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Old Bench, New Look

I don’t remember what the original color was of this bench  that’s sitting in our backyard.  We’ve had it forever.  I was doing yard work Sunday and said “Enough, this has got to change. ”

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 019 Last summer when hubby stained the fence I used the remainder to cover the wood slats.  Not very pretty.

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 020

The iron scroll on the sides ares pretty rusted.  Same with the backside…

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 021

My neighbor helped me carry it out onto the grass between our yard and the golf course.  I scrubbed the areas where moss is growing, rinsed it down and called it good.

I was already headed to Home Depot for flowers so I made a stop in the paint aisle.  I have to admit I am a newbie at this.  In fact, I really don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m having fun trying and as I said in previous posts, Rust Oleum has become my new best friend.  Here’s what I bought.

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 041 Primer, Claret Wine color and the can in the middle I really like.  Rust Oleum’s Hammered, guaranteed to cover iron, rust and all.  No scrubbing necessary. 

Let me say I went into this with no intent to tape or use a brush and because I did this outside I can only guess there may be a bug or two hidden somewhere!

First step, at least my first step, prime the wood and if you get a bit on the iron, no biggie!

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 022

Spray paint the wood with the claret wine color and try to aim carefully. I applied a couple of coats.  This is after the first coat.

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 024

Now to spray the iron.  Now remember, no tape so no comments!

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 029

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 028

I sprayed it with a Rust Oleum Gloss spray.  Here’s the final look…..

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 027

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 026

Here are some side by side before and after…..Divot-Bench-Birdbath 020 Divot-Bench-Birdbath 029

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 019 Divot-Bench-Birdbath 027

All in all I’m pretty pleased! Have you tried to spray paint anything?  I warn you, it’s addictive!

latte Lattenene

Front Porch Update

My front porch was so boring I decided I needed to add some zing.  That was last Sunday morning and by late afternoon I think it had a much improved look.


June 5 Blog Pics 053

June 5 Blog Pics 054


June 5 Blog Pics 058

June 5 Blog Pics 072

Let’s take a closer look the the plant stand/3 tier rack.  This was originally a funky little greenhouse I had bought at a drug store at least 3 years ago.  It had an additional top tier with rounded bars and it was enclosed by zipped up plastic. It never worked, the plastic ripped and it’s been sitting on the side of my house with planter pots sitting on it forever.  I threw the top pieces out. Here’s the way it looked when the day started..

June 5 Blog Pics 049

Ugly green and rusted.  I used Simple Green to wash it, wiped it down, then applied Rust Oleum’s white primer. I will admit I took the easy way out.  I didn’t take it apart.

June 5 Blog Pics 057 

It was quick to dry and I applied Rust Oleum’s flat black followed with a clear protect spray.

June 5 Blog Pics 069 

I also still need to fine tune what to put on the bottom shelves.  But let me tell you about the 2 green planters.  They were originally the terra cotter color and there plastic.  Again, Rust Oleum to the rescue.  I primed the pots, then spray painted them with the apple green color.  Final touch was to add a variety of herbs.  Here’s a closer look.

June 5 Blog Pics 067 June 5 Blog Pics 068

I wanted a rug, but could not find the right size one so I came up with a solution.  I purchased 2 door mats from Pier 1 and used rug tape to hold them together.  I love the bright stripes.  I need to get one more for the front door.

June 5 Blog Pics 061

Table and birdhouse from Tuesday Morning and I planted a fuchsia in a pot I already had plus one of my welcome signs and two matching pots at the front walkway and a hydrangea in the corner that I’ve not planted yet.

June 5 Blog Pics 071 June 5 Blog Pics 063 June 5 Blog Pics 070

June 5 Blog Pics 059 June 5 Blog Pics 060

June 5 Blog Pics 065

which brings us back to a front porch updated look for minimal money.  I took the time to look around my house to see what I already had:

  • Bench + cushion and pillows
  • Pots
  • Plant shelf
  • Front door sign
  • Hydrangea
  • Rust Oleum spray paint


  • Plants – $25.00
  • Birdhouse – $15.00
  • Door Mats – $30.00

Total cost for porch update $70.00.  Not bad for a close to home evening escape! 🙂

June 5 Blog Pics 072 June 5 Blog Pics 058

Have you redone an area lately? 

latte Lattenene

Spray Paint Crazy – Box, Part 1

I’ve been reading a lot’s of blogs lately and spray paint seems to be a hot topic of discussion. So, I thought I would try it also.  When my son had woodshop in high school he took a woodshop class and made me many things.  Among them was a wood box.

5-27 Blue Box 018 5-27 Blue Box 019

I purchased 3 cans of spray paint; primer, apple green and black.  When I got home from work I sprayed the base and lid with two coats of primer.

Green Box 017

The primer dried fairly quick and I was able to get one coat of the apple green.  I really like this color.  Hopefully I’ll get the second coat sprayed on tomorrow night. 

Green Box 018I still need to decide how to decorate the box.  I’ll keep you tied in. 

In the mean time, I think I’m in love with spray paint.  I took a peak in my craft closet and I have plenty of things that are calling for spray paint.  Check back in a couple of days to see how the box turns out.

latte Lattenene