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Back Yard Blooms

This morning I woke to rain, the mornings are cooler, and it gets darker earlier at night.  These are all signs our 53 days straight of Northwest sunny weather are over and we’re headed to Fall.

I realized I never shared pics of our backyard, the place where friends and family have gathered all summer for laughs, cheers, barbeques and fires.  And since August is almost gone today is a good day for that.


outdoor tablecloth orange yellow

row of dahlias

second floor pic orange dahliafirepit

along the fence

red dahlia



If you want to check out other parts of our outside space see front porch and summer pots, early summer blooms, and hanging on the side hill.

If I had lots of time and dollars I would love to have a wrap around deck from front to back, and a covered patio.  Maybe that will be next summer.  For now, it’s become a place people love to come to, where they can be comfortable.  Do you have a place like that?

One more day and it’s a 3 day weekend.  Yay!  Happy Thursday!


DIY–Outdoor Solar Lights

I remember seeing this idea floating around on Pinterest and blogs, but when I made these it was on the spur of the moment and I didn’t take the time to do any checking for instructions.

solar light Collage

I was at the Dollar store and they have the outdoor solar light stakes for $1.00 each so I picked some up.  I already had multiple jars and gems on hand.

I took the lids off the jars and filled them with gems leaving approximately 2-3 inches of free space at the top.  Then I screwed the outside  lid back on the jar which left an open circle.  Remove the solar light from the stake. and place in the open circle of the jar.    It should fit pretty snug, but if it doesn’t you can wrap some silver electrical tape around the light.


Place in the sun to activate the lights.  At night you’ll get a nice glow.


Well, you get the idea hopefully.  I would recommend when its damp out or if the jars are in an area where the sprinklers go off, to bring them in your house.  You can place in a sunny window and the will still activate.

Next on my list is to melt all the used citrona candles we have together and create one giant one.  How are you getting your outside area ready for summer activities?


Pinecones and Golf Courses

I mentioned before we were on vacation for a 2 weeks not too long ago.  My son was playing in a couple of golf tournaments so he flew from Orlando and we picked him up in Portland.  The first tournament was held at the Royal Oaks Golf and Country Club in Vancouver, WA.  I The course was an easy walk and the staff did a wonderful job.  The course from green to tee was in perfect condition.

Royal Oaks 1A

Royal Oaks 2

Royal Oaks 3

Royal Oaks 6

The second tournament was in Bend Oregon where I totally fell in love with.  It’s high desert area just past Mt. Hood. Many retirees, especially from California.

Mt Hood 1

Mt Hood 2

The golf course, Broken Top, was beautiful, established many years ago,  They had huge huge Ponderosa Pines which we don’t have in Seattle.

Ponderosa Pine

The pinecones were falling and I’ve never seen any this big or beautiful.  So of course I got a bag and started picking them up.  At first my hubby thought I was crazy, but it wasn’t too long before he was helping me.

135 136


138 139

I can’t wait to put these to use; tinted with glitter, mixed with cinnamon sticks.  Do you have any ideas?

Happy Monday,


Flower Pots Pizazz

I jazzed up some of my old terracotta colored plastic pots with spray paint. I figured I might as well get one year out of them versus spending money on new pots.  So today I’m sharing those and a few from last year.  I also have been playing around with the collage feature in Pic Monkey so guess what you’re going to see?  Yep, flower pot collages! In fact, I’m apologizing right now because I know I repeated a few pics.

Flower  Collage


Flower Collage 1

Flower Collage 3

Flower Collage 4


Tomato plant

What have you planted lately?


For The Birds

Happy Friday.  Boy, 4 day work weeks are the toughest, don’t you think?  I’m so glad the weekend is near.  I’ve been working in the yard a lot, mainly weeding and clean up and some pots.

One of my most favorite things to do in the summertime on the weekend is too wake up early, take my coffee outside and in the quiet of the morning, just listen to the birds.  We decided to move the bird feeders away from the side fence and out towards the golf course.  The seed tends to attract rats sometimes and as long as there away from the house I’m okay.  Rats need to eat to.

Bird Zone

Here’s a great tip.  Microwave your birdseed for a minute and it will sop the germination. That way, when the birds push seed on the ground weeds won’t grow.



I don’t want to forget my Hummingbirds.  I’ve named them, Downtown Freddy Brown and Rudy.  Our two feeders sit right outside our family room windows.  These two have been around for the last 4 years and they stay all year around.  If you want the best secret recipe for Hummer Nectar, see my previously post here.

Hummingbird Collage

Enjoy the weekend!


DIY – Front Porch Table

Happy Monday everyone!  How was your weekend?  We celebrated my brother’s birthday on Saturday and Sunday was low key and a bit rainy.  It gave me a reason to stay in side and do a little housework.  When it’s sunny out I find every reason in the book to be outside.

I needed a coffee-type table to sit in front of my bench on the front porch and have had trouble finding anything I like and doesn’t cost too much.  I ended up buying 2of the $11.00 glass tables from Rite Aid and did some creative crafting.  Here’s what they look like now.


Here’s the before and after.

Before After

Here’s what you need to make them.

  • Table or tables
  • Contact or wallpaper
  • Scissors and exactor knife
  • Modge Podge
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Spar Varnish Spray

I used contact paper and left the backing on it.  Roll the paper over the top of the table and using your thumbnail make and indent of the paper around the outer edge of the glass.  Cut with scissors.  Spray the adhesive on the tabletop and roll the cut contact paper on it.  Use a credit card, paint roller or anything else you have on hand to force any bubbles out.  Let dry.  Add to coats of modge podge to the table top, letting dry between each coat.  Add 2 coats of Spar Varnish Spray.  This is the seam sealant that is used for marine work and will ensure protection against the weather.  It’s easy to complete in a weekend.

Here’s some more pics.  Don’t you love my bench cushion and pillows?  WalMart!  and I love them! And yes, the plants aren’t actually planted yet.  There just sitting in the pots.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 5

005 006


In the summer, our front porch cools down in the evening and there’s a nice soft breeze.  This will be the perfect place for an evening chat.  Do you have a favorite place to sit outside at your house?


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Painting A Bench

Hi my friends.  It’s Monday night, I’m watching The Voice and thought I better get this post out.  I should of had it out for today but with such a beautiful weekend, time got away from me.  It’s like going grocery shopping when you’re hungry.  I wanted to accomplish so much and didn’t,oh well, there’s always next weekend.

My neighbors asked me if I would paint their white bench that’s been sitting out in the weather for awhile.  Bob tightened the screws on a couple of slats and gave it a quick sanding after Kathy washed it down.  I used Rust Oleum Hammered spray, white on the wood slats and copper on the rod iron trim.  We still need to add a coat of poly but since it’s on the porch it will be okay for now.

DIY neighbors bench

Here’s the before.

before bench

I think the metal inlay is so pretty in this copper color.

Neighbors bench side   Neighbors bench side close up

Have you had to freshen up any of your outside furniture?