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DIY – Painted Pinecones, Pinterest Inspired

Today I’m talking pinecones.  I saw theses beautiful pastel colored ones not too long ago when surfing Pinterest.  In fact, I pinned the idea to my DIY and Craft Inspired board.



Back in early summer I posted about our trip to some Oregon golf courses and my obsessive determination to pick up and bring home every pinecone that had fallen from the Ponderosa Pines.  i’m talking huge and gorgeous pinecones.  Read about that here.

138 139

So I grabbed some Ponderosa pinecones and some smaller ones saved from my neighborhood walks and some Rustoleum’s gold, turquoise and light blue spray paint.  Here’s what I ended up with.  They look so pretty in my newly painted living room (yes, post still coming).

Spray Paint Pinecones 2

Spray Paint Pinecones 1


What about you?  Have you decorated with pinecones?  Happy Wednesday!


DIY – Glossy Black Side Table

How’s everyone?  It’s hump day.  That always puts a smile on my face.  I stopped at a garage sale not too longs ago.  I scored 5 pillows, a wood tray and a mall table meant for the outdoors.  I needed a small table next to my chair in the living room and I decided this little gem would be perfect.

Before-After Collage

I picked the table up for $4.00 at a garage sale.  That cost plus a can of Rustoleum Glossy Black and it’s looking great as a side table .  The scrolls and petals are so finely molded and I’m really happy I went with a dark color.

Close Up 1 Close Up 4

close up7 Close Up 5

Side Table After 1 Close up 8

close up7

To give the table top some stability I added a reversible tray liner I made previously and covered that with plexiglass cut to fit.

Have you been doing any spray painting lately?


** I’ve changed my blog name to Lattenene Chat. If you do an internet search you will still find posts from it’s previous name, Lattenenes Cup of Chat.

Painting A Welcome Sign

The time is going way to fast.  The weather has just recently started to become a enter the hold pattern of sunny days and that makes me ever so happy.  The last couple of weeks I’ve been updating the laundry room; paint, new rugs, organize cupboards, etc.  I’m hoping to share it in it’s finished stage later this week.

A laundry rooms should be happy, right?  After all, how much do we ladies spend in there?  Since young son left for college I do much less wash and clothes folding.  We almost always  but we normally enter and leave through the garage and so does everyone else.   I decided to fill the walls  with bright and cheery items and only if they make me smile.  Like this:

1-Welcome Sign Painted Letters 2012-08-12

My son, the senior-to-be in college,  took a wood shop class in in his junior year of high school.  One of his projects was a welcome sign.  He took a piece of wood and sanded it down in areas on the board so the letters were raised.  It’s not accurate, the letters are thin in some places, thick in others.  Some of the letters are a bit crooked.  That’s what I love about this sign.  It has character.  It looked like this in the beginning:

Welcome Before

I used white primer and gloss white spray paint from Rustoleum to make it all white.  Then I grabbed my jar full of painter pens.  I made each letter a different color and pattern.  For instance, the W is filled with Xs and the O is full of circles.  I thought about making every letter solid and who knows I may change it later, but for know I really like it.  I’m excited to hang it on the wall.

Welcome Sign Painted Letters 2012-08-12

I love projects that are simple and quick and have a memory.  What about you?  Do you have projects or crafts that you’ve done that fit this description?


Pinterest Inspired Valentine Wreath

On of my  2012 goals was to “Put Pinterest to Use by taking one idea a month from it and executing on it”.  I’m happy to say I made my goal for the first month. 

During the holidays I pinned this cute wreath made with a wood frame on to my Pinterest Christmas board.

Pinned Image

Here’s my take for Valentines Day.



I had an old gold frame that I sprayed with Rustoleum gloss white.  Add some Valentines ribbon and a few hearts from Joann’s and you’ve got yourself a lovely wall hanging.

Here’s one last side by side.

Pinned Image 069-1


Organize X 3 – Decorated Cardboard Storage

Welcome to the first article for my new once a week series, Organize X 3!

