2


Last week in the Divot Diary I shared that Divot had a girlfriend.  Specifically, a stray cat that my neighbor found and named Tucker.


It turns out Tucker has a chip and she is now back with her owners about 1.5 hours away.  The vet handled the exchange so we don’t really know how this little kitty ended up so far away from home.  For Divot, I think it was true puppy love.  He sat by the front door all day Sunday looking for her.  {Insert sad face here}.


I’m cooking dinner, my hubby had just gotten home and both the front and back doors were open.  I barely caught the swoosh by my head.  A sparrow flew in through our front door and crashed into our family room window, and dropped to the floor.  First of all, that’s a couple of turns to get to the family room.  Secondly, I told the hubby he must of done a really good job washing the windows.  We put him on one of the tables outside.  It took about 30 minutes before he flew away.  It reminded me of the quail incident almost a year to the date ago.


Here’s a chuckle for you.  My hubby and I have had an ongoing prank-you-kinda-thing going on for most of our 32 years of marriage.  We rarely talk about it.  That would let the other person gloat.  We just get back at each other.  It’s really just stupid simple stuff.  For example, a couple of weeks ago I went into our bathroom in the morning to get ready for work .  My vanity chair was sitting over my sink and the Kleenex box, a pair of shoes I left on the floor and a bottle of body wash were stacked on top.  A few days later hubby put his head down on a pillow full of that plastic packing insulation that pops.  Then I was at work and found a Betty Boop shot glass in my purse.  The latest is a roll of doggy poop bags.  I found it crammed in my garden clog.  Hubby found it in his work shoe.  I found it in my lunch bag, he found it in his glass case, I found it in my purse.  It was time to get him good so I ripped about 10 of the bags from the roll, keeping them attached to each other, and shoved them into the container of Aleve he keeps in his lunch bag.  I put the remainder of the roll back in his glass case.  Turn about is fair play.  Last night I was out front throwing a frisbee to Divot and noticed this in my car.

car prank 1 car prank 2

Never a dull moment and I love it and him of course!  So there it is, the everyday random stuff that I never share.  What goes on in your day?

Happy Tuesday everyone!