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DIY–Outdoor Solar Lights

I remember seeing this idea floating around on Pinterest and blogs, but when I made these it was on the spur of the moment and I didn’t take the time to do any checking for instructions.

solar light Collage

I was at the Dollar store and they have the outdoor solar light stakes for $1.00 each so I picked some up.  I already had multiple jars and gems on hand.

I took the lids off the jars and filled them with gems leaving approximately 2-3 inches of free space at the top.  Then I screwed the outside  lid back on the jar which left an open circle.  Remove the solar light from the stake. and place in the open circle of the jar.    It should fit pretty snug, but if it doesn’t you can wrap some silver electrical tape around the light.


Place in the sun to activate the lights.  At night you’ll get a nice glow.


Well, you get the idea hopefully.  I would recommend when its damp out or if the jars are in an area where the sprinklers go off, to bring them in your house.  You can place in a sunny window and the will still activate.

Next on my list is to melt all the used citrona candles we have together and create one giant one.  How are you getting your outside area ready for summer activities?