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{DIY} Doodle Pen Holders

I was sitting at my desk in the woman cave today.  I turned on My Doodle Lamp and that gave me a little idea.  A 5 minute idea.  An idea that took all of a few minutes watching American Pickers.  I love that show by the way.  I have a couple of small white pots that I use for pens and highlighters and thought hmmm, why not doodle them.

5 Minutes + Black Painter Pen =

Free  Form Doodles!

doodles full pic

Like I said, they now match my doodle lamp.

010-2 013-1

Instead of white painter pen on black, I did black on white.

013 doodles 1

The fun and best part is there’s no pattern, you can just doodle, squiggle, circle to your hearts content.  Much better then plain white, right?

Doodle and white

doodles full pic

What silly moments gives you an idea?Sharing at Monday Funday.  Have a great day!


DIY–Spotted Vases

Happy Monday.  How was everyone’s weekend?  Ours was pretty low-key, but Thursday and Friday had a few “oh no’s” in them.  I’ll just be brief by saying I have a scary eye, I scratched it somehow and now it’s all red and we had our gutters cleaned and found out we have a hole in out roof.  We had a fairly good windstorm not too long ago and pulled a large branch from our second story.  There is already some water damage in the attic.  Thank goodness insurance covers it.  Now comes the fun part, getting a few bids.

Last week I told you about my get-together with my BFFs and the little journals and handmade bookmarks I gave each of them.    Kathy, Michele and Patty have also all had birthdays since the last time we were together and I made a little gift for each.


I got this idea from Cassie at Hi Sugarplum when she did a project on confetti bud vases.  She used small vases and toothpicks to add acrylic paint.  I took a bit if a different route.

I picked my 3 small vases at the Goodwill for $1.00 each.  I ran then through the dishwasher to ensure they were clean.  Using oil base sharpie painter pens I made dots on the glass.  I turned them upside down and started with the base first.  Once you’re happy how they look pop them in a 325 degree oven for 30 minutes.  Do not preheat the oven.  This process sets the paint.

Ready to Bake

I added some colored rock in a baggie tied up with a ribbon.

close up 1 close up2close up 3inside

Once again, inexpensive, but from my heart and I think they like them.  Have you made any little gifts lately?


DIY – Painter Pen Doodle Lamp Base, Pinterest Inspired

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  Heart hugs to each of you!  I’m continuing my quest to fulfill one of my New Year goals.  That is to execute on something I pin in Pinterest.  I swear, I’m addicted , obsessed and obsessed with Pinterest!  It’s like going grocery shopping when I’m hungry.  I can’t get enough.

I picked up this plain boring little lamp at Target on clearance months ago. Black base, off white shade, less than $10.00.  I shoved it in a closet and found it Sunday when I was looking for something else.  Here’s the before and after.010-1

I was inspired by a pic I pinned on Pinterest…

Pinned Image


It was so easy and fun to do. Plus I love the black and white.  BGH used a sharpie, I used a white painter pen.  The great thing is your doodles don’t have to be perfect/  I also added some rows of black ribbon to the lampshade.  Here’s some before and after pics.

003-1 006-1

007-1 008-1

013-1 012-1


It literally took minutes and I love love love it!  Have you done any simple crafts lately?


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