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Everyday Life 9-30-2013

Happy Monday everyone.  I’m taking a breath today and just sharing whatever pops into my brain.  Scary thought you say?  Hmmmm, maybe!


I’m a week late in sharing this, but my cousin from Arizona rocks!  She came to Seattle and walked the Susan G. Komen 60 miles in 3 days.  And it wasn’t easy.  The route around Seattle and to the Eastside involved many hills vs. the flat terrain of Phoenix.  Love you cuz!



I don’t think we could of asked for a nicer summer her in the Northwest.  I mean 53 days of sunshine and no rain is almost unheard of.  But I think mother nature is paying us back.

Rain 1

It has been pouring and I’m sad to say the outdoor furniture is all stored away until next spring.


I was able to take a few good pictures of the dahlias before the rain literally took the plants to the ground.

Dahlia 1

Dahlia 2


Fall means football and our Seattle Seahawks and Washington Huskies are kickin butt!  Our neighbor is a high school senior and were having fun just attending his games as well.



Every time I walk into Home Depot, Ace, Lowes, basically anywhere they sell paint I grab a few paint chips and shove them in my purse.  My latest are in a range of beautiful Fall colors.

Paint Chips

I put the rest of the Fall decorations up this weekend.  I’ll share later this week.  What about you, do you decorate for Fall or Halloween or both?  Happy Monday everyone!


October 2012 Monthly Recap

Happy Friday!  Before November slips away I wanted to revisit October in one fell swoop.

Oct Monthly Recap Collage 1

I really strrrrrectchhhhed out the Fall decor posts!

Fall Floral

Before and After Dollar Store Pumpkins

Fall Porch

Fall on the Mantel and In the Kitchen

Fall: Dining Room and Entry

Oct Monthly Recap Collage 2

Hanging Pictures with the Incredible Hook

Glossy Black Side Table

Decorative Cell Phone Boxes

Bridal Shower

October Recap Collage 3

Organized Recipe Cupboard

The Divot Diary 10.12.2012 and The Divot Diary 10.31.2012

Pumpkin Turkey Chili

Same Hutch, New Look

Oct Rcap Collage4

Words To Live By Part 3

DIY Painted Pinecones

Wall Stripes and Pics

Hoping your weekend is fabulous!


Fall Decor: Mantel & Kitchen

Happy Monday everyone!  How was your weekend?  As I mentioned last Friday, I had two things I really wanted to  accomplish this weekend.  First, I needed to find a dress for my nieces upcoming wedding and second, I desperately needed to be put the garage back to some kind of order.  I’m happy to say I can check both off my list and bonus, I even competed two quick and simple DIY projects which I’ll  be sharing later this week.

Today I wanted to show you my Fall Mantel and the rest of the house decor I haven’t posted yet.  I don’t have any big garish decorations, just simple touches throughout the house.  And since my son is older now I don’t put up Halloween decor like witches, spiders,etc.

The mantel in the family room is always a challenge to decorate because the flat screen TV is directly above the fireplace and the speakers sit on the mantel shelf.  There’s really only a small amount of space on the left and right of the mantel so I try to use it correctly.

Front view

I found the vases at Michaels on clearance for $3.00 each and the pumpkins on a stick in the Albertsons grocery floral department.

Left Close Up R Close Up

Here’s the kitchen table.  It will continue to evolve as the flowers wilt and need to be tossed.

Full View

Kitchen Bouquet

Kitch Boquet Close Up 3

Kitchen Fall Collage

If you want to see what other Fall adds I’ve made so far you can click on the links below.

Fall Floral

Fall Porch

Have a wonderful Monday!


Fall Porch

Happy Monday!  Fall has definitely set in.  We were so lucky, in the Seattle area where I live.  We had 81 days without rain.  81!  Hard to believe.  But the wind and the wet started on Friday bringing with it falling leaves and branches.  Saturday was focused on errands, college football and I nested in my craft room a bit.  More on that to come.

I’m sharing my front porch gone Fall today.  I have to admit I snapped these pics about a week ago when it was sunny and calm.  The nasturtiums and trailing fuchsia are still doing quite well so I decorated around them.  I should also probably switch out my summer pillows and bench cushion to my fall ones now that the weather has changed.

Enough blah blah blah.  Here’s some pics.

Full Porch 1

Corner close up Branches

I can’t believe how well the flowers thrived and grew. They started as 6 small starter plants. The blue planter box is something I picked up off the curb free and spray painted it. The branches are from the gulley next to us.  I have a stockpile of them.

Pumpkins and Fuschia farmer close up

Divot on porch  367

This is Divot’s favorite place to hang out when he’s outside.  I think my puppy thinks he controls the neighborhood and he’s guarding the pumpkins.

Shelf Close up 1 Full Porch 1

So there is is.  Even thought it’s getting a bit colder hubs and I still enjoy sitting out there with a nice warm cup of coffee.  Have you “fall-ized” your porch yet?


