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{Faux} Tile Table Top

Yeah, it’s hump day!  Better known as Wednesday, but it’s a day that I am taking off of work so I’m loving it!

A few weeks back I picked up a 3-drawer side table at the Goodwill for $9.99.  I think it’s an Ikea or Scan Design type.  It’s the lighter/blond wood, 3 drawer with the frosted glass centers.  Do you know what I’m talking about?

DIY Table Improve

Anyway, I’ve been using a 3 drawer Rubbermaid tote to corral my make-up and personal items in our bathroom and thought this would be the perfect replacement.   Especially for the price and I didn’t even mind the wood.  I had no plans to change it, just clean it up and put it to use.  There was one small water spot on the top and I thought I might be able to just remove that with a Mr. Clean sponge.  It didn’t work  Sad smile  and I didn’t take a picture of it so you’ll have to trust me.  I lightly sanded the top and added two coats of white primer and no, I didn’t take a picture of that.  When it dried, we brought it up to my craft room and it sat for a couple of days while I pondered on what I wanted to do.

Grout-paper squares

Are you thinking I tiled the top?  Nope, what you are looking at is scrapbook paper that I cut into squares.  The white lines that appear to look like grout is the white primer.  Can you believe it?  I .love simple projects.  This one was as easy as my duct tape dresser which has been flying around Pinterest.

I first cut 4×4 squares and placed them, then trimmed where I needed to.

DIY Primer and Paper

I used glossy Mod Podge to glue the paper on and let that sit for a couple of hours.  I used a roller to make sure all the bubbles were out and the paper dried flat.  Over the course of 3 days I added 10 coats of glossy Mod Podge to the top of the paper, making sure the glue dried between coats.  It really did turn out to look like tiles.

Top Finished

Top View 2 530

Have you done anything like this using scrapbook paper?


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Decorated Bird Boxes

Hi all!  Happy Monday.  The best fun for me is when I make something for something else.  It makes me feel good. I decorated a couple of boxes not too long ago for my friend P’s birthday and shipped them off to New Jersey.


There were a lot of simple steps so it took some time but very easy to do.  I probably should of taken a picture of the plain wood boxes, but I didn’t.  Take a look at this post on some button boxes I did to see what they look like unfinished.

Here are the steps:

  1. use some sandpaper to smooth the rough edges
  2. paint with an acrylic paint of your choice.  I used a soft blue and painted both the inside and out.  I used 2 coats.
  3. Then I sanded down the outside  just a little so a tiny tiny bit of the wood could peek through in places. 
  4. Cut scrapbook paper the size of the box tops and glue with decopauge.  Follow up with 2 or 3 layers of decopauge, letting dry between each coat.
  5. Spray boxes with a clear sealer
  6. The final touch is grabbing the hot glue gun and adding some lace


016-2 I like these so much I’m going to make some for me. They will look adorable stacked on a dresser for spring and summer. Do you do any decopauging?


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Bathroom Medicine Cabinet…Inspired!

I finally cleaned out my son’s bathroom.  Since he’s in his 3rd year of college I figure it’s high time.  And boy did I get rid of some needless junk.  I also cleaned out the medicine cabinet.  I wish I would of taken a picture before I emptied it, but I didn’t.  Oh well, plain white, you know what I mean?  Like this.

as is cabinet

I have to be creative because my husband does not want me painting the wood.  Just to update a little bit, I took the shelves out and backed it with some blue and white scrapbook just for a nice touch.


Can you see it?  Just a very light blue and white.  As for the door I backed it with solid blue paper and added some inspirational words.  That way whoever opens the medicine cabinet will get a whole lot of positive!


So what do ya think?  Have you done any fun simple decorating lately?


Mantle Winter Spice-Up

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I had what you would call a bitter and sweet one.  My son left Saturday morning back to school.  He’s been home for a month and now he’s 3500 miles away.  I’m so glad there’s Skype and text messaging.  The sweet part is my niece got married Saturday night in a beautifull and intimate small friends and family wedding.  She was beaming and I loved every minute of it and wish her and her new hubby a lifetime of happiness.

I packed away all the Christmas decor right after the new year.  It was looking pretty bland on the fireplace mantle after spicing it up for Fall, and Christmas.  I threw some stuff up there but was not satisfied (see the before pics below).  Somehow the orange candles weren’t cutting it for a winter decor.   I just wanted to stay in my sweats and not shower today which meant I needed to find stuff in my house.  And I wanted to keep it simple.

