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{DIY} Ombre Painted Wood Stand

I’m not quite sure what to call this little project outcome.  I found this piece of wood on the curb at least a couple of months back.  Yep, a freebie.  I brought it home and put it in the garage to store for a rainy day.  I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with it.

The inspiration came a few days ago when I was tidying up my 62 cans of spray paint.  I’ve been wanting to try the ombre look so I freehanded it.


It went from plain to perfect in seconds thanks to Rustoleum moss green, green apple and strawflower, all in satin.

before ombre stand after

I started with the darker moss green spraying lightly left to right.  I then added the green apple followed by the strawflower yellow.  It took me a couple of times to get it to my liking.   I’m thinking someone made this to be an outside plant stand or maybe it’s the beginning of a trivet? What do you think?

For now, I’m using it for a base for some flowers I just picked from my yard.

side view

close up

Top View with Border


Happy Wednesday!


This Little Piggy {Bank} Got A Makeover

My child is grown and grand children are a ways away so I had a personal chuckle about making over a piggy bank!

Titled Piggy Bank

My neighbor’s daughter, who is entering her sophomore year of college, is home for the summer.  She’s cleaning out her closet and gave me this piggy bank that needed some TLC.

Before and After

I spray painted it all gold and then I decided to give it to a co-worker for her grand daughter.  So I spray painted it white and added some large gold dots to make it a bit more kiddish.  I covered the nose with scrapbook paper to hide a crack, hot glued some buttons on the snout, ears and eyes, and then decided it was one cute pig!

side view

spot closeup tail


I’d have so much fun saving coin if I had this bank!  Did you have a piggy bank growing up?  Do your children?

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Bronze Leaf Candle Holders {Thanks Rustoleum}

How was your weekend?  The weather here in the Northwest continues to spoil us.  Every summer about this time I wish I had air conditioning and every winter I decide it’s only hot enough for air conditioning a couple of days each summer and I don’t make the call to install.  Today was one of the days I wished I had it.  Our backyard gets the afternoon sun and our family room, kitchen and bedroom get so hot.  I barbequed , then we took our meal  to the hill where it was cool with a little breeze.  Grilled chicken and roasted vegetables.  Yum, right?

roasted veggies

Okay, back to the project of the day.  A few garage sales ago I found a pair of candle holders for a couple of dollars, but I wasn’t too crazy about the color.  It was a dark greenish black.  Do you know what I mean?  I spray painted them with Rustoleum gray, but that didn’t float my boat.  They felt bland and boring.  Thank goodness anything cam be changed with a little paint more than once!  And that’s what I did. I have to admit though, I didn’t have any Rustoleum so I grabbed a can Ace’s metallic brand.  It’s okay for now.

1 2 3

I’m sure the location will change, but for now I added them to my entry way table.


one holder  close up

Have you painted anything lately, only to change your mind?

It’s Another DIY Chair!

I’ve been on a DIY chair kick lately.  I tell my husband it’s because I’m trying to perfect my painting furniture skills.  The truth is I see these little gems for a couple of dollars and I just think it’s fun to fix them up.

After I updated this chair from the Goodwill I found another chair at a garage sale for $4.00.  I decided to bring it home, give it some TLC, and sprayed it using the same color as the chair mentioned above.  It’s Rustoleum’s Strawflower.

Before and After Titled

I put it in the entry way with my small gold dresser that I bought at Marshalls years ago.  Then I added a throw and a pillow.  Love it!

View 1

Full corner View 3

View 2

Below are both the chairs that I’ve redone in the strawflower yellow.  Maybe I should go on the hunt for 2 more mismatched chairs and then I’d have a set of 4.

After 1  Pic 1 with Pillow

Do you love this color as much as I do?  Should I find two more?  Have you updated any chairs lately?

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Have an awesome day!

Stripe an Outside Tray

Been a while.  The job that pays me money has been very busy lately.  Between that and spring chores I’ve been away from blogging.  But that didn’t stop me from grabbing a spray paint can and getting a few things done.

