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Organize X 3 – How To Make A Collection Not Look Like Clutter

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Happy Wednesday and Organize X 3.  Did you know that anytime you have 2 or more of something it’s a collection?  It’s true.  I can’t remember when I read that, but it was many many years ago when I thought the only important thing in life was to collect wooden rocking horses.  I haven’t had those for at least 12 years. 

Today I wanted to give you 3 tips on how to organize your collections so they don’t look like clutter.  Your collections could be anything; knick-knacks, tins, birdhouses, spoons. milk glass, beanie babies (yep, went through that one), books, vases, etc. etc. etc.

Tip 1 – Keep alike items or themes grouped together.  For example, in this picture, all items are vintage; some worn books, an old looking box and a couple of vintage cameras. 

Pinned Image

Another example using a collection of dishes.

Pinned Image

Tip 2 – Group items in odd numbers and different heights.  The grouping will visually look more appealing and the staggered height difference will appear less cluttered.  A bonus tip included in this one.  Grouping collections in like colors also appears more cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

Pinned Image

Tip 3 – I think this is the most important!  Have some restraint.  You don’t have to show off all of your collections at once.  It’s fun to rotate them. Change is fun!  Perhaps organize your collections by season. 

Hope these tips are helpful.  Do you have collections?  What kind and how do you show them off?


*All pics from Pinterest

Organize X 3 – Decorated Cardboard Storage

Welcome to the first article for my new once a week series, Organize X 3!

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This series will post to Lattnenes Cup of Chat and I am planning to share 3 items on organizing tips every Wednesday.  Today I thought I would focus on creating desk storage on the cheap and cute, may I add.


The 3 tips aka items to use and I guarantee will become your best friend are colored duct tape, spray paint and clips.  Here we go…lets talk about the numbered items in this picture.


I.  Magazine holders, not too sure about the technical term so sorry.  I had this ugly cardboard one so I used 3 different types of duct tape to cover; black, black and white checked and turquoise.

002-1 033-1

Pretty amazing, right?  I  also have 6 brown wicker type magazine holders and I spray painted one with Rust Oleum’s Black gloss.  It turned out great.  I’ll be in the garage spray painting 5 others soon.

035-1 030-1

2.  I found this pen/pencil holder in a box of old stationary supplies and decided it needed some ramping up so duct tape to the rescue.

002-2 017-1

3.  This is my favorite.  I had a bunch of cardboard lids from boxes and they were the perfect size for file trays.  I used two different colors of duct tape.

036-1 028

You can pretty much make anything look good with a little bit of time, spray paint and duct tape. Here’s a few more pics.

026-1 025-1


I haven’t tagged my new storage pieces yet, but when I do I’ll tag them the same way I did the containers in my Linen Closet.  In stead of using stickers that stick I made mine from heavy cardstock and used clips to attach. This will give some flexibility to change your mind if you choose.  This is from my 31 day clutter series.  I used cardboard boxes here covered with contact paper and trimmed in duct tape.


There you have it.  Do you use duct tape and spray paint to create storage pieces?


I’m joining the following linky parties…

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Organize X 3…Hot Off The Press This Week

Organize 3 Series Button

I’m excited to share my new organizing series with you.  If you read my post yesterday you probably saw I posted a button that looked totally different.  In fact, I even posted it to Pinterest on My Blog Images.  Somewhere between last night and now I decided I didn’t like the look anymore and changed it.  This is much much better.

The first Organize 3 post will debut this Wednesday.  My plan, as it stands now, my full intent, my Pollyanna mind, says I want to share this series until next year, same time,, same place.  Notice I said plan.  Maybe I’m better off saying that’s the long term goal and stick to months for the short term.  We’ll see how I do.  Last October I took the 31day challenge and did The 31 Days To Clutter Free series.  That almost killed me.  This series I get to make the rules up. 

I’ll post once a week, every Wednesday, and my article will include 3 items about organizing.  It could be storage tips,  links to awesome websites,  info on cleaning products.  I’m just going to let it flow! 

I can’t wait!  In the interim, hope this picture makes you laugh.

