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Sea of Maps

Last week 62 of my HR peers and I got together for our bi-annual two day meeting.  I was on the planning committee and we chose to do an international theme.  The content/speakers is the most important part of the meeting but it’s fun to dress the tables up a bit too.

We had a large quantity of small boxes available to us for free so I decorated 63 of them.  Using old maps from a 1967 atlas I had and some travel books as a starting point, I cut  out squares to fit the top of the boxes and adhered with spray adhesivet.  I also used some flags printed on full sheet label paper that my co-worker made.  I trimmed the sides of each box with  washi tape.  No two were alike.  Each was filled with different kinds of candy and each person received a box along with a name tag at their table.  Since folks came from outisde the U.S. the boxes were easy to travel with.

Pic 2

Pic 1

Pic 4

Pic 5

They were fun to make and the room was so colorful.  It made me happy that I could contribute.  Do you ever decorate boxes?

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{Mapping} A Thrift Store Frame

I’m pleased as punch to be sharing with you today one of my most favorite DIYs I’ve done thus far.  It’s just been the last six months or so that I’ve started to redo thrift store items; wood trays, a chair, bathroom make-up dresser.

Let me say it again.  This is my fav!

1 2 3 Collage

I picked this cherry wood frame up for $3.99 at the Goowill awhile back.  It was pretty awful so I sanded it some, filled in the holes with wood filler, sanded again, primed with Zinnser oil based primer and then spray painted it a glossy white by Rustoleum.  I also put a sealer on it just to protect it.  This entire process took me about a week because I just had a small amount of time everyday to work on it.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it once it was done so it sat for a couple of days.  I thought about styling it with multiple multiple pictures and ruled that out, too messy for me.  Then I was headed in the direction of blowing up one of my flower pictures to poster size when I remembered the world atlas I had .  I picked up a 1967 book of maps at the Goodwill  not too long ago.   I used a scalpel to remove the binding so the pages would stay in tact and  decided I liked one of the Atlantic Ocean because of the baby blue and yellow color.

The inside of the picture frame was 12 x 18.  I didn’t have any glass and didn’t want to buy any.  I did have a foam board from the Dollar Store which I cut to size, then sprayed adhesive spray to adhere the map to the foam board.  It fit nice and snug in the 12 x 18 middle square.  I’m okay not using glass.  And  I can change the picture anytime I want using another foam board.

Full view 2 close up 4

close up 3

close up 2

close up 1

Full View 1

Now I just have to decide where to hang it.  Every time I choose a spot I change my mind.  When I figure it out I’ll let you know.  Have you framed maps before?

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