Stripe a Tray

My husband calls me a tray hoarder.  I love them; so versatile, colorful.  What can I say?  I am a bit obsessive.  This  tray was originally a moss green color inside and out when I first picked it up at the store last summer on a clearance price.  Then I sprayed it all white.  Now it’s back to green on the outside and white on the inside.  I was inspired by my bench pillows on my front porch so using frog tape several times I added some green and orange stripes.

Pillow match Full pic

It’s the perfect tray to hold a little afternoon snack, a pick-me-up after a long day.

Tray 2

Tray 1

Tray 3

Happy Friday!

DIY–Updated Table Stand

Over the weekend in the warm sunshine I was finally able to work on a $4.99 night table that I purchased at the Goodwill a couple months ago.  DIY Table Stand

I’ve been slowly practicing redoing anything wood or laminate.  I want to makeover a hope chest I gave to mom years ago and it came back to me when she passed.  I also have my eye on a dresser my hubby has had since childhood that’s in our closet.  My updates are simple, like this chair or  this three-drawer side table .  This really is meant to be a night stand but I’m not sure if that’s how I will use it.  If I’m true to my mantra, it will travel around the house for a while until I find the perfect spot.

before and after

I cleaned the wood up with a bit of simple green, sanded a bit, then primed it with a couple of coats of oil based primer.  The inside and the drawer accents is Rustoleum slate blue satin and the outside is gloss white the same brand.  I used the same hardware and just zapped it with some gold spray.

Right now this cute piece is against the wall in a corner of my dining room until I make a decision to where it goes.  I’m sure that will mean a domino effect of movement for othr furniture in my house.  Does that ever happen with you?  Here’s a bunch of pics.

After Full Pic 1  sideview

close up top  close up 2 bottom

I found this beautiful box on a trip to TJ Max recently and the star fish I found at the beach and spray painted using a metallic silver.  I found the gallery vase at Goodwill for $3.99.  The white bowl I purchased from Hobby Lobby and  the plate from Home Goods.

box and starfish

box and vase 1  vase

DIY Table Stand

There you have it.  I’m joining Wow Us Wednesday, Show Me What Ya Got.  Go check them out for some great ideas.


{Mapping} A Thrift Store Frame

I’m pleased as punch to be sharing with you today one of my most favorite DIYs I’ve done thus far.  It’s just been the last six months or so that I’ve started to redo thrift store items; wood trays, a chair, bathroom make-up dresser.

Let me say it again.  This is my fav!

1 2 3 Collage

I picked this cherry wood frame up for $3.99 at the Goowill awhile back.  It was pretty awful so I sanded it some, filled in the holes with wood filler, sanded again, primed with Zinnser oil based primer and then spray painted it a glossy white by Rustoleum.  I also put a sealer on it just to protect it.  This entire process took me about a week because I just had a small amount of time everyday to work on it.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it once it was done so it sat for a couple of days.  I thought about styling it with multiple multiple pictures and ruled that out, too messy for me.  Then I was headed in the direction of blowing up one of my flower pictures to poster size when I remembered the world atlas I had .  I picked up a 1967 book of maps at the Goodwill  not too long ago.   I used a scalpel to remove the binding so the pages would stay in tact and  decided I liked one of the Atlantic Ocean because of the baby blue and yellow color.

The inside of the picture frame was 12 x 18.  I didn’t have any glass and didn’t want to buy any.  I did have a foam board from the Dollar Store which I cut to size, then sprayed adhesive spray to adhere the map to the foam board.  It fit nice and snug in the 12 x 18 middle square.  I’m okay not using glass.  And  I can change the picture anytime I want using another foam board.

Full view 2 close up 4

close up 3

close up 2

close up 1

Full View 1

Now I just have to decide where to hang it.  Every time I choose a spot I change my mind.  When I figure it out I’ll let you know.  Have you framed maps before?

