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August – September 2012 Recap

It’s about time I re-enter the blog sphere.  Hello!  How are you?  I’m a day late and a dollar short, but hopefully catching up quickly.

First, a quick update.  I’ve been thinking about a blog name change for a while so I’m moving forward with it.  Lattenenes Cup of Chat just was way too long so I’ve changed it to Lattenene Chat.  I tested it on an internet search and my previous posts under the old title still come up.  I’m not a computer smartie at all so I hope this works out.

Alrighty, moving on, I wanted to share my August Recap.  I also wanted to share September, but arghhh, I don’t have one.  My last post was August 26 until now.  What have I been doing you ask?  Well, trimming and cleaning the yard up, lots of spray painting and moving furniture around, spending way too much time on my day job, painting the living, dining, master bed and bath, changing pictures around, cleaning closets, shredding, lots of shredding, reading 26 magazines that I subscribed to.  hosting my niece/God daughters wedding shower and fall decorating, inside and out.  I could go on….but I’ll just say I have lot’s of pics and lots of posts planned.

Let’s go back to August…

August ReCap 2012 Collage

Painting a welcome sign

My unexpected guest

Flower art in an hour

Divot Diary – At the beach with the hubs and the pup

Pillow love at Home Goods

Maple Chicken

You ca also read about my laundry room makeover here.

View 1

So glad I’ve re-engaged!  I’m looking forward to sharing with you whats been keeping me busy,


July Recap

Hi gals and guys.  Before we get too far into August, I thought I should share a quick look back at July here at Lattenene’s Cup of Chat.  And believe me, I took most of the month off so it this will be REALLY short!

Of course there’s the ever famous (insert chuckle here) July 4 centerpiece which can be found here.  Check it out.  I’m sure items can be replaced depending on the holiday and it was super easy!July 4 Centerpiece Supplies 190

Then I went on a break and returned on the 30th.  I shared my Vegas pictures and the next day showed you how I updated some photo boxes.  That was my July.  Pretty exciting, right?

I thought this might be a great time to share a couple of posts that seem to get a lot of activity via internet searches and Pinterest.  I get a lot of looks at my dresser with duct tape.  Just another one of my quick and cheap DIYs (insert one more chuckle here).


Another DIY project that seems to get a lot of attention is my birdbath made from flower pots. And no, that’s not a dead animal, or a turtle.  It’s a big rock.  LOL

Birdbath 050

If you’d like to check out all my projects feel free to check out my project gallery here or join me on facebook or suscribe to get my posts via e-mail.  Just see the upper right section of this blog.  Okay, enough of that!  Happy Wednesday everyone.


June Recap

Even though we had a pretty rainy June in the Northwest I still managed to stay busy.  Here’s a recap of those June posts I so enjoyed sharing.

June Recap Collage 1

Creating A Bird Zone

Welcome Container Tin

Twine Wrapped Bottle
Decorative Birdcage

June Recap Collage 2

Fathers Day 2012 Memories

Mirror Boxes

Flower Pots Pizazz

The Divot Diary here and here

June Recap Collage 3

July 4 Centerpiece

Tray with Reversible Liner

Beautiful Peonies

Pinecones and Golf Courses

Project Gallery post

Blog Update – A New Project Gallery

Looking forward to July!


May Recap

I was a bit outta sight outta mind in May.  I still want to close out May by sharing some of the posts on the blog.

May Recap

My neighbor and I went on a “what’s free after the weekend garage sale” and I found a planter that I took from Free to Fab.

Sometimes the simplest and most less expensive decorations are the best.  In the case of these silver sea shells they weren’t always metallic.  I found them on the beach, washed up at low tide, free of charge.  A little time and spray paint turned these into decor for my living room.

Divot turned 2 and we celebrated with our puppy and  of course I had to share numerous pictures of him.

The porch needed some pizazz and I think my Updated porch tables did the trick.

One of my most favorite posts was sharing my  Herb planter.

Hope you enjoy!


April Recap

April showers bring May flowers.  Isn’t that how the saying goes?    In the Seattle area, the weather is teasing us, but it’s getting better.  What a whirl wind April was.  It seems like just yesterday I was coloring Easter eggs!

Looking back, here’s a quick recap of April.

April 2012 Recap

1. paint a chair with chevron stripes.

2. The Divot Diary.  Catch his escapades here, here, and here.

3. Penny for Your Thoughts Jar.

4. Painting my neighbor’s bench.

5. Easter greetings.

6. Button wreath.

7. Faux granite desk top.

8. Candy Jar.

9. Decorating with Vintage Tablecloths.

10. Crockpot Pineapple Chicken.

11. Candle change-up

Enjoy in case you missed it before.