Organize 3 Series Button

This series will post to Lattnenes Cup of Chat and I am planning to share 3 items on organizing tips every Wednesday.  Today I thought I would focus on creating desk storage on the cheap and cute, may I add.


The 3 tips aka items to use and I guarantee will become your best friend are colored duct tape, spray paint and clips.  Here we go…lets talk about the numbered items in this picture.


I.  Magazine holders, not too sure about the technical term so sorry.  I had this ugly cardboard one so I used 3 different types of duct tape to cover; black, black and white checked and turquoise.

002-1 033-1

Pretty amazing, right?  I  also have 6 brown wicker type magazine holders and I spray painted one with Rust Oleum’s Black gloss.  It turned out great.  I’ll be in the garage spray painting 5 others soon.

035-1 030-1

2.  I found this pen/pencil holder in a box of old stationary supplies and decided it needed some ramping up so duct tape to the rescue.

002-2 017-1

3.  This is my favorite.  I had a bunch of cardboard lids from boxes and they were the perfect size for file trays.  I used two different colors of duct tape.

036-1 028

You can pretty much make anything look good with a little bit of time, spray paint and duct tape. Here’s a few more pics.

026-1 025-1


I haven’t tagged my new storage pieces yet, but when I do I’ll tag them the same way I did the containers in my Linen Closet.  In stead of using stickers that stick I made mine from heavy cardstock and used clips to attach. This will give some flexibility to change your mind if you choose.  This is from my 31 day clutter series.  I used cardboard boxes here covered with contact paper and trimmed in duct tape.


There you have it.  Do you use duct tape and spray paint to create storage pieces?


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Drab To Fab Vase

Hi Everyone!  I’ve gotten in this habit of checking out the clearance aisle of several stores each week and it’s paying off.  My 10 minute stops include Marshalls, TJ Max and Ross.  Last week I picked up this ugly brown stripe hard plastic vase at Marshalls for $3.50.

Mix Vase Branches Bedroom 002

I sprayed it with Rust Oleum’s primer for plastic , followed by a couple of coats of Rustoleum Heirloom White.  Here comes the fun part.  My husband worked clearing the gulley last week so I had lots of new branches to play with.  I sprayed a few white….love this.  Here’s the Before and After.

Mix Vase Branches Bedroom 002-1 Vases Front Porch Update Updated 008-1

Nice transformation, right?  These pics were taken in my son’s bedroom who’s away at college.  I also took some of the vase and branches in my recently updated Spare Room.

Vases Front Porch Update Updated 009  Vases Front Porch Update Updated 012

Vases Branches 001 Vases Branches 002 Vases Branches 003

I can’t wait until it gets closer to the holidays and hang some ornaments on my new little creation!  I might even hang a few on the branch creation in the living room.

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Fall Walk – Being Creative with Tree Branches

Hi there!  Yes, I said tree branches.  They’ve been on my mind for awhile.  My hubby thinks I’m a little out there, if ya know what I mean.  I wanted to use them to create something ever since I was in Florida last August and went to my very first HomeGoods store.  That’s when I saw and fell in love with this.


Beautiful, isn’t it?  Then, Kate from Centsational Girl shared an Autumn Accent post recently.  Kate was out and about and “spotted that cool moss covered nine foot tall branch at a local shop specializing in second hand midcentury decor”.  See for yourself – I fell in love with this branch.  I just thought it looked so cool.

autumn living room cg

So…..this morning when hubby, puppy and I went on our walk down along the park I picked up some branches and then when we got back home I picked up more in the greenbelt next to our house.  I know they aren’t huge and there’s multiple limbs, but I just thought I’d play around with them and see what would happen.