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DIY–Tray Love

Tip me over, I’ve found some more trays at the Goodwill.  My hubby told me by end of summer I’ll probably have spray painted a tray in every color.  Hmmmm, at last count I had 62 cans of spray paint in my garage and that doesn’t include the primers and sealers.

I found these 2 trays on a trip to the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.  They cost me 99 cents each.


before sideview

The Orange Tray – First I primed it and I was quite lazy I might add.  You can see I didn’t even pull the sticker from the bottom.  Yep, painted right over it.  I used Rustoleum’s bright orange for some zing.  For an added touch,  I found some gold colored duct tape in my craft closet and trimmed each corner with it.  I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the inside.  It can easily be exchanged for another when I tire of it.

close up

sideview 2185

The Blue Tray – Primed and painted a Rustoleum soft blue.  I used a gold painter pen for the trim.  What makes this tray fun is the inside.

Map 1

When I spotted the trays at the Goodwill I also founded a book of maps for $2.99.  I added a page out of the book with decoupage.   This is one of my favorite trays to date and I feel like I’m going to be on a map kick shortly.

Map 2

2131 Map 1

So what about you?  Have you been spray painting lately?  Do you use maps for decorating?


Updated Goodwill Chair

I’m back today to share some pics of a chair I recently purchased from the Goodwill for $2.99.
Dining Room
I fell in love with the shape.   I lightly sanded it a bit where the wood was rough and filled in the nail holes with wood filler. I primed it with a couple layers of Zinnser oil base spray, giving it about 20 minutes between coats, then let it sit overnight.  When I first found this chair I had in my mind I was going to paint it a light blue, then decoupage maps on the chair back. That all changed when I saw Rustoleum’s straw flower satin spray.  I liked the softness of the yellow and knew I couldn’t go wrong with the color.
Before After
I had the perfect pillow for this chair that I bought at Marshalls a couple of months ago.

Pic 1 with Pillow pillow
I’m thinking about a chair cushion, but I think for the time being I like it just the way it is.  I also thought about doing a color dip on the legs bottom quarter.  What do you think.
side view Dining Room
For $2.99 I think I scored and now I’m kind of on a chair craze.  My husband saw the look in my eye and knows that the wood chairs in our house are not safe!  I’ve only painted one other chair ever and that was the chevron stripe one I use in the woman cave.  Have you ever taken a plane wood chair and given it some pizazz?


Striping A Basket

Happy Monday, again!  I went into this weekend with no plans and it turned into one of the best!   Friday night the “locals”, 3 of my neighbors and the hubs and I ended up going out to a restaurant and bar.  The decision to go was completely random and impromptu.  Nothing beats laughter with friends when you don’t expect it.

I found a few minutes to figure out how to organize hubby’s hair products.  Ever since I revamped my 3 drawer dresser with the faux tile top to hold all my cosmetics and hair products, I’ve kept up staying organized.  But his stuff is a different story.  It doesn’t matter that there is space below in the cupboard, the products are going to stay on the counter close at hand.  Trust me, I know this after 31 years of marriage.  I solved the dilema by taking an old basket I had on hand and updated it with a few stripes to match the new wall color {I have not shared}.


I came across the basket the other day when I was cleaning out the woman cave closet {looking for the rub-n-buff which I never found}.  I used some blue painters tape to mark off the lines and added 3 light coats of Rustoleum gray gloss spray paint.

Tape Off

Before After

close up 1 close up 2

I love these kind of projects that are quick and cheap.  Have you ever added stripes to a basket?

I went thrifting on Saturday and picked up a few items to add to my white accessory obsession.  I’ll share later this week.  I also picked up a few items and started a few projects which hopefully won’t take forever to do.

I found a chair for $2.99 and lightly sanded and used some wood filler on it , but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.  I also picked this little bunny up for  50 cents.  He needs some TLC.

chair Bunny

Are you working on anything fun?