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DIY–Plant Stand + Glass = Table

Last week our lawn mower died, our weed eater stopped working and could not be repaired and the spring on our garage broke.  I’m sure glad things come in three and no  more than that!  We had the garage door fixed and bought a new mower and weed eater/edger.  In May we  bought a new barbeque and the old one has been sitting in the garage along with all other non-working yard items.  I called the metal pick-up.  They come and take all your metal away for free.  Now my garage has more space and that’s when I ran across an old plant stand and a glass table top.  Hmmm, what to do…

create a table

I made a corner table for my downstairs bathroom.  I never tire of the ivy wallpaper and I like how the plant stand ties in.

Plant stand stand close up

I simply placed the glass ($1.00 at a garage sale) on top of the stand.  It’s heavy enough that it won’t fall off.

large mirror 4

I also like how you can look through the glass.  It makes the bathroom feel a bit bigger.

large mirror 1

The vase is one of my favorites and one that I found at Marshalls.  I can’t remember how much it was but I know I got change back from a twenty dollar bill.  Add a glass baby and I’m happy.

large mirror 4

And there you have it.  For something so simple and easy, this table has become one of  favorite items in my house.  Have you completed simple projects that you’ve fallen in love with, that floats your boat, that you look at and say Oh Yeah?