Toilet Paper Cats


31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 31 – The Final Day Reflection

Day 31

I truly never ever in a thousand years thought I would be saying Welcome to Day 31 of the 31 Days To Clutter Free series.  At the end of September when I told my hubby I was accepting the challenge to write a series of posts on a subject I was passionate about every day for 31 days he just shook his head.  We both knew it would be hard for me and I am thrilled that I did it.

I have all of you to thank.  There’s a lesson here.  Even if you commit to yourself the added pressure of committing to someone else you is powerful and provides the extra push.  We are conditioned to not let others down.  So thank you very very much. I heart ya!

When I think back about the last 31 days I made great strides in getting rid of clutter in my house and along the way hopefully made a difference for others.  I made an eye glass drop off to the Lions Eye Bank, made several donation trips  to the Goodwill, and dropped magazines off at the Senior Citizen Center. 

I rearranged  lots of cupboards and closets and even the laundry room is updated.  See yesterdays post for pics of some successful organization. 

I shredded lots of documents that I found I did not need anymore.

This series has inspired me.  I found out I love to share my clutter free and organization ideas.  I’m going to continue sharing ideas with you.  Once I have a plan in place I’ll let you know.  The easiest way to find out is to subscribe.  That way, you’ll get an email every time I post an article. 

Thanks again for joining me on this journey and thanks to Nester and Melissa and all of the rest of the initial blogging team.  What an incredible idea!  Below are links to each day.

Days 1 – 22

Day 23 = Other Bedroom Closets

Day 24 = Storage ideas

Day 25 – Multi purpose trays

Day 26 – The Office

Day 27 – Laundry Room Pics

Day 28 – What Still To Do

Day 29 – The Kitchen Counter

Day 30 – Organized Spaces


latte Lattenene

31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 30 – Accomplished Organized Spaces

Hi everyone.  Welcome to Day 30.

31 Day Button-3

I’ve taken a look back over the past 29 days and thought I would recap with some pictures some of the areas I’ve re-organized. 

Here we go….Day 1 was all about eliminating the obvious, walking through your home and just filling a laundry basket with items that were there just because and you really didn’t want them to be there.  Here’s my loot:

31 Days Day 2 023 31 Days Day 2 025 31 Days Day 2 033

Where has all this ended up you ask?  Some has been tossed in the garbage, put in books, or used in organizing other areas.

I repurposed the small closet in the loft for some of my craft supplies (candy bouquet items and wood items that need painting).


I moved the photos I need to sort through to 3 large decorative boxes, then stacked them to make a side table in my loft.  This way, when I’m watching TV, I have no excuse – I can multi-task.

photo boxes 

The reorganized laundry room is still waiting for a new rug and a paint job but those will come with time.  For right now, I am happy with how it looks, especially inside the cupboards.

   IMAG0972-1         IMAG0974


Updated linen closet:

IMAG0869                  IMAG0955 IMAG0958

I found an organized space for all my scrapbook paper.


and thought  out of the box to utilize other unused spaces …

turq cube map chest fam rm cube

Hopefully this gives you some great ideas.  I’ll be back tomorrow for one last post in this 31 day challenge…Boo Hoo!


latte Lattenene

31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 29 – The Kitchen Counter

Good Morning and Happy Saturday, also known as Day 29!

31 Day Button-3

I have to be very honest and say I am so very happy to not live in the NE today because it’s supposed to snow and I am just not a big snow person.  In the NW where I live we are having some rainy days and that is giving me the opportunity today to finish painting my kitchen and family walls.

My hubby was taping last night in preparation and I was cleaning cupboards, wiping down walls, etc.  That’s when it hit me.  My kitchen counter is a dumping ground for everything; keys, the dog leash, glass cases, clippers, mail.  Shall I go on or are you getting the picture.  It makes me crazy and what makes me crazier is I add to the mess.  Yes, I am a contributor.

IT HAS TO STOP!!!!!  IT WILL STOP!!!  I am committing this to you.  I find that when I commit to others as well as myself I have a better chance of succeeding.  I will be clever and thoughtful but I know there are solutions and I will find them and when I do I will share. Whew!  I feel much better.