The Update of the Porch Update of the Porch Update

Did you follow that?  Hello!  I have tweaked my front porch 3 times this season.  First, it was the celebration of F’all Y’all Porch Update and some pics were shared.

IMAG0852 IMAG0850

IMAG0849 IMAG0846

Then, I tweaked it for Halloween just a little bit by changing the welcome sign and adding some pumpkins loaded up in an old box full of straw stuff and sitting on the porch. I forgot to take pictures so you have to trust me.  I would take pictures now but I packed all of the Halloween decor away.  I Dang it! I do have a picture of the welcome sign and a pumpkin or two that I incorporated in the new look.

Fall Wreaths and Branches 003

Okay, so this past weekend I packed the Halloween decorations away, tossed the dead Mum (that way because I didn’t water it) and added a bit of Turkey day decor.I did leave a few of the orange faux pumpkins but put the black ones away.

Vases Front Porch Update Updated 001-1 Vases Front Porch Update Updated 002-2

Vases Front Porch Update Updated 003-1 Vases Front Porch Update Updated 004

Vases Front Porch Update Updated 006-1

There ya go.  The next time I update I’ll be getting my “Ho, Ho. Ho” on!

latte Lattenene

Halloween / Fall Bookmarks with Paint Chips

Hello All!  I’ve been so focused on my 31 Days To Clutter Free Series that I’ve not had much chance to share much else.  Before Halloween gets past us I wanted to share some bookmarks I made.  They were quick to make and fun to give my nieces and sis-in-law when we had lunch a few weekends ago.

What do you do with all those paint chips you have stored away?


If you have the larger chips like those in the picture grab those, some scrapbook paper, glue, ribbon, buttons, and stickers and here’s what you get.


These aren’t really fallish, but I made them also.


Here’s the front and back sides of a few of the bookmarks.

IMAG0939-1 IMAG0945-1 IMAG0941-1 IMAG0942-1 IMAG0944

It makes it so much more fun to cozy up with a book on a fall day when you have a fun bookmark to use!


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latte Lattenene

Fall Porch Update

Sad Face.  It’s the last of the linky parties for It’s Fall Y’all Autumn Link Party.  Thank you Layla, Rhoda, Kate and Sarah for getting my butt off the couch and helping me decorate for Fall.

Thursday is the Porch decorating hosted by Sarah.


I’m glad I updated last weekend ’cause it’s pouring rain right now and I would not be out there.  I pulled by Brown rubbermaid bins from the garage corner and this is what I came up with.  Well, the mum came from the grocery and the pumpkin siting on the bench came from Target and….oh well, here ya go! 🙂




IMAG0848 IMAG0851

IMAG0847 IMAG0849


latte Lattenene

Fall Door Deco

Yes, Yes, I know it’s a bit late in the day to be hooking up to Rhoda’s Fall Door Decor Linky Party.  But it was a very hectic morning and I was on the road to work by 6:00 A.M. and just did not have time.  Rhoda is sharing her door decor savvy  at her Southern Hospitality Blog and I’m hooking up to show you what I did to my front door for fall.  Well, actually, I used the space to the left of the door. 

It’s really very simple and okay maybe a bit lazy.  I love front Front door welcome signs for every occasion.  I probably have too many.  Here’s the one that’s hanging right now…

Fall Wreaths and Branches 002

As it gets closer I’ll change to a Halloween theme…

Fall Wreaths and Branches 003 Fall Wreaths and Branches 005

and as it gets nearer to Turkey day ….yep, another welcome sign..

Fall Wreaths and Branches 007

Next week I’ll be hooking up again with the Fall Y’All party to share a decorated porch and some simple crafts.


latte Lattenene


The weather has changed in the Northwest quickly in the last couple of days.  I think our surge of 80 degree days are gone, we’re bypassing the 70’s and were in the 60’s.  It’s got me thinking about the upcoming FALL Y’All linky party being sponsored by:

Layla @ the Lettered Cottage

Rhoda @ southern hospitality

Kate @ centsational girl and

Sarah @ thrifty decor chick


fall link party badge 2

I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas and here’s just a few I came up with that even I can do! 🙂

Create a leaf lantern by putting leaves in a jar, plus some Modge Podge and tiny tea lights.  Inside or outside, it would look awesome!  Original idea from 5 orange potatoes.


Yum Yum!  Fall snackies, perfect for a football game get together.

Now lets get down to some simple easy decorating thought…



Thanksgiving table 

Autumn Decorating  Natural Autumn Entry

Autumn... a Thankful Tree  add a pumpkin

If you need an invitation to join Pinterest just send me an e-mail and I’ll be happy to provide.

So tell me, what kind of Fall decorating thoughts do you have?


latte Lattenene

P.S – I promised you a project update for the spare room project today, but it will be tomorrow instead.  C’ya!