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Sunday Thought + Summer Bouquet

Yesterday is but a dream,

Tomorrow but a vision.

But today well lived makes every yesterday

a dream of happiness,

and every tomorrow

a vision of hope

Indian Proverb

Bouquet Close-Up

The daffodils were laying down, the stalks to heavy, so I cut some, along with some dahlias, rosemary, and some pre-bloomed selem.  My beautiful bouquet is in a gorgeous vase etched with hummingbirds, a present from special family.

Flower Bouquet Collage R1

Make sure the stems that are in the water are free and clear of leaves and any other attachments.  The water will stay clear much longer.  I stripped the rosemary from the lower parts and place in a little crystal bowl next  to my vase of flowers.  It smells heavenly.


What ever you’re doing today, have a happy Sunday.    Today the temperature has dropped 20 degrees.  The forecast says low 70’s.  A walk for sure with puppy is on my list and maybe a little yard work and a good book.  This week I’m excited to share with you my revamped laundry room.