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Home on The Range

The hubby and I were on our way back home from Saturday morning errands last weekend.  I saw a sign in my neighborhood that perked up my ears, Garage Sale.  So I grabbed my neighbor bestie in crime and Sharon, Divot and I were off.  The woman’s Grandma had recently passed away at 94 and she was a collector for years.  I’m not a big antique person but I do like some things sprinkled through my house.  I have this mantra that says something old, something memorable and something green should be in every room.  Someday I should write about that.

I saw a few things I liked but  controlled myself because my husbands birthday, Fathers Day, vacation and our 32 year wedding anniversary are all coming up in the next month.

Darn if Sharon didn’t text me on Sunday,  “ at the garage sale, everything half price”.  Geez, thanks so much.  Well, of course I had to go.  I bought several items at a great price worthy of another post.  I was also looking at a picture I had seen and admired.  The woman just told me to take it, Free, because I loved it!

pic 3

I can’t pin point the reason why I like this picture so much.  I don’t think it’s worth anything.  Maybe I like it because I grew up on 5 acres and used to feed and ride the dozen horses in the pasture next to us.  Maybe it’s deep in my soul stemming from my heritage.  My dad homesteaded in Montana when he was a boy.  My mom’s dad was a farmer in Scotland.  Maybe I watch too much Hallmark channel.  Whatever it is, looking at it gives me a calm feeling and I love it.  I hung it in my family room so I would see it everyday.

pic 2

pic 8

pic 6

Have you ever been in a store shopping or at a garage sale or flea market and something literally calls your name and you just get that feeling?