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Reduce the Recycle…Save a Box {It’s a Wrap}

Sometimes when I see a really good empty box I squeal with delight, throw it in a closet for safe keeping and save it from the recycle bin.   Case in point, I’m sharing with you two such boxes today; a boot box and a box my new flat iron came in.  They were your normal everyday cardboard boxes and with the help of contact paper and gift wrapping paper they now look like this.

Birch Box 2

Yes, it’s true, this was the box my flat iron came in and I wrapped it in some wrapping paper from Home Goods.  My neighbor is really outdoorsy so I gave the box to her.  The paper reminds me of the bark on a tree.  I spray painted a wood knob and hot glued it on as well.  Spray adhesive worked well for adhering the paper.

Birch Box 1

A pair of my boots came in the other box and I used a pretty contact paper on it.

Boot Box 2

Box Collage

So next time you get ready to recycle a box think twice!


Organize X 3 – A Few Special Tips from Blogland

Yep, that’s right.  It’s Wednesday and time for Organize X 3.

Organize 3 Series Button

I have to be honest and say I’m not sure if I’m getting a charge out of this every Wednesday organizing post.  Please let me know what you think and honest answers please.  Should I or shouldn’t I continue this series?  Thanks.

That said, I’ve been perusing the internet tonight and found a couple of really really great ideas I wanted to share with you.

Okay, this first ideas is the cutest, cheapest, idea yet.  Why didn’t I think of it?  Hilary @ One Young Love did ask herself what should I do with all the Ragu and pickle empty jars?

Pinned Image

Clean jars, a little paint and a bit of time and you too could have some adorable storage jars.

There is a great posting on Spring Cleaning Tips @ Stylelist.  It’s one I’m going to follow.

Have a good one…


Organize X 3 – Kitchen Utensils

Welcome to Wednesday and Organize X 3.

Organize 3 Series Button

Think about this past weekend?  Did you cook breakfast; turn an egg to over easy, flip a pancake.  Did you grab the tongs to turn a strip of bacon, pound a steak or chicken breast? And if you did, how much did you struggle to find your utensil of choice.  Did you have to yank it our of a drawer along with others?  That’s typically what happens to me. 

Today, 3 ideas for you on how to organize you cooking utensils…

Planter pots have multiple uses as shown below…

Pinned Image


The next two pictures started as clear plastic containers.  Primed, painted and identified.  How great are these and think of the possibilities for other uses….kid’s crafts, the bathroom, etc.  Be creative!

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Have fun!


Organize X 3 – Decorated Cardboard Storage

Welcome to the first article for my new once a week series, Organize X 3!

Organize 3 Series Button

This series will post to Lattnenes Cup of Chat and I am planning to share 3 items on organizing tips every Wednesday.  Today I thought I would focus on creating desk storage on the cheap and cute, may I add.


The 3 tips aka items to use and I guarantee will become your best friend are colored duct tape, spray paint and clips.  Here we go…lets talk about the numbered items in this picture.


I.  Magazine holders, not too sure about the technical term so sorry.  I had this ugly cardboard one so I used 3 different types of duct tape to cover; black, black and white checked and turquoise.

002-1 033-1

Pretty amazing, right?  I  also have 6 brown wicker type magazine holders and I spray painted one with Rust Oleum’s Black gloss.  It turned out great.  I’ll be in the garage spray painting 5 others soon.

035-1 030-1

2.  I found this pen/pencil holder in a box of old stationary supplies and decided it needed some ramping up so duct tape to the rescue.

002-2 017-1

3.  This is my favorite.  I had a bunch of cardboard lids from boxes and they were the perfect size for file trays.  I used two different colors of duct tape.

036-1 028

You can pretty much make anything look good with a little bit of time, spray paint and duct tape. Here’s a few more pics.

026-1 025-1


I haven’t tagged my new storage pieces yet, but when I do I’ll tag them the same way I did the containers in my Linen Closet.  In stead of using stickers that stick I made mine from heavy cardstock and used clips to attach. This will give some flexibility to change your mind if you choose.  This is from my 31 day clutter series.  I used cardboard boxes here covered with contact paper and trimmed in duct tape.


There you have it.  Do you use duct tape and spray paint to create storage pieces?


I’m joining the following linky parties…

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Take A Stroll Down "Green Apple" Lane

The days have been sunny and beautiful in the Pacific Northwest, the evenings cool down quickly.  The leaves are slowly falling from the trees, darkness comes sooner.  Fall is definitely upon us. 

As I look back over previous posts I can certainly see my Spring and Summer obsession with spray paint and Rust Oleum Apple Green color.  Look below for a few of my favorites….see what I mean?  And then, take a look at what my new found color obsession is!

Making A Birdbath

Birdbath 050

Sprucing Up The Lazy Susan

Blog Articles July 4 week 075

3Drawer Storage Box

Craft Drawer and Yard 003

Moving on, my new color obsession is TURQUOISE!  Over the next couple of weeks I’ll share a couple of projects I’m working on.  I’m excited!

Have a good day,

latte Lattenene