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More Color Inspiration by……Kleenex!

I’ve talked before about how amazed I am about the color combinations they put on Kleenex boxes.  For a reminder, click here or try this post.  I was out and about this weekend and it happened again.  Another Kleenex box perfect for summer.  Look closely at all the bright colors.  How cute would pillows be in these colors for a couch or an outside bench.  FANTASTIC!


I’m also thinking I need to get out and plant some flower bulbs. 🙂  Happy planting and just in case you have allergies and get the sniffles, I can recommend some Kleenex!


Hurry Up Spring!

After such a beautiful sunny weekend I am so excited for Spring to come.  Although it was still in the low 50s it was wonderful to be outside.  Many of neighbors thought so as well; cars were being washed, kids riding their bicycles, the Tee Box was filling up with foursomes, and the sound of lawnmowers was in the air.  Am I jealous of my son who goes to school in Orlando?  Yes I am, but our beautiful Spring Northwest weather will soon be here.  I looked through some of my photos and put together a flower collage…..

Start looking in your magazines.  Order your bulbs.  Trim your trees.  Spring is coming!