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More Color Inspiration by……Kleenex!

I’ve talked before about how amazed I am about the color combinations they put on Kleenex boxes.  For a reminder, click here or try this post.  I was out and about this weekend and it happened again.  Another Kleenex box perfect for summer.  Look closely at all the bright colors.  How cute would pillows be in these colors for a couch or an outside bench.  FANTASTIC!


I’m also thinking I need to get out and plant some flower bulbs. 🙂  Happy planting and just in case you have allergies and get the sniffles, I can recommend some Kleenex!


Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring……

  1. Birds Chirping in the morning
  2. Gutters need to be cleaned
  3. My neighbors planting their early potatoes
  4. Bulbs are ready to be planted
  5. Schools out for Spring Break
  6. Army Wives begins another season
  7. Yard waste on weekly pick-up now
  8.  Iced coffee
  9. Evening walks – Daylight savings time is the best!
  10. Beach Trip (more on that later)

Happy Saturday…..Lattenene