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Front Porch & Summer Flower Pots

Happy Monday!  How many of you are heading back to work today after a long July 4th weekend?  Just remember, there’s only five days until another two days off.  {smile}

Within a ten minute drive of where I live is a nursery with the best shrubs and  flowers.  It’s called the Plant Shack and is only open in the Spring and Summer every year.  The prices seem reasonable and its run by two ladies and a gentleman.

I finally got my pots done for the front porch and thought I would share with you.

full side view

porch table small pot

This pot is one that I spray painted with Rustolem blue last year and it’s held up well.  I’m hoping the leaf white begonia, snowflake trailer and fuchsia fill in nicely.  I keep moving the blue pot from the walkway to the porch because when watering the lawn it was getting to much water.


I think this is one of my most favorite plant combinations I’ve done ever.  The Plant Shack had beautiful coleus in a variety of colors.  I decided to keep with the blue, orange, green theme and chose the Rustic Orange and Wasabi coleus.  I added some Margarita Sweet Potato Vine for trailer on each side of the pot and some fuchsia and white snowflake trailer in the middle section.  The container is one I found on the curb for free last year and I spray painted it just like the pot.  Don’t you just love all the shades of green?

Coleus Collage

I also rescued this gold pot from death before the garbage truck picked it up.  I wanted to keep the old look.  I spray painted it using a combination of bronze and copper color.  I added Safari Scarlet marigolds {French Dwarf} and a couple of petunia plants.  I had never seen the Orange Flash color before and fell in love with it.  It was nice to get away from the standard color.

gold pot Collage

gold pot 1 porch table sideview bench


I gave the bench a much needed coat of stain earlier this Spring.  More on that at a later date.  Oh, and did you notice the cute orange watering can?  I scored that at Ace. I decided to use the pillows and seat cushion from last summer because I’m simply still really liking them.


The front porch is one of the coolest spots to sit in the evening and I enjoy sitting out there with a magazine and other amenities.

Tray 3

Instructions for the orange striped tray can be found here.   For other ideas for your outside decorating check out my project gallery.

So what have you been doing outside?  Have you updated / decorated your porch for the warm weather?

Welcome Container

Not too long ago I was cleaning the garage out and found this tin from my fall decorating.


and now it looks like this:

DIY Update Tin

Want to see a side by side?

001 Welcome Tin Close up

I first removed the Harvest Meadow Country Farm sign, then primed and spray painted that and the tin white.  Once complete I made a free form pattern on the time with blue tape, then sprayed it with Rust Oleum’s Sage Green.


I used chalk paint for the sign.

This can be used to hold lots of different items; drinks, party gifts, magazines are a few ideas.  I already had the fuchsia in a similar shaped pot and it fit perfectly in the tin.  It’s a nice add to my front porch.

Updated Tin Porch View  018

Welcome Tin side view


Close Up Flowers

DIY Update Tin

Have you done anything special to your porch this summer?


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DIY – Front Porch Table

Happy Monday everyone!  How was your weekend?  We celebrated my brother’s birthday on Saturday and Sunday was low key and a bit rainy.  It gave me a reason to stay in side and do a little housework.  When it’s sunny out I find every reason in the book to be outside.

I needed a coffee-type table to sit in front of my bench on the front porch and have had trouble finding anything I like and doesn’t cost too much.  I ended up buying 2of the $11.00 glass tables from Rite Aid and did some creative crafting.  Here’s what they look like now.


Here’s the before and after.

Before After

Here’s what you need to make them.

  • Table or tables
  • Contact or wallpaper
  • Scissors and exactor knife
  • Modge Podge
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Spar Varnish Spray

I used contact paper and left the backing on it.  Roll the paper over the top of the table and using your thumbnail make and indent of the paper around the outer edge of the glass.  Cut with scissors.  Spray the adhesive on the tabletop and roll the cut contact paper on it.  Use a credit card, paint roller or anything else you have on hand to force any bubbles out.  Let dry.  Add to coats of modge podge to the table top, letting dry between each coat.  Add 2 coats of Spar Varnish Spray.  This is the seam sealant that is used for marine work and will ensure protection against the weather.  It’s easy to complete in a weekend.

Here’s some more pics.  Don’t you love my bench cushion and pillows?  WalMart!  and I love them! And yes, the plants aren’t actually planted yet.  There just sitting in the pots.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 5

005 006


In the summer, our front porch cools down in the evening and there’s a nice soft breeze.  This will be the perfect place for an evening chat.  Do you have a favorite place to sit outside at your house?


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Fall Porch Update

Sad Face.  It’s the last of the linky parties for It’s Fall Y’all Autumn Link Party.  Thank you Layla, Rhoda, Kate and Sarah for getting my butt off the couch and helping me decorate for Fall.

Thursday is the Porch decorating hosted by Sarah.


I’m glad I updated last weekend ’cause it’s pouring rain right now and I would not be out there.  I pulled by Brown rubbermaid bins from the garage corner and this is what I came up with.  Well, the mum came from the grocery and the pumpkin siting on the bench came from Target and….oh well, here ya go! 🙂




IMAG0848 IMAG0851

IMAG0847 IMAG0849


latte Lattenene