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DIY–A Letter, Buttons & Shadow Box, Oh My!

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend.  Mine wasn’t anything special, but I sure enjoyed it.  We found a new off leash dog park along with some great trails in our local area.  Divot had a grand time running and exploring new territory.   I managed to stay ahead of the housework all week by picking up each day so there wasn’t too much mess to clean up.  I also had time to peruse through a stack of  magazines and complete a DIY project.

I think I mentioned in some previous post that my neighbor is in the framing business and being the generous guy he is, always gives me his old samples.  That can be both a good thing and a bad thing.  I have lots of frames!  And like I said, I’ve been working on this project…


Here’s the how-to…

The Frame

The shadow box frame was originally gold.  I painted it white and told you about it in a Valentine post  last February.  I recently decided to use Rustoleum glossy black and spray painted it.  Yesterday I grabbed a tube of  Rub-n-Buff gold leaf and highlighted the flowery scroll.  I backed the frame with a large piece of white scrapbook paper.

White FrameBlack Frame w gold

The Letter

I picked up the wood letter M at Michaels several months back.  It came in one color, white.  I spray painted in black the same time as the frame.  Then I used the silver Rub-n-Buff to outline the sides and I also decided to outline the top.  As you can see my finger wasn’t totally accurate.

Beginner MWith Silver

And this my friends is how I got to the point of adding buttons.  I used hot glue and burned the heck out of both my thumbs by the way and have the blisters to prove it .  Ouch!

Button M

I used gorilla glue to secure the letter to the shadow box back and voila…. Those mirrors are a part of a set of 8 of varied sizes.  I bought them many years ago at a fabric store and never took them out of the box.  I discovered them not too long ago.  You also saw them in my post on my updated livingroom.

The Wall

It fills a small wall in the living room and I’m absolutely lovin it.  I hope you do it.  It was the perfect project for a Sunday afternoon, especially since I had everything and didn’t have to buy a thing!



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