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Front Porch & Summer Flower Pots

Happy Monday!  How many of you are heading back to work today after a long July 4th weekend?  Just remember, there’s only five days until another two days off.  {smile}

Within a ten minute drive of where I live is a nursery with the best shrubs and  flowers.  It’s called the Plant Shack and is only open in the Spring and Summer every year.  The prices seem reasonable and its run by two ladies and a gentleman.

I finally got my pots done for the front porch and thought I would share with you.

full side view

porch table small pot

This pot is one that I spray painted with Rustolem blue last year and it’s held up well.  I’m hoping the leaf white begonia, snowflake trailer and fuchsia fill in nicely.  I keep moving the blue pot from the walkway to the porch because when watering the lawn it was getting to much water.


I think this is one of my most favorite plant combinations I’ve done ever.  The Plant Shack had beautiful coleus in a variety of colors.  I decided to keep with the blue, orange, green theme and chose the Rustic Orange and Wasabi coleus.  I added some Margarita Sweet Potato Vine for trailer on each side of the pot and some fuchsia and white snowflake trailer in the middle section.  The container is one I found on the curb for free last year and I spray painted it just like the pot.  Don’t you just love all the shades of green?

Coleus Collage

I also rescued this gold pot from death before the garbage truck picked it up.  I wanted to keep the old look.  I spray painted it using a combination of bronze and copper color.  I added Safari Scarlet marigolds {French Dwarf} and a couple of petunia plants.  I had never seen the Orange Flash color before and fell in love with it.  It was nice to get away from the standard color.

gold pot Collage

gold pot 1 porch table sideview bench


I gave the bench a much needed coat of stain earlier this Spring.  More on that at a later date.  Oh, and did you notice the cute orange watering can?  I scored that at Ace. I decided to use the pillows and seat cushion from last summer because I’m simply still really liking them.


The front porch is one of the coolest spots to sit in the evening and I enjoy sitting out there with a magazine and other amenities.

Tray 3

Instructions for the orange striped tray can be found here.   For other ideas for your outside decorating check out my project gallery.

So what have you been doing outside?  Have you updated / decorated your porch for the warm weather?

Dreaming Spring Flowers

Happy Friday friends!  It’s been a crazy week here in the Seattle area.  Monday it snowed, Tuesday rain, by Wednesday we had hail, rain and sunshine.  Yesterday it was on the improve and the forecast for today and tomorrow are showing signs of some sunshine and the middle 50s.  I’m hoping for a little yard work for therapy and dreaming about the beautiful flowers that will soon be blooming.  I remember when my yard looked like this…

Craft Drawer and Yard 024

Craft Drawer and Yard 041

Craft Drawer and Yard 038 Craft Drawer and Yard 039

Craft Drawer and Yard 032 Craft Drawer and Yard 014

Craft Drawer and Yard 022 Craft Drawer and Yard 028 Craft Drawer and Yard 010

Have a great weekend!


Peonies, My Favorite Flower Pots + A Little Yard

What a nice sunny weekend we had.  It was so nice to just be able to say “I’m too warm, need to put some shorts on”….YES!  We (hubby and me) spent a bunch of hours in the yard and honestly a lot of the time was just for the basics; weeding, edging, mowing, planting flowers in pots and barking the yard.  It’s been so wet we’ve just not had enough time to get it all done.  I love flowers but I’ve learned to pull back because I normally go gang busters, then we are gone and then the plants die.   So this year, moderation. Sharing with you my favorite pots…

Front yard under the maple tree.  Hooray for the red, white and blue.  I don’t plant any flowers in the ground here because the ground is hard and the base roots of the tree have taken over and in some areas surfaced.

Craft Drawer and Yard 010 This pot of herbs is directly outside my back door.  We love on the golf course, thus the welcome sign.

Craft Drawer and Yard 046

The sage is absolutely beautiful.  I’m a bad picture taker but hopefully you can pick out the blurry bumble bees.  They love the sage!

Craft Drawer and Yard 024 


I think the Peonies are just about ready to pop and I’m getting excited.  In fact, I have two Peony plants on the west side of my house and they are bloooooomin!


Craft Drawer and Yard 017 

Craft Drawer and Yard 018 The bushes on the east side of the house are almost there and when they bloom it will be a spectacular site.

Craft Drawer and Yard 043  Craft Drawer and Yard 044

This is my fav pic.    I even made this my desktop screen!

Craft Drawer and Yard 041

The hosta plants are getting big too.  See what I mean? And I love how the lilies and hostas are becoming such good friends. 🙂

Craft Drawer and Yard 013 Craft Drawer and Yard 014

We live next to a gully and when we moved in the alders were almost next to our house.  Over the past couple years my hubby has slowly cut them back and started mowing the side hill.  I just really like the open look and so does Divot.

Craft Drawer and Yard 011 Craft Drawer and Yard 012

Happy Tuesday!

latte Lattenene

Front Porch Update

My front porch was so boring I decided I needed to add some zing.  That was last Sunday morning and by late afternoon I think it had a much improved look.


June 5 Blog Pics 053

June 5 Blog Pics 054


June 5 Blog Pics 058

June 5 Blog Pics 072

Let’s take a closer look the the plant stand/3 tier rack.  This was originally a funky little greenhouse I had bought at a drug store at least 3 years ago.  It had an additional top tier with rounded bars and it was enclosed by zipped up plastic. It never worked, the plastic ripped and it’s been sitting on the side of my house with planter pots sitting on it forever.  I threw the top pieces out. Here’s the way it looked when the day started..