I had some vases I spray painted gold for Christmas decorating so I re-sprayed them a metallic gray.  To fill them I had some greenery stashed away and the branches from our gulley that I had sprayed for Christmas.  I also had the black wood candle sticks but I only had orange candles from the autumn decorating.  I used scrapbook paper I had on hand and just wrapped the candles.  I don’t normally burn these because there so close to the TV and if I can, the paper can easily be taken off.

Before I share the before and after pictures just one more thing.  The downfall of having your TV on the wall above the fireplace is the cords show from the speakers.  If I had some black straws on hand I would of used them to wrap the white cord.  Genius, right?  Okay, here are the pics.

Winter Mantle - before

Winter Mantle - after

Winter Mantle - left 2 Winter Mantle - after right

Have you changed your mantle up lately?

Look for tomorrows post.  I’ll be sharing a new Organization series I’ll be kicking off this week.

Organizing 3 Button-1 

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Craft – Holiday Coasters

Making drink coasters from tiles has been floating around the blogsphere and Pinterest for awhile now.  Well, I made some too, but I cheated a tiny little bit.  Instead of buying felt or corkboard and adhesive spray to cover the back of the tiles I just bought pre-made coasters (backs complete) for a buck each at the Dollar Store.  The only other items you need are a small paint brush, Mod Podge glue, scrapbook paper, acrylic spray and time. 


This is so simple.  Just cut squares from your favorite holiday paper.  Adhere them to the tile squares using the Mod Podge.  Add 3 – 4 layers of Mod Podge to the tiles, allowing dry time between layers.  Spray with acrylic to be heat resistant.  Voila!  Holiday Coasters. 


Here are some I gave to my sis-in-law.  I added a large tile to look like a package.

Poinsetta Trivets-1

And here’s some I did over the weekend still drying…



latte Lattenene

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Spare Room Project – Bulletin Board + Cost Breakdown

I’m so glad to have the spare room done.  As I mentioned yesterday I really wanted a room where I could craft and be inspired or take a quiet moment to read or maybe a little catnap :-).  It also had to be a place where if needed, someone could sleep. I’ve just been walking in there and standing and grinning.  It’s a good feeling to have a vision and then accomplish it.

I wanted to give ya the scoop on one of the projects that you saw in the room.  Saturday night puppy Divot woke me up at 1:30 a.m.  Then I couldn’t go back to sleep.  After I tossed and turned, hate that by the way, I decided I would just decorate an old bulletin board.  I know! 1:30 in the morning and I’m doing what?

I guarantee you could do this and it doesn’t have to be the middle of the night.  I also will say right up front this is not the fanciest job and I’m sure I didn’t do it the way you’re supposed to.  But at 1:30 in the morning anything looks good and then I was too tired to change it and now its kind of grown on me.

What you need: bulletin board, scrapbook paper, ribbon, pushpins. Fit the paper onto the board.  I didn’t even cut it. Then take your ribbon and outline the 4 sides and then start laying the ribbon diagonally, creating crisscrosses. I ran out of turquoise ribbon so I just used a different color. Use pushpins to hold ribbon in place.

Bulletin Board 001-2 Bulletin Board 002

Bulletin Board 003  The Final Product…

Craft Room 040

That be it.  Pretty simple!

In yesterday’s post I also promised a cost down of what I spent.

$60.00 – Home Depot Behr Paint + Primer in one

$12.00 – Rust Oleum Spray Paint, Home Depot and Ace

$ 4.00 – Birds, Ace, 50% off

$30,00 – Pillows (3) TJ Max

$12.00 – Blanket Throw, TJ Max

$16.00 – Picture, TJ Max

$15.00 – Turquoise cube

$10.00 – Picture Frames, Ribbon, mattes, Dollar store

$158.00 TOTAL

Now I can get on with my Fall decorating!


latte Lattenene


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Spare Room Project – Wall Accessories

I touched up the walls last night in the spare/guest/craft/my room but decided I would also paint the switch plates so waiting for those to dry.  For paint details, see  yesterdays post.

I’ve been contemplating what to hang on the walls.  I know whatever it is it needs to be personal to me and not some random piece. I am going through my picture stash for my favorites.  I also have garnered some ideas from Pinterest. That said, here are some of my thoughts.  It will take awhile to get it all done.  Oh and by the way, I really don’t know if I will incorporate all of this, but I really like all these ideas…

I love buttons.  Adorable, right?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to framing scrapbook paper.


