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For The Love Of…Boxes

What can I say?  I love boxes;  cardboard, wood, big small.  It doesn’t matter.  Many are saved from my recycle.  Some find their way into my house via places such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  I’ve dressed them up using paint, ribbon, buttons, contact, scrapbook or wrapping paper.  I love little boxes as much as I love trays!

I think that’s the reason why boxes are next up in my For The Love Of series.

For The Love of Boxes Collage

A scalloped wood box covered with scrapbook paper and ribbon makes     decorated bird boxes.

Cover empty cell phone boxes with scrapbook paper or duct tape.

I used wrapping paper from Home Goods to cover a  boot box and gave it to my outdoorsy neighbor.

Use paint and a stencil to make a cute green ivy box.  I use it for recipes.

Bright pink  or blue paint and buttons made a set of cute boxes for a friend’s birthday.

3 drawer storage box always comes in handy.

Silver paint and glass squares made these  mirror boxes.

Do you have a love for boxes?  If you want to see other loves in this series just click on the page.  It’s noted at the top of the blog.  Happy Monday!


Bronze Leaf Candle Holders {Thanks Rustoleum}

How was your weekend?  The weather here in the Northwest continues to spoil us.  Every summer about this time I wish I had air conditioning and every winter I decide it’s only hot enough for air conditioning a couple of days each summer and I don’t make the call to install.  Today was one of the days I wished I had it.  Our backyard gets the afternoon sun and our family room, kitchen and bedroom get so hot.  I barbequed , then we took our meal  to the hill where it was cool with a little breeze.  Grilled chicken and roasted vegetables.  Yum, right?

roasted veggies

Okay, back to the project of the day.  A few garage sales ago I found a pair of candle holders for a couple of dollars, but I wasn’t too crazy about the color.  It was a dark greenish black.  Do you know what I mean?  I spray painted them with Rustoleum gray, but that didn’t float my boat.  They felt bland and boring.  Thank goodness anything cam be changed with a little paint more than once!  And that’s what I did. I have to admit though, I didn’t have any Rustoleum so I grabbed a can Ace’s metallic brand.  It’s okay for now.

1 2 3

I’m sure the location will change, but for now I added them to my entry way table.


one holder  close up

Have you painted anything lately, only to change your mind?

Birdbath to Yard Light Stake {Repurposed}

A couple of weeks ago the city I live in sponsored its yearly annual garage sale.  The Monday following the sale the city will also pick up your junk at no cost.  It’s an opportunity to clean  the garage and yard up.  The green birdbath in the picture below had seen its last good day.

stump close up

So I tossed the dish piece of it that was beyond gross.  The stake, however, was still in good shape.  I am smitten with the Ace’s house brand of copper colored paint and gave the stake a couple of coats.  I had an outside copper lantern on hand and added a tea light.  This is what it looks like now.


copper bowl close up copper bowl top view

This is at dusk.

at night

I also tried a candle in it for an option.

candle 1

candle 2 candle 3

Have you repurposed anything lately?  Have a great Thursday!


DIY–Updated Table Stand

Over the weekend in the warm sunshine I was finally able to work on a $4.99 night table that I purchased at the Goodwill a couple months ago.  DIY Table Stand

I’ve been slowly practicing redoing anything wood or laminate.  I want to makeover a hope chest I gave to mom years ago and it came back to me when she passed.  I also have my eye on a dresser my hubby has had since childhood that’s in our closet.  My updates are simple, like this chair or  this three-drawer side table .  This really is meant to be a night stand but I’m not sure if that’s how I will use it.  If I’m true to my mantra, it will travel around the house for a while until I find the perfect spot.

before and after

I cleaned the wood up with a bit of simple green, sanded a bit, then primed it with a couple of coats of oil based primer.  The inside and the drawer accents is Rustoleum slate blue satin and the outside is gloss white the same brand.  I used the same hardware and just zapped it with some gold spray.

Right now this cute piece is against the wall in a corner of my dining room until I make a decision to where it goes.  I’m sure that will mean a domino effect of movement for othr furniture in my house.  Does that ever happen with you?  Here’s a bunch of pics.