Do you have clutter collection  areas in your home?  What have you done?  Please let me know.  I will mull it over today as well but right now I have to go to Home Depot and buy paint.


latte Lattenene

31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 28 – What Still To Do

Day 28!  Can you believe it?  Where has the time gone?

31 Day Button-3

So much has been accomplished the last 28 days (will share in tomorrow’s post).  But there is still so much to do.  Here’s the list of areas I still need to go through.

  • Bookshelf and TV cabinet in the family room
  • Finish the Den
  • Under the beds
  • Finish shredding documents
  • Pantry
  • Garage
  • Spare room closet

I’ve come to grips with clutter and realized no matter how much time I put into sorting, tossing and organizing, it will creep back if I don’t stay disciplined.  That can be a rush for all of us when we’re tired, in a rush, get up late, our kids are making us crazy, anything that takes us out of our normal schedule.

The best way to combat this is routine.  Get in the habit of sorting the mail before it comes in the house, a 20 minute quick pick-up before going to bed at night, set places to put dog leashes, purses, wallets, backpacks.  If your waiting for the microwave to run take 5 and straighten the junk drawer.  In other words, I think a little wasted time can always be squeezed in.  Five minutes here and 5 minutes there adds up.

On another note, how do you like my new header?  I put it together at 2:30 this morning.  That was after Divot started barking at something and then I couldn’t go back to sleep. Oh well, TGIF!


latte Lattenene

31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 27 – Laundry Room Pics + I Got Featured

Happy Day 27.

31 Day Button-3

We’re on the downside of the 31 days.  I finally finished decluttering and organizing the laundry room.  It took me 3 different “go for its”.  I do still have to paint and I’d like to get a new rug and curtains.  But…I can go to the cupboards and find anything…

Love my Paddington Bear dressed in his raincoat and galoshes.  Had to keep him.  I also like my laundry cleaners and sprays in plain sight so I found a cute basket.


Every container labeled = heaven. 

IMAG0972-1  util rm c2 

Organizing clutter makes me feel so good.  A completed project just makes me want to do more.  Tune in tomorrow to see my list of what I still have to do around the house.

And thanks to Word Press.  I logged on to the site today and saw my blog is Featured by Word Press



latte Lattenene

31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 26 – The Office

Happy Day 26!

31 Day Button-3

I hope your doing well with only 5 days left in the 31 Day challenge.  I saved my biggest mess for last, the office.  It consists of one large desk and filing cabinet, 2 tall bookshelves and a leather loveseat.  The “To Be Filed” box is OOC.  That’s short for out of control.  The file drawers have outdated info and there are lots of knick knacks that I have avoided for 25 days.  I’ve an overflow of school supplies that have not been used since my son graduated high school.  He’s a junior in college now. 

It’s the sorting, labeling and filing that will take the time.  My mode generally to complete something like this is 30 minutes a day until complete.  By breaking it it down into smaller sections and having small success I’ll stay more engaged to complete the entire den.  Maybe this type plan will work for you.  Do what you can when you can but just always be doing something. 🙂


latte Lattenene

31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 25 – Multi Purpose Trays + A Question

Onward clutter bugs.  Onward to Day 25!

31 Day Button-3

I’m being real when I say anything can be perceived as clutter if it doesn’t look organized.  My new favorite thing to organize items is trays.  I went to my favorite place to get a few ideas to share with all of you.  Thank you Pinterest!

Great for keeping the kids’ coloring supplies together and I bet they can travel from house to car


Lovely in the bathroom.  Hmmmm I saw one similar the other day at TJ Max for a very good price.  Might have to go back.


Inside or outside…


Love all the colors…




Don’t you agree that trays are awesome.  Heck, I bet I could even spray paint a cookie sheet……can you tell I’m tired and have lots on my brain.  I tend to ramble when this happens.

Okay, so here’s the question…What happens when this 31 day series is over?  Should I continue to share organizing ideas a couple days a week on this blog?  Should I create another blog strictly for organization and name it “Clutterless in Seattle”?  Get it?  LOL  Will you still follow me ’cause I love that you do. 🙂 would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a wonderful day.  TTYL,

latte Lattenene