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Adding Ribbon to Shelves

Happy Monday everyone!  The Northwest is adhering to the saying April Showers brings May flowers.  The weather was so sporadic this past weekend. First it was pouring rain and then the sun came out.  Too wet to work in the yard so it was a definite putter-around-the-house weekend.

Speaking of puttering, I’ve been changing things up in what used to be called the craft/reading/guest room.  Now I just call it the Woman Cave.  I’ve  been reorganizing, adding and deleting, making minor changes  only.

I have two white shelves on the wall above my desk area.  When I put them up about a year ago  I hung them so they were tiered.  I got this brainiac  idea this past week to put the bottom shelf directly below the top shelf.  Let’s just say I’ll be doing a post sometime soon on how to patch a hole in the wall.  Yep, the screw did not want to come out.

Once I re-positioned the  shelf I minimized the amount of items I had on them.  But they still needed some pizazz so using double back tape I added some ribbon to trim the edges.

Full Pic 1

Much better than this, right?  Here’s the before and after.

Before Full Pic 1

I’ve always loved black and white together.

Close up 1 close up 2

Another quick and simple change.  Have you done this before?  For other ideas see my For the Love of Ribbon.


5 Minute Lamp Shade Update

I’m back and if you’re reading this, thanks for coming back to my blog!  I needed a little craft fix this afternoon.  It’s a way for me to relax after a crazy day at work.   I’ve been thinking for a while about giving my 2 living room lamps a little update.  I’m still trying to convince my hubby that if I paint the lamp bases it will be okay.  In the interim, I thought I would add a bit too the lamp shades.   This quick project took me 10 minutes.  I know this because I did it while I was searing some pork chops for dinner.


I found some ribbon in my stash.  This full basket is a result of too many trips to Michaels and the big bin of ribbon that’s always priced for $1.00 each.  It sucks me in every time.


I simply took the ribbon and taped it to the inside of the  seam and wrapped it around the entire shade.  I used scotch tape so I can remove it anytime.  Here’s the before and after.  It’s subtle, but just enough effective.  I like it.

Before After

After w light

I’ve only used ribbon on a lampshade once before and that was with my doodle lamp.  Have you ever used ribbon to update a shade?



Ribbon Tape Decorated Pots

Here’s the question.  What would you do with $20.00, a rainy bleak and dreary day, and a craft store coupon?  Head to Michaels, right?  And that’s what I did.  I decided I needed to add a bit color to my family room bookshelf.

Michaels doesn’t carry washi tape per say.  They call it ribbon tape so I picked some up using my 40% off regular price coupon.  I also picked up 2 faux herb pots. (Sorry about the pic.  Cell phone + gray day is not a good combo).

2 Before


I first tried to surround one of the pots with some small square mirrors I already had.  I used gorilla glue to adhere them to the four sides.  It was a total bomb.  The shape of the pot wasn’t square so there were big gaps in between the mirrors . It looked totally ugly and because the glue is so good, I tried, but the mirrors were there to stay.  Ribbon tape to the rescue.  I just covered the mirrors with it.  I used 2 different tapes for each pot and here’s how they turned out.

2 together


Pink 1

Pink 2 Pink 4

Black 1

Black 2 Black 3

The total cost was approximately $16.00.  That’s not counting the mirrors that I already had and wasted. I guess that’s not too bad when you need to add a bit of brightness on a gray rainy day in Seattle.

Do you ever just get the urge to just make something?  Do you normally have all your “ingredients” or do you need to run to the store?

Happy Monday!