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Monthly Recap – Aug 2013

It absolutely blows my mind that I woke this morning to the last day of August.  We had some pretty good stormy weather a few days ago.  So many leaves have fallen, and we put the cover on the outside furniture and grill to protect them.

The last day of August is worthy of a recap of the month, right?

Monthly Recap Aug 2013 outside

Monthly Recap Aug 2013 recipe

Monthly Recap Aug 2013craft and organize

Monthly recap Aug 2013 Divot Diary

Have a fabulous 3 day weekend everyone.


Monthly Recap July 2013

Before too many days go by in August I thought I would bring you all back to July for a little recap.

July 2013 MonthlyRecapCollage

It was a month of a little of this and a little of that.  The best thing is I spent very little buying items to DIY.  And one more thing.  I just noticed I added one picture twice.  Oops.  Can you see it too?


For The Love of series


Being Domestic

Happy hump day!


Monthly Recap – June 2013

How was everyone’s 4th yesterday?  We had such a good time blocking our little 4 house street off from the rest of the neighborhood and having a big crab feed.  The night ended in our backyard with everyone around the fire pit.

Why are the months going by so fast?  My niece reminded us the other day how many days it was until Christmas.  What?  First lets get through the monthly recap for June, shall we?

Monthly Recap June 2013

DIY yellow chair
Polka dot frames with washi tape
Map boxes made with old maps and washi tape
Create your own bar
Peonies first blooms
Honoring my Father on a special day
Garage store finds, horses and a 1950’s desk
Divot on the beach

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!


Monthly Recap–May 2013

How was your weekend?  I finished up the weeding, got through a stack of magazines, caught up on some TV shows I taped, and finished a project for my day job.  Not too exciting but I was happy to just hang around the house without a structured schedule.  I also perfected how to make a Lemon Drop!

Where did May go?  I hope June slows down a bit.  Today let’s take a look back at May.  Links provide in case you missed something exciting {she said smiling}.

May outside


Memorial Day

Sitting on the Hill

Enjoy your Monday!

Monthly Recap–April 2013

Another month past.  Where does time go?  Here’s a recap of how I stayed busy in April.

Monthly Recap April 2013

Crafts and DIY



The Divot Diary

Have a great day!


Monthly Recap–March 2013

I cannot believe we are now into April.  The Northwest is having a beautiful spring. The forecast for the nextweek is sunny and mid-60s.  It’s so fun when all the neighbors come out of hibernation.  The smell of mowed grass is one of my favorites. Folks are washing their cars, kids are throwing softballs and kicking soccer balls.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter.  I woke up to a message from my husband left on the ottoman in the woman cave.


Funny, right?  I laughed hard.  My hubby is a prankster and was quite proud of himself.  Someday I will have to share with you.

Since it’s officially April, it’s the perfect day for the March monthly recap.

Monthly Recap March 2013

Moving clockwise arounf the collage:


Monthly Recap–Feb. 2013

How was everyone’s weekend?  February flew by didn’t it?  I had the flu the last couple days of the month so I was certainly glad to see sunshine start March.  It gave me energy and put me in the feel better mode.  Did you do lot’s of fun stuff this weekend?  I saw my high school BFF’s.  The 6 of us try to get together every 3 months or so.  Who can’t love these girls?


I was finally able to give them their Valentines presents and we celebrated Kathy, Michele, and Patty’s birthdays.  More on the gifts I made for both occassions  later this week.

Today I’m sharing a recap of February.  When I look back I stayed pretty busy ans actually accomplished a lot so I’m giving myself a hug.

