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Laundry Room Updated

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Mine had its ups and downs.  I have the makings of a stuffed up head and I’m trying really hard to ignore it.

Today I wanted to share with you our updated laundry room.  It was fine as is, but I decided it needed a change after I got some free paint from ACE.  Over the past several months ACE has offered free quarts of the new Clark Kensington paint..  I got 4 cans; 2 Silent White, a very pale shade of green called Casual Day, and another named Salem Green.  I decided to use the Salem Green on the wall behind the washer and dryer.  That meant moving them away from the wall and I’m happy to say I unhooked and pulled those puppies out like a pro.  I was impressed how well the Salem Green went on.  It felt and looked thick and required a few touch ups but not a full second coat.

Green Paint Right Corner Laundry

I used the Silent White for the other 3 walls and after it dried I wasn’t very pleased.  It looked like I had painted the walls with a white liquid. I normally use Behr paint with primer from Home Depot and I think I’ve been spoiled.    I really had not planned on spending any money so I went on a paint search to the garage and found some Behr Ultra White that we used a couple of years ago.  It was almost a full gallon and it was perfectly sealed so I spent a bit of time stirring and shaking and it was just fine.  I ended up using that for both the walls and ceiling.  I also had some left over trim paint so I gave the base boards a new  life as well.

DIY Laundry Room

When it’s a small room, it’s hard to take pictures and give you the full meal deal all at once.  Here’s a picture entering from the inside hallway to the laundry room.

Window View

Not the greatest picture but you get the idea I  hope.  The yellow jar came from the dollar store.  I use it to put all the change I find in pants pockets.  The little bird on the right came from ACE.  I have several in a variety of colors and they are always moving from place to place both in my home and office at work.  I’m in love with birds and birdhouses.  Speaking of, if you want to know how I made the birdhouse stand that is sitting in the center of the window sill go here.

Here’s a few before pictures.

Before Collage

When I changed the paint colors I added a few new items as well.

NewNew Stuff Collage

I took the easy way out on the knobs.  I bought some plain wood ones at Michaels, then primed and spray painted them Rust Oleum’s copper color.  I used Gorilla glue to attach.  One of my favorite things is the curtain rod that I picked up at Home Depot.  It’s secured between the end of the cupboard and the wall and comes in handy when wet clothes need to be hung.  I also picked up 2 rugs from Home Goods.  If you want to read about my shopping experiences from their go here and here.

Plain White Container Polka Dot Container

I used painter pens to decorate an old white tin I had laying around.  Now it holds my “laundry stuff”.  I also jazzed up my laundry soap container.

Painter Pen Decor

I made the 3 day storage box below last year.  You can find the story here.   I’m using it to hold softener strips, clothespins and other miscellaneous items I don’t know what to do with.

3 Drawer Storage

Entry from the garage looks like this.


We’ve had the Australia picture for 20 years.  It’s actually a tea towel we picked up in Sydney when we were there.  The welcome sign was something my son made in high school wood shop.  I just painted it.  I also made the flower art.  Check out how simple that was  here.

How about you?  Have you updated your laundry room lately?


Organize X 3 – Paint Tips

Happy Wednesday and welcome back to…

Organize 3 Series Button

Today I wanted to share  3 “what to do with the paint after you paint tips”.

1.  Save the wood stir stick you use.   You’ve got the perfect paint sample just in case you need it for a resource.  In addition use a sharpie and write  pertinent info on the stick.  For examle,  what room the paint was used in or the color name.


2.  Paint part of a popsicle stick with your color and write pertinent info on these as well.  The popsicle sticks will fit nicely in your purse and are easy to grab so when your shopping you can match those pillows, sheets, curtains, etc.


3.  Do you ever find you need to touch up a wall and the paint can is sooooo far away in the garage?  Here’s what I did.   Grab some jelly jars, and labels.  Fill them with a small amount of the paint.  Keep in the house for those quick fixes.


There ya have it…


Do you have any good paint tips?


Kitchen & Family Room Wall Paint

Coming your way today to share the new wall colors we painted the Kitchen and Family room.  But first here’s a quick update on yesterdays post, my Sunday list.  Seven out of 9 complete, not bad plus I did some crafting which I’ll share sometime this week.