After Full Pic 1  sideview

close up top  close up 2 bottom

I found this beautiful box on a trip to TJ Max recently and the star fish I found at the beach and spray painted using a metallic silver.  I found the gallery vase at Goodwill for $3.99.  The white bowl I purchased from Hobby Lobby and  the plate from Home Goods.

box and starfish

box and vase 1  vase

DIY Table Stand

There you have it.  I’m joining Wow Us Wednesday, Show Me What Ya Got.  Go check them out for some great ideas.


Metal Shelf and Craft Pen Holder {Updated}

On one of my recent thrift trips I found a cut two tier metal shelf at the Goodwill and knew it was mine for a mere $2.99.  I gave it a little update last weekend.


Spray Paint is my hero!  Rustoleum Gloss White to be exact.  I used a little Simple Green to clean the metal, then wiped it down good to make sure it was dry.  I gave it 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of gloss white and this is how it turned out.

before after

Then I grabbed 3 empty (and clean!) pickle jars, a jelly jar, an apothecary jar, and a canning jar and sprayed them all white again using the gloss white Rustoleum spray.

Jars jars painted

I have a “large” supply of painter pens, scrapbook pens, metallic markers, well, you get the picture.  The jars are a perfect way for me to keep them together in one spot.  I found a wonderful spot for the metal shelf and containers in my ever evolving woman cave.

full close up

close up 3

close up 1

close up 4

shelf 1

I gave my spray painted giraffe a turquoise ribbon collar.  The box is part of a set of cell phone boxes that were empty and I decorated with some scrapbook paper.  The turquoise vase was a find from last year, I think on the clearance aisle at Marshalls.  I don’t remember the cost.  I just remember I was having a turquoise thing going on.

I love my addition to the woman cave and it also means I’m one step closer to getting all my crap {she said with a smile} organized.  How do you organize your craft supplies?


Holiday Craft–Signage

You’ve all seen the cute signs on the web where they say inspiring words and it looks really cool?  I thought I’d give it a try, but it seems like I end up spinning it my way just because it doesn’t turn out the way it’s supposed to.  Whew!  I certainly hope that makes sense because my brain is fried.  I just got off work, the day job, and this post should of gone out last night but I was too busy lazy!

When I updated my spare room in to my “woman cave” I hung this  little white shelf which later fell off the well.  I was left with multiple pieces of white board and I kept them because I knew someday I would need one.  Well, today’s the day!  Because you just have to believe!

Believe Sign

Believe sign close up

I first spray painted the board gold, then took Elmer’s glue and made the word Believe and left it to dry over night.

sign gold w glue

Once I spray painted it white, it all kind of blended and after I hung it the word could barely be seen.


See what I mean?  So I outlined the letters in green glitter glue and I like it much better.  Side note:  Any tips on how to clean brick?

Believe Sign

Isn’t it cute?  I love this little corner of the fireplace hearth now.  I’ve had that snowman for years.  It’s probably as old as my son and he’s 21.  I did a post  not to long ago on the pinecones and cinnamon basket.  Since then, I changed from the basket to this tin.  If you want to see what I did to paint the old bucket like this go here.

This is my first of many crafts I’ve got to get done.  I’ve got little projects going all over the house and my sweet hubby asked me if I could possibly keep them confined to one room.  Lol!

I’m joining a couple of linky parties today, Hi Sugarplum, Beth @ Home Stories A 2 ZBetween Naps on the Porch and Be Colorful.  Be sure to check these awesome sites for inspiring ideas.

I wanted to also get another  post out because Layla is having a mantel decorating party, but that just might not happen until tomorrow.  Check back to see or subscribe and you’ll get an e=mail notification of all my posts.  Click on the button at the top to become an “avid follower”.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!


For The Love Of…Spray Paint

It’s another For The Love of and what better to share than spray paint.  I took inventory the other day and I stopped counting at 55 cans.  Have I become a closet spray paint hoarder or is this normal?  I’ve only done small projects, but as I look back on my posts I certainly have used a can or two.  So today I’m sharing with you For The Love Of…Spray Paint!

For The Love of Spray Paint

  1. Metallic Dollar Store Pumpkins
  2. Welcome Tin
  3. Chevron stripe chair
  4. Garage sale find – outdoor table
  5. Spray Paint Ceramic Animals
  6. 3 Drawer Storage Box
  7. Free to Fab Flower Urn
  8. Birdhouse Stands
  9. Silver shells

For additional spray paint projects and other ideas see my Project Gallery.  If you’d like to see other For The Love Of posts see For The Love Of Buttons and For The Love of Contact Paper.

