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For The Love Of…Boxes

What can I say?  I love boxes;  cardboard, wood, big small.  It doesn’t matter.  Many are saved from my recycle.  Some find their way into my house via places such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  I’ve dressed them up using paint, ribbon, buttons, contact, scrapbook or wrapping paper.  I love little boxes as much as I love trays!

I think that’s the reason why boxes are next up in my For The Love Of series.

For The Love of Boxes Collage

A scalloped wood box covered with scrapbook paper and ribbon makes     decorated bird boxes.

Cover empty cell phone boxes with scrapbook paper or duct tape.

I used wrapping paper from Home Goods to cover a  boot box and gave it to my outdoorsy neighbor.

Use paint and a stencil to make a cute green ivy box.  I use it for recipes.

Bright pink  or blue paint and buttons made a set of cute boxes for a friend’s birthday.

3 drawer storage box always comes in handy.

Silver paint and glass squares made these  mirror boxes.

Do you have a love for boxes?  If you want to see other loves in this series just click on the page.  It’s noted at the top of the blog.  Happy Monday!


For The Love Of…Tape {Duct & Washi}

Welcome back to another post in the For The Love Of series.  Pinterest provides stats on the amount of times a project is pinned.  My dresser decorated with duct tape continues to be added to pinner boards.  This led me to think it would be fun to do a For The Love Of on tape, all kinds of tape; duct, washi, ribbon.

For The Love of Tape

I found a couple of faux herb pots at Michaels on sale a few months back.  I used ribbon tape to decorate the pots and they now sit on my built-in bookshelf in my family room.

To add a bit of trim to my coupon holder I added some black and white polka dot washi tape.

My most popular post ever is using duct tape to cover the drawers of a white laminate dresser.  It now totally rocks in black and white check duct tape.

Black and white polka dot washi tape also added some cuteness to some blah black picture frames to make polka dot frames.

I used pink and green chevron duct tape to cover a mobile phone box.  Love the colors and pattern.

Another take on  recycling old boxes.  This time I created a sea of maps for a work event using old maps and washi tape.

Last, but not least, cover cardboard box lids with with fun duct tape and they become decorative file trays file trays.

Do you use duct tape or washi tape for your creations?  Happy Friday to you and have a great weekend!


For The Love Of… Trays

Happy Monday all!  I hope your weekend was fabulous!  I had a great one.  It contained all the things I love; gardening, shopping, sunshine, friend get-togethers , BBQs, projects and new challenges.

Its been a while since I’ve  shared a For the Love of post.  As I was cleaning house yesterday I was reminded  how many trays I have all over my house, both store bought and thrift bought.  Trays are so versatile ,  come in so many different colors and shapes and can be used anywhere to corral miscellaneous items or just as a decoration.

Here’s just a few that have met my hand when a can of spray paint was attached to them.

For the love of trays

The last tray does  not have an associated post.  I just picked up an old tray at the Goodwill and spray pained the outside black and the inside copper colors by Rustoleum  It’s the perfect size to hold a few magazines and the remote controls Yyes, I said that as plural…grrr.  I think sometimes electronics are mans best friend.

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Do you use trays around your house?


For The Love Of…Ribbon

Yahoo, we made it through Monday.  One more day and it will be Spring.    It’s been awhile since I shared a “For the Love of”, so today it’s all about ribbon.  I have a bad habit (or good, depends on how you look at it), to purchase 4 or 5 ribbon packs every time I’m at Michaels.  For a $1.00 each it’s the best deal in town.  Okay,  here we go…

For The Love of Ribbon

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Enjoy!  Do you have any favorite craft items?  Come back tomorrow.  I’m hoping to share a recent craft blooper that’s also good for a few laughs!


For The Love Of…Pinecones

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  My weekend was so fun.  Saturday I went thrifting all day with my best neighborhood lady friends and we had a blast and came home with a car full of stuff.  I’ll hopefully share my finds later this week.  Sunday we watched our beloved Seahawks go down to the wire and lose, giving up their quest to play at the Super Bowl.  It was a great game though, especially the 4th quarter!

Today I wanted to continue with a series that I lovingly call For The Love Of and today it’s all about Pinecones!

Pinecone  Collage

It all started when we took a trip to Oregon last summer and I gathered a couple bags full of pinecones from the Ponderosa Pine Trees .

I’ve spray painted them, and glittered them.  I’ve also left them plain in a weathered box on the front porch.

Porch Pinecones 1

During the Christmas season I didn’t share a post on it, but I made a ribbon and pinecone banner for my neighbor’s fireplace.  It was as simple as inserting cup hooks in the end of the pinecone, then running the ribbon through.

Pinecone Banner

Pinecone Banner 2

I love natural elements like pinecones.  Have you decorated with natural elements before?

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