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Spare Room Project – Wall Art / Picture Placement

Mornin!  I’m almost done completing my Spare Room Project, aka craft/guest/reading/my hangout.  I have one blank wall that I would really like to make pop with pictures that are meaningful to me (family, places I’ve been, special moments in time, things I love) and maybe a few created art projects created by me. I actually shared some ideas in a previous post earlier this week.

When it comes to placing all of this on a wall I very often need a visual.  I am always having to think and learn about scale.  Below are some different layouts I really like.  Once again, thank you Pinterest for giving me something to think about…

Love the black and white against the bold color and especially the outline of black.  OMG, do I need to do some additional painting?

love this corner wall, oooooo la la!!!  The color is yummy with the black contrast

frames are different sizes, widths, colors, but it all blends nicely, doesn’t;t it?

@ nesting place

Same shape, variation in size and pattern, shades and depth of same color

Ready-made ceiling rosettes with spray paint. Inexpensive wall art for a guest bedroom? cute

What a great idea – could do something like this with ribbon…

Pops of bright color = the matting is outstanding!


Hmmmm, me likey.  My yellow walls, my colors (yellow, turquoise, black, white), different shapes, a little bit random, just like me!  A mix of color, shapes, sizes but still goes together.  This could be the ticket!  But then again maybe not.

I think I need to do a layout on the floor before I start putting nails into my new beautiful yellow walls.  Stay tuned!


latte Lattenene

Same Picture – Frame Color Redo

I have this really great print.  It’s a limited edition by a Washington artist named Violet Skiles.  it was a present from my mother-in-law over 20 years ago.  It’s been in my son’s bathroom for the last 10 and I’ve always said “I need to do something with that frame.

002 Have paint spray will travel and it’s traveling through my house!  For this project I used Rust Oleum Primer and Apple Red Gloss.

003 I probably should of sanded the wood first, but didn’t.  And I put 2 coats of red on, was a little impatient waiting for it to dry, and it bubbled a bit.  So…..since I’m making my own rules and really don’t know what I’m doing, I took some sandpaper and did a little distressing.  Then I took a gold painters pen and accented the frame by highlighting the grooves.  Finishing touch was a gloss spray to seal it.

Lesson to self:  Do not ever again force a piece of glass back into a picture frame.  It will break.  I’m lucky I had an extra piece of glass hanging around.

I actually think it turned out pretty good and I’m happy with the end result.  What do you think? (ignore the reflection….sorry, bad photo day)

012 How about a side by side for a true comparison?

002 012

I’m linking this post to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps On The Porch



Yep, I like it! 

latte Lattenene

Wall Art

I was browsing through my Flea Market Style magazine this morning.  I picked up on a few ideas, but got really excited when I looked at the magazine’s back cover.  It was an advertisement for a company called Wall Words which sells rub-on vinyl transfers for your walls.  The nice thing about these vs. wallpaper is you can put them up and take them down as you choose with no harm to your wall.  Wall Words has everything; quotes, flowers, animals, trees.  They even can take your own photos and create wall art.   The colors you can choose from lets you be really creative, anything from metallic gold to sapphire blue.   With some of the designs there is the option to choose an etched glass look so voila, you can change the look of your windows.  There are three to four sizes to choose from.  What could be easier?

My mind is going WOW, what do I want to get and where do I want to put it? Here are a few of my favorites…..

This is called Birds On A Tree.  Four sizes to chooses from.  Two colors to choose from.  The first color is the tree and the birds and the second color is the leaves. This would be beautiful in any room where the sun always shines.

This is called Bless This Home.  It also comes in Autumn colors.  This would be wonderful in an entry way.

With the  Photo Tree, you can choose your colors.  It comes with vinyl picture frames and vinyl strings.  Pic frame sizes vary or if you want, you can use your own frames.  I just like that you can share your family tree or favorite photos.  Great for a family room!

This Dandelion image is one of my favorites and would take care of a small corner wall where some color is needed but there isn’t room to put any furniture.

Here’s the link to the website.  The advertisement says if you enter code 315103 when you order you’ll get a 20% discount.  I’ve also added the link in my category list under Decorating so it is always easily accessible to you.




Oh, one more thing.  This has nothing to do with wall art, but my son is playing in a college tournament today.  Good luck son!  Love mom ❤