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DIY – Lamp Shade Blooper {Confession}

My best ideas seem to happen late at night.  The worst ones do to.  That’s why I wanted to tell you about my gray lampshade.  It was very plain and I thought some little shiny sticker baubles I found in a drawer might dress it up a bit.


So I added a few, then I added more and then I got carried away.  I was obviously tired.

After  All

By now it’s midnight on a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago so I left it and went to bed.  Maybe it would grow on me?  In the morning, the lampshade looked like this.

3 left

I picked the shiny baubles up from the floor, walked away, and a little while later, I saw this.

on the floor

Here’ s the funny part.  We have a big shoe basket by the front door.  My hubby works on Sunday.  When he got home,  he was limping and his foot really hurt.  He said it had been bothering him all day and even took his sock off several times.  He took his shoe off and guess what fell out?  Yep, one little sticky pearl bauble that was stuck inside the shoe toe  area.  Ha Ha!  I laughed so hard that my hubby had to laugh too.

In fact, I’m still giggling about it.  And there you have a true story of a DIY gone bad.


DIY – Painter Pen Doodle Lamp Base, Pinterest Inspired

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  Heart hugs to each of you!  I’m continuing my quest to fulfill one of my New Year goals.  That is to execute on something I pin in Pinterest.  I swear, I’m addicted , obsessed and obsessed with Pinterest!  It’s like going grocery shopping when I’m hungry.  I can’t get enough.

I picked up this plain boring little lamp at Target on clearance months ago. Black base, off white shade, less than $10.00.  I shoved it in a closet and found it Sunday when I was looking for something else.  Here’s the before and after.010-1

I was inspired by a pic I pinned on Pinterest…

Pinned Image


It was so easy and fun to do. Plus I love the black and white.  BGH used a sharpie, I used a white painter pen.  The great thing is your doodles don’t have to be perfect/  I also added some rows of black ribbon to the lampshade.  Here’s some before and after pics.

003-1 006-1

007-1 008-1

013-1 012-1


It literally took minutes and I love love love it!  Have you done any simple crafts lately?


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It’s Been A Journey…Plus HomeGoods – WOW!!!

via Pinterest

Hi Everyone!  This time I really am back, I promise!  The last 6 weeks have been a bit crazy.  Don’t worry, nothing horrible, just extra extra busy.  In fact,  my August posts have been very minimal so thanks for sticking with me.  At one point I shared “I was back in the saddle”, meaning I was back to my blogging.  However, that just didn’t quite pan out, thus the reason for a bit longer break.

Some  know I live in the Northwest and by day I work in Human Resources for a BIG airplane company.  I changed jobs within the company in mid-July.  Between learning new stuff and increasing my commute time, I spent time with family and got my son ready to return to college.  Add that all up and it equals little time to put forth a good effort into blogging.

Hubby and I also just returned from a two week vacation.  Wait, did I say vacation?  We took young son back to college to Orlando.  He’s a junior this year.  Truly, it was a nice get away and yes, I always get sentimental when I say goodbye.  Skype fills the void somewhat, but once a mom, always a mom, and the house is so quiet.

Over the past months I’ve been reading about HomeGoods, a store that seems to come up in posts all over the blogsphere.  So……when we were in Florida I dragged my hubby and young son to the nearest store.  And, oh my gosh!!!!  If I was driving rather  then flying had a U-Haul truck I could of spent bunches of money! Loved it all….I had little battery left on my phone but managed to grab a few pictures.

Check out this lampshade.  Definitely there’s a journalism theme going on here.

HG Lamp Shade-1

How about these plates?  I’d love to set a morning brunch table with them!


I love this char and table…..so “autumny” – is that a word?

Chair Table-1

This vase is fabulous – would love this with some tall greenery and white branches.


These last two pics are my favorite.  Right in the middle of the HomeGoods store stood this handmade metal tree with tons of blue lights.  I have blue and cream couches in my living room and this tree would fit perfectly.  This definitely is something I will need to think about – is there a fairly easy way to make this?


I did a search and there is a HomeGoods store in Portland, Oregon, only 3-4 hours away.  Do I see a road trip coming?  The bonus is Oregon does not have state taxes!

It’s so good to be back!!!!

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