Sunday List

  • Take puppy for a walk COMPLETE
  • Fix the camera (I somehow have put it in lock mode and need to read directions)COMPLETE
  • Clean house COMPLETE
  • Laundry COMPLETE
  • Home Depot returns COMPLETE
  • Make Cabbage Patch Soup COMPLETE
  • Change the ink in the printer
  • Take bags to donation place
  • Work for work COMPLETE

Back to the Kitchen and Family room.  After we painted the wall behind the fireplace we knew we had to paint the rest of the walls.  After living with 5 or 6 colors on the walls for several weeks we came to a decision. We used Home Depot Behr paint with primer.  I’m a big fan. 

We decided to paint the wall behind the stove Tea Time and the rest of the walls a lighter color.  It was originally a Glidden color I think called Whispering Wheat.  I had my Home Depot  guys match the color and appropriately named it myself, Vanilla Latte.

Vases Branches 010

Here’s Tea Time on the one accent wall in the kitchen. (Excuse the bit of glare please)I had to include a pic of this cute plate I picked up at TJ Max for $5.00.

Vases Branches 006  Vases Branches 007

Here are some camera shots of Vanilla Latte which is the color of the remaining Kitchen and the Family room walls.   I’m quite happy with our choices.

Mix Vase Branches Bedroom 005    Mix Vase Branches Bedroom 006

Mix Vase Branches Bedroom 007   Vases Branches 008

I also wanted to do something with the light switch covers so I covered them with contact paper and I totally like it.  I could see myself going on a contact paper craze!

Mix Vase Branches Bedroom 014

Mix Vase Branches Bedroom 013  Mix Vase Branches Bedroom 011


latte Lattenene

Fireplace Wall Update

Hello, Hello!  After writing the 31 Days To Clutter Free series every day in October I took a little break yesterday and didn’t post a thing. But I’m bbbbback!

I was home alone the other day.  My hubby always says that’s dangerous because I start thinking too much and he never knows what he’ll fine when he gets home.  I decided it was time to start painting and my focus is the family room and kitchen.  I wanted to start with the wall the TV is mounted on, which is directly above the fireplace.

When we first moved into this house there was a alcove above the fireplace mantle where there was a nice picture hung.  Several years ago we bought a 3 square couch and that’s when we enclosed the alcove, made it a flat wall and bought a flat screen TV to hang there.  It was the same time we painted the family room and kitchen walls a light yellow and the wall behind the TV a light green.  The yellow has faded and I have never liked the green. 

Sooooo a few weeks ago I I got some black scrapbook paper and some blue painters tape and filled in the wall behind the TV with the paper.  I really liked it so I went to my closes Home Depot for some flat black, and I really like it.  When the TV is off it kind of fades into the wall.  The picture has some glare but I think you’ll see what I mean.  Here’s the before and after.

Fireplace Before-1

fireplace after-1

Can you notice the ugly yellow wall color.  That’s next.  I’ve been testing colors and the fall decorating is influencing me to those beautiful oranges and gold.  I’m on the edge thinking they would make much better accent colors.  The other factor I have to consider is my hubby is strongly opposed to painting the wood mantle or brick fireplace. 

Here are the paint colors.  What do you think?

Paint Colors

I know for sure the far left darker brown is out – looks like poop on the wall and I definitely do not want to be cooking and think about poop on the wall!  The 2 colors on the right I think I will use for seasonal accent colors.  So it’s down to 2.  The one on the left is Tea Time and the other is a Behr sample my Home Depot friends matched from a Glidden color.  I’ve named that one Vanilla Latte.  So which do you like, Tea Time or Vanilla Latte?


latte Lattenene

31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 9 – Reality

Today’s post, Day 9’s thought, is REALITY.  Although I had every intent to clean out the clothes closet in our bedroom yesterday, I did not.  In fact, I did nothing to organize yesterday.  It happens sometimes. 

Instead, I took on a small paint project and ran a bunch of errands.  I still however  have a good news story about organizing.  The last time we cleaned the garage I bought a 3 drawer Rubbermaid unit like this…

I decided to use it for paint supplies.  I’m not sure about you but  every time I paint I buy too many extras.  This drawer unit really helps me to store drop cloths, paint brushes, spackle, paint sticks, gloves, rollers, etc. etc. etc.  That way, when I get ready to paint I can quickly take inventory on what I need to buy.

The moral of this story is even though I didn’t get a closet cleaned out yesterday I was able to validate that my de-cluttering and organizing is slowly paying off! So don’t get down on yourself if you don’t move along as fast as you think you should in getting clutter free.  Even a little here and there pays off in the long run!

31 Day Button-3

I’m trying for the closet today.  TTYL,

latte Lattenene

Spare Room Project – Chair Revamp

Hi all or as my son would say since he’s spent the past 2 years in Orlando, Hi y’all! 🙂  I’m happy to share another project is complete for my guest/craft/reading/my room project.

