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A Thanksgiving Wish

Happy Tgiving

Let us remember that, as much has been given us,

Much will be expected from us,

and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips,

and shows itself in deeds.

Theodore Roosevelt


Best wishes from my family to yours today.  I hope you’re able to be with family and friends face-to-face, by phone or skype, in your hearts and in your spirit.


BFF BBQ and Flower Bouquet

Evening all!  I posted a couple of days ago my high school BFF ladies and I were getting together over the weekend for the second time in 5 months.  I know that sounds like a long time in between but it really isn’t when you think we have all those mother/wife/daughter responsibilities too.  This time, we brought our husbands and we all had the best time (smile)!  We all wish M could of come but we understand and send our hugs.

Our host and hostess for the day were J and S.  Cute couple, don’t you think? Married 34 years.  Congratulations!

161-1 Sorry S for chopping off your head.  I never claim I know what I’m doing. In fact, I was using a cheapo camera and the batteries died.  I then started using my phone and my service sucks and I have been having trouble uploading the pics.  Big bummer!  Anyhow, again sorry S.  Maybe this one is better…..oh wait, the other pic, the one that was great is in my phone….can you hear me wine?  But hey, I added a couple of hearts for the 34 years of love.  J and S were the perfect hosts and their backyard ultra secluded, comfy and beautiful.

Here’s some flowers from my yard that I arranged fore the hostess.  They needed something extra so I added a bit of “lattenene”.  Look what a festive box and some colored tissue do.

146-1  151-1

Dahlias, Gladiola’s, lilies, cuttings of rosemary, thyme and peppermint and some sedum made up the bouquet.  Here’s a closer look.


I can’t share pics of everyone because of the camera with the dead battery and the sucky cell service, but here are some to justify we had a great time.

Cheers to life, love and friendship! Meet P (from New Jersey, J the hostess and K, the salon owner.  Where’s Mo? 

153-1 The silver fox (a.k.a B, Ps hubby also from New Jersey) is on BBQ duty.  Mission requires spirits!  And the Host S is sharing his handyman secrets on how to create a fantastic deck.

159-1 We had marinated steak, a big fruit salad, pasta salad (will steal and share the recipe soon), lots of drinks and appetizers and drinks and appetizers and drinks and…..Hubby and I brought the dessert.  Red Velvet cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and crusher peppermint on top.  Yummmmmy!  Trust me, they tested much better then they looked.  And I’m giving a shout out to Duncan Hines.


OK, should not have looked at this picture, now craving something sweet!

latte-1 Lattenene

BFFs Today!

Back in the middle of March I shared in a post about a  trip to the ocean with my High School BFFs.  If you didn’t get to read it, take a quick peek here.

Some of us hadn’t been together for between 25-30 years.  It was amazing how no time was lost and it was like we all had seen each other the week before.  Rekindling friendships are good for the soul. 

I’m excited that today P along with her hubby B are here from the East coast and all of us and our hubby’s are getting together for a BBQ this afternoon.  I’m looking forward to the laughs with these gals and the guys to se each other again.  M can’t be there, but we will definitely be thinking about her.


Hope your doing something fun. 

latte-1 Lattenene