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Summer Silverware & Paper Napkins {Little Loves}

Sharing just a few of my little loves today…

During my birthday shopping trip to Portland earlier this month we stopped in Home Goods.  Any time you buy retail anything in Oregon it’s a good thing because there are no taxes.  I’m in love with these silverware for summer.  I bought service for 12.

Summer Silverware 1

close up

I’m obsessed with paper napkins as witnessed by the pictures below.

Napkins 1

Napkins 2

Do you have little items you buy that are similar or am I crazy?


Little Purchases { Little Loves}

It seems like the best purchases are the small, not-so-expensive ones.  There the one’s that you weren’t looking for and then all of a sudden, there they are calling your name and saying “Buy me, buy me”.   Here’s some of those little loves I’ve picked up over the past 2-3 weeks.

I fell in love with this dish; the shape, the color, the shimmer.  It was a
steal on the clearance rack at Marshalls for $7.99
Blue dish Blue Dish 1

I’m constantly finding little items to add to my white accessory obsession.  Like these 2 less then 3.00 items from the Goodwill.

white braid vase white candlestick

Speaking of white, when I was at Home Goods I when wacky for this white bird candle.  I love my birdies!

Bird candle

I’ve had this green birdcage around for awhile and it wasn’t until I found this small Lennox heart shaped dish at the Goodwill di I know what to do with it.


birdcage close up

Another trip by Marshalls.  I;m a frequent flyer and it was worth it.  Five dollars for a 2 pack of Laura Ashley contact paper.  If you want some ideas click on my post, For the Love of Contact Paper.

Laura Ashley Contact Paper

More birds. This time from Ace.  Little wooden ones for a couple dollars each.  And no comment on the dust!


I saved the best for last.  I was out and about last Saturday and popped into Fred Meyers for some dog bones.  I saw this pillow for $16.00 and yes, it called my name.  Well, that and the 4 burner BBQ that was on sale. That called my name too.

Pink Flower pillow

Pink Flower pillow 1

Have you picked up any little purchases lately?