For a quick reminder, my hubby’s Tommy Bahama shirt became my inspiration.

Shirt on Door-1 

A few weekends ago my neighbor gal was going to take a couple of old kitchen chairs to the Goodwill.  I said not only No but No No No!  I talked her in to the two of us spending a gal afternoon doing the DIY thing.  We primed, sanded and sprayed.  Rust Oleum, you are my hero!  My neighbor in crime painter her chair a moss green and I chose the aqua/turquoise color.

original cnair  IMAG0835

I still need to decide on a chair cushion but I gotta tell ya, it looks fab next to my white desk and bright yellow walls.

I’m getting excited to share the entire room, promise!  Soon, it will be soon.


latte Lattenene

Spare Room Project – Wall Accessories

I touched up the walls last night in the spare/guest/craft/my room but decided I would also paint the switch plates so waiting for those to dry.  For paint details, see  yesterdays post.

I’ve been contemplating what to hang on the walls.  I know whatever it is it needs to be personal to me and not some random piece. I am going through my picture stash for my favorites.  I also have garnered some ideas from Pinterest. That said, here are some of my thoughts.  It will take awhile to get it all done.  Oh and by the way, I really don’t know if I will incorporate all of this, but I really like all these ideas…

I love buttons.  Adorable, right?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to framing scrapbook paper.


Love, love, love this!

I know it’s not a wall item, but had to throw this great idea for a lampshade in ’cause it’s so dang cute.  I can just see it in the colors I’ve picked.

Another cute use for a frame.  Did I mention how long I’ve been picking up frames and how many are in my closet?

I love birds and I am totally, totally, totally in love with this dresser.  I have to think about this one.  I have a white dresser.  There’s got to be a stencil out there somewhere…..

So many ideas!  My brain hurts!  I will have to think about this in a bit.  What do you think?


latte Lattenene

Spare Room Project – Paint

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Our Northwest weather definitely turned this past couple days.  We saw the first rain for awhile and the wind is causing many leaves to fall from the trees.  Yesterday was the perfect weekend day to stay inside and paint the guest/craft/my room/etc.

After much thought I decided to go with something bright, Behr’s Chilled Lemonade.  Yep, I’ll have sunshine even on a grey day! Here’s the paint chip.

Paint Chip 

And here’s what it actually looks like.  I was worried it would be on the light side so I had them add 25 percent more color. I also, first time, purchased paint with the primer already built in.  It really went on the walls well.

Paint Can Open

No more boring walls!

Before Wall

I didn’t finish until last night so I’ll do a quick check for touch-ups tonight after work and then start putting the room back together.  Lot’s more projects to finish.


latte Lattenene

Color Wheels

I would like to start painting some of the walls in our hosue.  I’ve already done some.  My son’s bedroom is the perfect light shade of green.  And I think the walls in our den are my favorite.  Three of the walls are a rich deep almost gold color and one wall is dark gold, light gold and cream striped.  That wall was inspired by a pillow. 

I do have my kleenex box colors for inspiration (see previous posts).  However, I’ve gotten an itch to revist the color wheel. 

Does everyone remember which are the primary colors?  Yes, thats right; red, yellow and blue.

Secondary colors are  orange, green, and purple. You get these colors by mixing the primary colors. Example: red and blue = purple.

Then there are whats called tertiary colors which are made by mixing a primary color with a secondary color. The secondary color is always next to it. Examples are red-orange, orange-yellow, yellow-green.  I’m a visual so here is a wheel that is marked…

Let’s go one step further.  I did some research on different paint sites and now I know the following…..
A hue is the actual color with its qualities of yelowness and blueness. Intensity is the degree of purity, or saturation of the color.The more intense a color, the more of the pure color is added.
A tint is a color mixed with white. The more white in a color the lighter is the value of it.
A shade is a color mixed with black. The more black is added to the color, the darker is the color’s value.
A tone is color mixed with grey.

Colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel are called complementary.  Think  Christmas; red and green.

Neutral colors =  grey, white and black.    Beige and cream are also sometimers thought of as neutrals.

Warm colors – these are yellows, oranges and reds. They convey energy, and will induce a cozy feeling, having a warm psycological effect on us.

Cool colors – they are blues, greens and violet. The have a calming effect on us, and convey a relaxed mood. 

I found the chart below so this may help show what I just shared.

So I have to think about this for awhile, but I’ll be sure and share with you what paint colors I’ve picked as soon as I know myself.