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DIY – July 4 Placemats

I picked up some contact paper and shelf paper at the Dollar store a couple of weeks ago.  The two papers combined made four of the cutest July 4 placements.


This is a five minute project.  I used 2 rolls of shelf liner, one red checked and one blue checked plus two rolls of clear contact paper.  Each roll was $1.00 at the Dollar store.  Cut the shelf paper to the size you want your placemat, and the contact paper about 2 inches bigger than the shelf liner on each side.

Tools cut piece

Peal off the back of the contact paper and lay flat on a table.  Place and smooth the shelf liner on top.  Add second piece of contact paper to top.  Use pinking shears to trim the contact paper to I inch.

Full Blue

close up

Blue 3

Red Pic 2

Red - full with setting

I’ve used this method for many years with kids coloring projects, Christmas or birthday wrapping paper, and scrapbook paper.  The possibilities are endless.

My project gallery has some other ideas for July 4 decorations.  Check it out to make these.

DIY Centerpiece


Have fun!


Winter Place Setting

Happy first day of 2013!  What a perfect day for taking down the Christmas decorations, sports and a little food!

Snowman Place Setting 1

I’ve had the plates, glasses and placemats forever and they come out of storage around this time every year!

Snowflake Place Setting

I picked up the plastic snowflakes at the Dollar Store.  I think they make a cute charger that’s fitting for the season.

Snowman Place Setting 5

Snowman Place Setting 4

Snowman Place Setting 3

Snowman Place Settimg 2

Snowman Place Setting 1

Do you have special place settings for the cold wintery mornings?  Have a relaxing day with family.