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Organize X 3 – Engaging the Male in Chores

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Do you remember my commitment?  Let me refresh your memory; 1 post, once weekly (Wednesday), 3 tips.  I only have one comment…FAIL!  I have missed the last two weeks.  Shame on me and I don’t have any excuse but bad time management.  That’s a topic I will definitely need to cover for the future.

Over the weekend I was shuffling through some magazines and I came across a Family Circle Organization magazine from 1994.  Yes, you heard me.  1994.  Most of you young bloggers were probably still in diapers.  Eeek, I’m dating myself so I will just say I was interested in organization at a very young age and learned to read long before kindergarten! Ha!

Looking through the magazine I found an article titled “Partners In Grime, 10 Ways To Get A Man To Help” written by Sherry Amatenstein.  Too funny, right?  Of course I must share, but every post needs some humorous pics.  These didn’t come from the article.  I just pulled them of the internet.

So which man do you want to help you with the chores?


man_housework baby

or this?

Org 3 Chores Male

Alrighty,  here’s the list from a 1994 Family Circle Organization magazine…


It’s been 16 years since this was written.  What do you think?  How do the ten tips apply today?