Feb 2013 Monthly Recap

I decorated the entry table for Valentines Day and shared my neighbor’s recipe of vodka infused strawberries, a.k.a. Drunken Strawberries.  I added a bit of color to my family room bookshelves with some faux herb pots wrapped in ribbon tape.  I made some primrose baskets for my gal pals.  I gave myself a weeks challenge to fill some empty wall space using only what I had in the house.  I shared 5 days of ideas; a fabric covered bulletin board, a picture of Dorothy’s red shoes all glittered up, a charger mirror, I used paper, cards and a sconce to create art, and made a “key” board holder to organize the car keys.  I fessed up my  obsession for white accessories and showed you a table full of finds.  The simplest project was adding a simple touch to my living room lamp shades.  I let all of you in on my favorite recipe, chicken and cabbage.  Lastly, my favorite project of the entire month, I faked a faux tile table top using scrapbook paper.

There’s lots of good stuff to share this week too so come on back!  Happy Monday!


Monthly Recap–Jan. 2013

Happy Friday everyone.  I love Fridays so much because it’s the end of the work week for me.  Yes!  Do you have any major plans this weekend? Saturday I’m hanging out with my 2 fav neighbor ladies, who are also my thrift, spray paint and beer buddies.  We’re a happy threesome!  Sunday the Super Bowl will be on but I can’t guarantee how much I’ll watch the game. Since the Seahawks aren’t in the final I’m not crazy excited to sit on my but in front of the TV.  But I definitely will make all efforts to view all the commercials. Ya gotta love the commercials.    I also want to find a few minutes to add a few Valentine touches around the house.  You know, dress it up in a little pink.

Ttoday I’m sharing a January recap.  It’s not too overloaded as I was pretty low-key, a.k.a. lazy in the first month of 2013.  Here you go…..Jan. 2013 recap…

Jan 2013 Monthly Recap

January was a good month to start organizing and I managed to get a little accomplished.  I created a coupon carrier for my purse,  cleaned out and redid under the kitchen sink and created a command center station in the kitchen complete with a brand new + cute command notebook!

My cooking mirrored my January mindset (lazy) but I did make pulled pork sliders.  I also used some leftover whipping cream to make frozen cream drops which by the way come in so handy every morning when I make coffee.  Plop plop, yum yum!

I did a new For The Love Of post on  pinecones.  And we at our meals at a table with a snowman and snowflake winter place setting.

Last,but not least, I shared a new Divot Diary yesterday.  Love that pup!

That’s it for me.  Have a fabulous weekend!


Monthly Recap–Nov. 2012

Happy Monday!  Hard to believe it’s already December, isn’t it?  Here’s what happened in November…..just in case you need a catch up!

Nov Recap Collage Food

I started a crockpot cookin series and cooked a couple of other yummy items.

  1. Crockpot cookin meatloaf
  2. Crockpot cookin pork chops and potatoes
  3. Overnight french toast
  4. Apple crisp
  5. Chicken cordon bleu {fake}

Nov Collage for the love of

I wrote a post titled “For the Love of” and it’s turned into 3!

Nov Recap Collage 4

I started getting into the holiday spirit.

Nov Recap Collage 3

And here’s the remaining posts for November.

  1. Updated living room
  2. Letter in a shadow box
  3. Striped candle holders
  4. Bridal Shower – details and ideas
  5. Window shopping at Home Goods
  6. Updated dining room

Whew, that’s a bunch of stuff.  December is sure to bring lots to so stay tuned.  Lots of linky parties and projects are in process all over my dining room table!


October 2012 Monthly Recap

Happy Friday!  Before November slips away I wanted to revisit October in one fell swoop.

Oct Monthly Recap Collage 1

I really strrrrrectchhhhed out the Fall decor posts!

Fall Floral

Before and After Dollar Store Pumpkins

Fall Porch

Fall on the Mantel and In the Kitchen

Fall: Dining Room and Entry

Oct Monthly Recap Collage 2

Hanging Pictures with the Incredible Hook

Glossy Black Side Table

Decorative Cell Phone Boxes

Bridal Shower

October Recap Collage 3

Organized Recipe Cupboard

The Divot Diary 10.12.2012 and The Divot Diary 10.31.2012

Pumpkin Turkey Chili

Same Hutch, New Look

Oct Rcap Collage4

Words To Live By Part 3

DIY Painted Pinecones

Wall Stripes and Pics

Hoping your weekend is fabulous!