Love, love, love this!

I know it’s not a wall item, but had to throw this great idea for a lampshade in ’cause it’s so dang cute.  I can just see it in the colors I’ve picked.

Another cute use for a frame.  Did I mention how long I’ve been picking up frames and how many are in my closet?

I love birds and I am totally, totally, totally in love with this dresser.  I have to think about this one.  I have a white dresser.  There’s got to be a stencil out there somewhere…..

So many ideas!  My brain hurts!  I will have to think about this in a bit.  What do you think?


latte Lattenene

Framed Jewelry

It was important to me to give my niece something special for her birthday, something from the heart.  She is a beautiful young lady, full of drive, ideas and love.  She has set her goals and she will achieve them. And have I already said I wanted to give her something special?

Scrapbook paper + a picture frame of choice + a printed poem or saying + old jewelry + tacky glue = special present for my niece.

Find the perfect picture frame and take it apart.  Find your fav scrapbook paper and cut to the size of the frame.  Print your favorite poem and attach to the scrapbook paper by gluing or using sticky squares used in scrapbooking.  Decide on a great piece of jewelry and using pliers,  take the back parts off so the pin is flat.  Tacky glue to the scrapbook paper.

Look what you come up with.  Don’t cha just love it?

Scrapbook Pics 016

Scrapbook Pics 014 Here’s a closer look at the pin I used…

Scrapbook Pics 019The other part of giving gifts is wrapping it.  I can spend obsessive hours focused on wrapping the gift or I can brainstorm a great idea in less then 5 minutes.  You just never know.  Here’s a birthday box I decorated for my niece, simple but cute, just like her…

Scrapbook Pics 022  Go to your creative side today and have fun!

latte Lattenene

The “9 Lives” I Mean Uses of Scrapbook Paper

I really don’t have 9 ways to use scrapbook paper.  I just wanted to get your attention! I do have some ideas to share though, just not 9.  I’m not sure why, but lately I’ve been using and hearing about how crafty people are using scrapbook paper other than the norm…

1.  Of course, scrapbooking pictures, DUH!

2.  Scrapbook paper is a necessity when making special cards.  If I had a copy of one I’d show you but I don’t.  Use your imagination.

3.  The colorful sheets make nice rooftops for birdhouses I decorate…

 yellow_bedroom_marthastewart_com_Blog Pics 006Blog Pics 007 Blog Pics 005

4.  I was reading some of the projects Kate  at Centsational Girl has completed.  Sorry, I cannot pinpoint the exact spot in Kate’s blog where I read it, but she explained if you spray scrapbook paper with linen water it becomes wonderful drawer liners.

5.  Martha Stewart thought of this one.   It involves multiple picture frames  and similar design scrapbook paper.   I really love this. I think it makes quite a statement and is fairly inexpensive.  I especially enjoy the yellow, black and white combination and am now seriously thinking of doing my guest bedroom/craft room in these colors,  Clean and fresh looking yet classy. 

6.  My latest favorite use of scrapbook paper is one I had a brainstorm about the other day.  I have this corner wall in my entry way and it has some of my favorite things.  First, the little chest with drawers is one I scored at Marshals.  Both the price and the chest are priceless.  On top of the table is a picture of my mom with her grandkids which was taken approximately 2 months before she passed away.  Also there is a precious pic from years ago when my son was 4 and my niece/god daughter was around 8.  We had gone to West Edmonton Mall in Canada and I took this and still love it; chubby legs, big smiles and not a care in the world.  You’ll also see to black candle sticks which I bought and painted and a hand painted vase I picked up when I was in China.  Yes, I’m getting to the scrapbooking part.

Wall Jewelry 001

The large picture on the wall is my limited edition painting of the Wizard of Oz.  To the right on the bottom is a sketch of the lion’s head.  It’s the pre-painting.  I really needed something for the top right to balance the wall out and I did not want to spend any money.  My neighbor has a frame business and he gave me the frame.  I have tons, I say TONS of scrapbook paper so I picked one out that had similar colors to the picture.  Now comes the brainstorm.  I have lots of hold jewelry so I hot glued the jewelry to the picture.  Wall art!  I think I’m hooked.

 Wall Jewelry 003   Wall Jewelry 004

I hope you like it.  The picture in the frame is the actual colors.  I wanted you to see the jewelry too and I’m not a photographer so it came out rather light.

What do you think?