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Closet Attack

Here’s my story…  My father passed away when I was pregnant with my son.   My mother-in-law passed away when he was 3 years old.  I never knew my father-in-law, he died many years ago when my hubby was a young boy.  Fast forward ……my son is now 19 and between birth and now he has been involved in many things, we’ve gone on many vacations.  In the last 6 years my Aunt (my mom was the next of kin) passed away, then my mom passed away.

Why am I sharing all of this?  Because as a result of all these occurrences and being the only girl with two brothers,  my spare room closet, the chest of drawers and every other nook and cranny I can find, is full of loose photos, scrapbooks, cards, letters, certificates, awards, matchbooks, etc. etc. etc.  I think you get the picture.

It all was out of sight, out of mind and then my hubby asked me if I knew where something was.  That caused me to take everything out of the closet, out of the chest of drawers, out of every nook and cranny….

014 015

017  020

016 018

Pictures say a thousand words, right?  HA! That’s a pun.  Oh, by the way, I’m also on a quest to remake this room into a guest/craft room.  Sorry for sidetracking, but you must remember I’m a bit sporadic and random. 

Back to the pictures.  I am determined and I think it’s important to share memories.  I’ve now sorted most of the pictures  into categories and now I am sorting one group at a time.  Along the way I purchased two memory boxes that look like this…


I labeled one box with my Mom and Dad’s name and the other with my husband’s parents names.  As I am sorting through things I am filling the boxes.  I am creating memories for my son to share with future generations.  Some if the items In my parents box is my mom’s nurse pins, cards, the programs from both my parents funerals, letters from my mom to dad when they were dating, a paperweight I gave my Dad when I was 10 and so on.  My mother-in-law was a crafty person so I’ve kept sewing items, her wallet,cards and letters, labels with her name on them.  My father-in-law who I never knew was a fisherman so there are fish hooks, labels from when they canned salmon, stationary from the print shop he worked at.  I’ve labeled the boxes and there now stored on the closet shelf.

Blog Pics - Closet Organization 069

As I continue to sort through all of this I’ll continue to build boxes of memories that will create a story for my son and his children and their children…..

I’ll keep you posted how it’s going,