Fall Wreaths and Branches 001

I sprayed them randomly with Rust Oleum satin white and metal gold, not wanting to entirely cover the naturalness of the branches.  Then I put them in a tall green glass vase I had and put the vase behind the living room loveseat.  I will say it’s not the perfect container, but I really like the look of the branches. In fact, after I was done I found more branches, bigger and better which are now sitting on the side of my house.  I’m thinking this project could morph to something else.  For today though, I’m pleased as punch about the look.  What cha think?

31 Days Day 2 006 31 Days Day 2 005

31 Days Day 2 007 

Thanks Kate and HomeGoods for the inspiration!

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Spare Room Project – Bulletin Board + Cost Breakdown

I’m so glad to have the spare room done.  As I mentioned yesterday I really wanted a room where I could craft and be inspired or take a quiet moment to read or maybe a little catnap :-).  It also had to be a place where if needed, someone could sleep. I’ve just been walking in there and standing and grinning.  It’s a good feeling to have a vision and then accomplish it.

I wanted to give ya the scoop on one of the projects that you saw in the room.  Saturday night puppy Divot woke me up at 1:30 a.m.  Then I couldn’t go back to sleep.  After I tossed and turned, hate that by the way, I decided I would just decorate an old bulletin board.  I know! 1:30 in the morning and I’m doing what?

I guarantee you could do this and it doesn’t have to be the middle of the night.  I also will say right up front this is not the fanciest job and I’m sure I didn’t do it the way you’re supposed to.  But at 1:30 in the morning anything looks good and then I was too tired to change it and now its kind of grown on me.

What you need: bulletin board, scrapbook paper, ribbon, pushpins. Fit the paper onto the board.  I didn’t even cut it. Then take your ribbon and outline the 4 sides and then start laying the ribbon diagonally, creating crisscrosses. I ran out of turquoise ribbon so I just used a different color. Use pushpins to hold ribbon in place.

Bulletin Board 001-2 Bulletin Board 002

Bulletin Board 003  The Final Product…

Craft Room 040

That be it.  Pretty simple!

In yesterday’s post I also promised a cost down of what I spent.

$60.00 – Home Depot Behr Paint + Primer in one

$12.00 – Rust Oleum Spray Paint, Home Depot and Ace

$ 4.00 – Birds, Ace, 50% off

$30,00 – Pillows (3) TJ Max

$12.00 – Blanket Throw, TJ Max

$16.00 – Picture, TJ Max

$15.00 – Turquoise cube

$10.00 – Picture Frames, Ribbon, mattes, Dollar store

$158.00 TOTAL

Now I can get on with my Fall decorating!


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Spare Room Project – Finally Complete!

Hi all!  I’m so excited to share that the spare room project, aka craft/guest/reading /my room is finally complete.  Well, complete for now.  There’s still a few things I’d like to do, but they can wait.

When I began this project in early September I gave myself some guiding rules. For full post, (read here).  See below how I did.

  1. Use items already in my house; Move, repurpose furniture, be creative. Yes
  2. It has to provide bedding where at least one person could sleep. Yes
  3. Must be functional. I need to comfortably be able to craft and read. Yes
  4. Divot needs to have a place to sit by the window and look outside. Yes
  5. Get out of my green comfort zone. Yes
  6. Spend minimal dollars. Yes

I moved a love seat/sofa bed and ottoman into the room from our loft.  Since it’s a deep blue/green color that helped me decide my colors which came from my hubby’s Tommy Bahama shirt.

Shirt on Door Okay, without further ado, ta ta da da!!!!!  Here are some side by side before and after pictures.

Rm with Green Chair-2 Craft Room 003-1

Craft Cabinet-1 Craft Room 021-2

corner old-1 Craft Room 046-2

The detailed breakdown….

Paint by Behr.  It’s the first time I’ve used paint with primer built in and I liked it.  I love the bright yellow and I definitely moved away form the green zone I was in.  Pillows and black throw blanket from TJ Max.  Black and white magazine holder from Michaels that I bought six months ago.  Oh, and check complete on the location because as you can see Divot can still look out the window!