June 5 Blog Pics 049

Ugly green and rusted.  I used Simple Green to wash it, wiped it down, then applied Rust Oleum’s white primer. I will admit I took the easy way out.  I didn’t take it apart.

June 5 Blog Pics 057 

It was quick to dry and I applied Rust Oleum’s flat black followed with a clear protect spray.

June 5 Blog Pics 069 

I also still need to fine tune what to put on the bottom shelves.  But let me tell you about the 2 green planters.  They were originally the terra cotter color and there plastic.  Again, Rust Oleum to the rescue.  I primed the pots, then spray painted them with the apple green color.  Final touch was to add a variety of herbs.  Here’s a closer look.

June 5 Blog Pics 067 June 5 Blog Pics 068

I wanted a rug, but could not find the right size one so I came up with a solution.  I purchased 2 door mats from Pier 1 and used rug tape to hold them together.  I love the bright stripes.  I need to get one more for the front door.

June 5 Blog Pics 061

Table and birdhouse from Tuesday Morning and I planted a fuchsia in a pot I already had plus one of my welcome signs and two matching pots at the front walkway and a hydrangea in the corner that I’ve not planted yet.

June 5 Blog Pics 071 June 5 Blog Pics 063 June 5 Blog Pics 070

June 5 Blog Pics 059 June 5 Blog Pics 060

June 5 Blog Pics 065

which brings us back to a front porch updated look for minimal money.  I took the time to look around my house to see what I already had:

  • Bench + cushion and pillows
  • Pots
  • Plant shelf
  • Front door sign
  • Hydrangea
  • Rust Oleum spray paint


  • Plants – $25.00
  • Birdhouse – $15.00
  • Door Mats – $30.00

Total cost for porch update $70.00.  Not bad for a close to home evening escape! 🙂

June 5 Blog Pics 072 June 5 Blog Pics 058

Have you redone an area lately? 

latte Lattenene

Check In On My Saturday List + Yard Walk

Remember that long list of outdoor chores I gave myself last Saturday?  Let me remind you…click here.  Well, the weather was crummy, rain, drizzle, wind, sun, rain, drizzle, wind, sun.  You get the picture.  But I did get sections of the yard weeded.  Case in point…..the picture on the right is much better than the picture on the left.  In fact, I’ll just take you on a little stroll…..

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 003   Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 011

This place along the fence line gets so much water I am thinking of just filling it with bunches of rock and lots of pots.  I do like to feed the birds.  Did you know if you microwave the bird seed for a few minutes before filling the birdfeeders it will prevent it from germinating?  Oh, and notice the pot.  It still needs cleaning but so do others. 🙂

The lawns are looking better after such a wet winter. 

  Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 004

 Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 021

Don’t ya just love the smell of green grass?

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 012

We didn’t bring the lawn furniture out, too wet still.  I didn’t plant the lilies, in fact,  I didn’t get any planting done.  I’m telling you too much weeding.  So instead I did take a few pictures.  It’s a work in progress!

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 017

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 018

The gully is on the east side of our house.  When we moved in the trees were almost next to the house.  As you can see, we’ve (well mu hubby and son) have slowly cut them back.

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 020Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 019  As you can see, some of the trees are REALLY tall. When it’s really windy out you can hear them sway. I purposely stacked these two pictures on one another so you could see how REALLY tall these trees are. I’m going to try and paint some birdhouses this weekend. I’d love to hang them on these REALLY big tall trees!

This is the east side of the house and where I wanted to plant my hydrangeas but have not done yet.

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 015

Here’s one of my favorites, hostas.  There are so many different varieties,.

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 008   Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 010

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 009

The rhodies are in bloom….

 Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 013

and the peonies are almost ready to pop….

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 022

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 023

Now I just need to finish my weeding, get the rock and bark down and plant some pots.  What are you doing in your yard?



Planting Hydrangea + Saturday List


hydranga - white

hydranga - purple

It’s early.  To be exact 4:00 a.m. on Saturday.  I woke up because I couldn’t sleep. (DUH!) I woke up because I have lots on my mind.  Does that ever happen to you?

My Saturday list this week is very simple; yard work, yard work, yard work, yard work.  Yep, I have a lot to do outside.  We’ve had some wet months and with work and son coming home I’ve not been out there much.  We had someone come in and trim the trees and bushes.  My hubby will mow the lawns and side hill.  But I do all the weeding, which I always seem to have.  Our backyard is the golf course and our east side is a gully so the weeds will always be there.  Up until this year I’ve always used Preen to keep the weeds away but now that we have Divot, I can’t.  He has his nose in the ground too much and I’m afraid he would eat it.  So for the list….

  • Weed…..everywhere
  • Transplant a couple of Hostas (I know this isn’t the right time of year but I.m doing it anyways)
  • Clean out the pots (yep, know I am late on that to but better late then never)
  • Hopefully bring the yard furniture out
  • Plant 2 bags of Lilly  bulbs (again, better late the never)
  • Plant 2 Hydrangea plants

Pics and progress report tonight or tomorrow.  I’m going back to sleep now……

latte Lattenene

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring……

  1. Birds Chirping in the morning
  2. Gutters need to be cleaned
  3. My neighbors planting their early potatoes
  4. Bulbs are ready to be planted
  5. Schools out for Spring Break
  6. Army Wives begins another season
  7. Yard waste on weekly pick-up now
  8.  Iced coffee
  9. Evening walks – Daylight savings time is the best!
  10. Beach Trip (more on that later)

Happy Saturday…..Lattenene