With spray paint anything is possible.  What have you given a shot of color to lately?


DIY–A Letter, Buttons & Shadow Box, Oh My!

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend.  Mine wasn’t anything special, but I sure enjoyed it.  We found a new off leash dog park along with some great trails in our local area.  Divot had a grand time running and exploring new territory.   I managed to stay ahead of the housework all week by picking up each day so there wasn’t too much mess to clean up.  I also had time to peruse through a stack of  magazines and complete a DIY project.

I think I mentioned in some previous post that my neighbor is in the framing business and being the generous guy he is, always gives me his old samples.  That can be both a good thing and a bad thing.  I have lots of frames!  And like I said, I’ve been working on this project…


Here’s the how-to…

The Frame

The shadow box frame was originally gold.  I painted it white and told you about it in a Valentine post  last February.  I recently decided to use Rustoleum glossy black and spray painted it.  Yesterday I grabbed a tube of  Rub-n-Buff gold leaf and highlighted the flowery scroll.  I backed the frame with a large piece of white scrapbook paper.

White FrameBlack Frame w gold

The Letter

I picked up the wood letter M at Michaels several months back.  It came in one color, white.  I spray painted in black the same time as the frame.  Then I used the silver Rub-n-Buff to outline the sides and I also decided to outline the top.  As you can see my finger wasn’t totally accurate.

Beginner MWith Silver

And this my friends is how I got to the point of adding buttons.  I used hot glue and burned the heck out of both my thumbs by the way and have the blisters to prove it .  Ouch!

Button M

I used gorilla glue to secure the letter to the shadow box back and voila…. Those mirrors are a part of a set of 8 of varied sizes.  I bought them many years ago at a fabric store and never took them out of the box.  I discovered them not too long ago.  You also saw them in my post on my updated livingroom.

The Wall

It fills a small wall in the living room and I’m absolutely lovin it.  I hope you do it.  It was the perfect project for a Sunday afternoon, especially since I had everything and didn’t have to buy a thing!



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DIY – Striped Candle Holders

Happy Monday!  How was you weekend?  We had such a grand one!  Our son was home from Florida for his cousins wedding, which was absolutely gorgeous by the way.  She looked like a princess.  And the groom isn’t bad either.  Okay, I just have to show you…

B & K, wedding pose

After 3 days of chaotic bliss and putting my son on a plane back to college this morning, it turned into a quiet Sunday.  I got the DIY itch and went on a house search of possibilities.  I ended up inspired with  a post by Cassie {Hi Sugarplum}.  She made some simple and cute gold striped vases and I though I’d try it to.

The items needed are simple; rubber bands in various widths, empty glass containers and spray paint.  You can really go cheap by getting your glassware at the Dollar store or even better, use an empty BBQ or juice bottle.  Just make sure the labels are off and the bottles are thoroughly washed inside and out.

Start by placing the rubber bands on the containers. I chose a straight line, repeatable pattern. And, fyi, I did a few more the these 2, but did not snap the shot.


Then just spray paint with your favorite color.  I’m into both silver and gold so I used both and also placed them on a silver tray from the Dollar store.

Painted stripes

Side View



Cassie called these vases and I’m renaming them candle holders.  Can you tell I have tea lights inside each?  I’m thinking bunches of these for the Christmas Decor.


I’m linking to Home Stories A2Z for Beth’s Tutes and Tips party.


DIY – Painted Pinecones, Pinterest Inspired

Today I’m talking pinecones.  I saw theses beautiful pastel colored ones not too long ago when surfing Pinterest.  In fact, I pinned the idea to my DIY and Craft Inspired board.



Back in early summer I posted about our trip to some Oregon golf courses and my obsessive determination to pick up and bring home every pinecone that had fallen from the Ponderosa Pines.  i’m talking huge and gorgeous pinecones.  Read about that here.

138 139

So I grabbed some Ponderosa pinecones and some smaller ones saved from my neighborhood walks and some Rustoleum’s gold, turquoise and light blue spray paint.  Here’s what I ended up with.  They look so pretty in my newly painted living room (yes, post still coming).

Spray Paint Pinecones 2

Spray Paint Pinecones 1


What about you?  Have you decorated with pinecones?  Happy Wednesday!