037-2 This corner of the room is my favorite area and really says me.  My goal was to make it personal and I think I did.  The storage cubes were from Michaels bought several years ago.  I had a dozen of them and I took them apart (see before picture above) and created two separate areas for them.

Craft Room 021-1 I had an old bulletin board and when I couldn’t sleep Saturday night I created this look, which I’ll share in a post later this week.  Everything on this back  wall I either already had, it was given to me or I used my computer to print.  Here’s my previous post on the the chair makeover.  I am still looking for a plain black chair cushion.  A friend gave me the  had a green polka dot shade which I spray painted.  Da ua love my jar of buttons.  I do!!  The jar came filled with  peanut brittle and was a Christmas gift from a friend.  The little wood carved bird came from ACE for $1.50.

Craft Room 023-1 Craft Room 024 Craft Room 026

My button wall art  inspiration Pinterest.

Craft Room 036-2

I repainted a mirror I already had, see here.  The 3 frames came  from the dollar store.  I framed scrapbook paper. fill.  The picture above the cubes is from TJ Max.  An old round black garbage container is holding all my cellophane wrap I use to make candy bouquets.  I also gave the dresser pulls a coat of Rust Olem Black Hammered spray.

Craft Room 046-1

I apologize for the glare on these  pictures.   My friend took these fabulous pictures of sunflowers and used my home printer to make copies.  I’ve had the frames stored in the closet for at least 10 years.  No laughing!Craft Room 008

Total cost at the end of the day including paint cost was approximately $140.00.  I’ll break it down in another post.  I feel pretty good at meeting my minimal cost rule.  Future purchases incluse  a better mattress and bedding for the fold out bed.

Over all I’m happy with it.  My hubby told me it was definitely a female room so I know I succeeded in what I started out to do.  Please let me know what you think.


latte Lattenene

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Spare Room Project – Shelf + TJ Max

Happy Friday everyone!!  Yay!  I do love the weekends.

I’m still working on the spare room, aka craft/guest/reading/my room.  Hopefully it will be done by the time I go back to work on Monday.  After all, it’s Fall and that means let the decorating and yard cleanup begin.

I finished another project and did not spend any additional dollars to complete as I had everything on hand.  I had an old, dirty, but cute shelf sitting in the corner of the garage just waiting to be painted.  Once again, Rust Oleum to the rescue.  It was a simple fix and it will look great on one of the smaller corner walls.  And how my goodness, the white will pop so well against the yellow walls.

White Shelf  042

Here are a couple of pics, not the best, but wanted you to have a closer peek at some of the scrolled edges.  I think its so pretty.

043 047-1

I also am still contemplating what to do with the white dresser.  It’s not solid wood and I used it in my son’s nursery and he’s 20 now.  I’ve thought about painting, stenciling, using rub-ons, contact paper or wall art stickers.  It’s not in to bad of shape so I may keep as is until I can 100% decide in my head what I want to do.  In the interim I’ve spray painted the drawer pulls to a metal black.  Much better, don’t ya think?


Lastly, made a quick stop at TJ Max yesterday on the way home from work.  By the way, L.O.V.E. that store.  Spent very little money for 3 pillows, and a throw blanket.  I think there all pretty special and compliment the loveseat and walls.


Big heart for the pillow in the middle.  Every room needs something really girly.


One more thing about the pic above.  I used one of the features in piknick to get the white matte/black frame look.  I’m going to print out and if it looks good I won’t have to by mattes for the picture frames!

I also picked up a couple of more items while I was at TJ Max.  They fall into the “just have to have because” category.  I know I said I wasn’t  going to buy any items for the walls.  My goal was and stii is to use what I already have and/or create art for the walls but…..this picture was only $12.00 and I think it will be perfect.


I mentioned an additional 2 purchased items, didn’t I?  Here’s the really big splurge.  Fell in love with it and hey, the lid comes off so I can store stuff!


Hey, I think it’s your first glimpse at the yellow walls.  Pretty bright!  It makes me feel like sunshine.  So what do you think?


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