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Weekend Recap – Randomness and Adding Personal Touches with Tablecloths

How’s everyone?  How was the weekend?  Mine was busy getting lots of things completed around the ole homestead, as evidenced by the fact I slept through my alarm Monday morning.  OOPs!  And that’s why there wasn’t a blog posting yesterday.

I always try to compete a craft or a project over the weekend so I can share it during the week, but not the case this weekend.  The sun was out so I got a bit of yard work done. When I wasn’t doing that I was cleaning and puttering around the house.  I know it doesn’t sound too exciting but as my hubby would say, it is was it is.

Friday night while hubs was at the Mariner game I decided the storage area need a cleaning and sorting.  The area is in the hall closet hidden behind the coats and is a fairly sizable space.  Please tell me why I have 200 + beanie babies in rubber maid totes.  And that doesn’t count the beanie buddy’s.  I wish I could remember where my mind was at in 1999!  At any rate, I at least made an inventory list of them just so I have it and can decide what I should do with Smooch, Peace, Iggy, etc. etc. etc.!  I also have a stack of items to take to the Goodwill or perhaps add to the garage sale pile.  The good thing is I found the punch bowl and I created some additional free space to store other items when the need prevails.

Saturday was beautiful and sunny.  My normal wake-up time on the weekend is around 6:30 – 7:00ish, but I didn’t wake up until 9:00.  Ummmm, that may have been caused by the late night closet clean out and a stupid decision to take a Tylenol PM at 3:00 am.  Bottom line, I tried, but could not wake up!  Note to Self:  no more Tylenol PM!  Back to Saturday, while my hubby played Robinson Crusoe cutting down branches and clearing the gulley next to our home, I mixed up a little TSP and Bleach and cleaned our cement patio, porch and walkways.  It took me most of the afternoon, but boy does it look nice.  I’m excited to put the patio furniture out.

I puttered on Sunday, adding a few items here and there in the house to make it a bit more cozy.  I recently purchased a  bright springy/summery tablecloth at Ross (Dress for Less) for $5.99 and dressed the dining room table with it. The blue and white flowers just give me some energy and make me happy.  The blue candle holders were in my living room.  They used to be this Faux silver and I picked them up last fall and gave them a blast of blue!

031 032

035 034

I also folded and displayed a small table cloth to put on the hutch base.  It’s a little bit special.  It’s hand embroidered and I know it came from my mom’s side of the family but I’m not sure who actually did the beautiful needle work.  I know it wasn’t my mom, so maybe my Great Aunt Bella or my Aunt Mary.  There all gone now so I will never know.  The pictures are of my Grandma and Grandpa, who passed away before I was born. The dish set in the middle was my mother-in-laws and she passed away in 1994.  Lots of generations in this display!


030 029

Moving on to the kitchen, since it’s only hubby and I now, I took the leaf out of the kitchen table, making it a bit more cozy for us to look at each other when we eat dinner, ha ha!  I added another hand embroidered tablecloth here.


038 039

Did you notice the bonsai tree?  It was a Christmas present from my brother.  My husband is the caretaker as I would of killed it by now.  Has anyone ever trimmed a bonsai?

042 040

Moving on to the den, I haven’t yet found a side table for the leather loveseat so in the interim my file cabinet is doing double duty.  I’m tired of looking at it so I threw a table cloth on it for a bit of warmth and added a small scarf I purchased at the market in Shanghai, China.  Ignore the blanket on the couch please.  Its where Divot sleeps at night in between the pillows. Do you notice my striped wall?  I did that about 4 years ago, long before blogging, and still love it.  Maybe I’ll talk about it someday.  Oh, and the telegraph blue glass was my dad’s, as well as the Readers Digests.  The clock my son won in a junior golf tournament.  The small brown leather ottoman is another piece of furniture the puppy has claims on.  It’s one of his favorite places to perch to look outside.

002-001 004

The last thing I did was change the look of a couple of hurricane candles.  From:

019-001 and 020

I changed the colored glass to brown stones and added white scented candles and twine to make two that looked like this…


It’s always amazing what a little time, love of the small things and puttering can do to make your home a bit more cozy.  Have you done this yet to your home?


Hooray for the RED, WHITE and BLUE

July 4 will soon be here.  Do you have your decorations up?  BBQ party plans?  Any baking or crafts in the works?  I’ve been thinking about it and thought I would do a search on the internet. 

From Martha Stewart I found a few fun ideas to consider…

Stars Stripes Gazebo

If you have a gazebo this would be so much fun to sit in the bright white chairs with blue and white accent pillows and the paper lanterns hanging.  I also love the trim on the edge of the roof.

_icebucket3_xl I’m looking at the ice buckets and thinking this pattern of stars would look adorable on a number of things; wood tray for the special day, birdhouses, table cloth, etc. etc.

Flags_xl Flags are such a simple decoration but grouped together it reminds me of a freedom parade and sends such a strong message.


Yummy!  That’s what I have to say…YUMMY! Go Martha!

Sunset Magazine also had a few pics I liked…

fourth-tabletop-l Inviting!

From holiday-crafts-creations.com

4th_of_july_decorations_birdhouse1 For those that know me well it probably is not a surprise that I have “several” birdhouses in the spare room closet ready to paint.

Below is the best picture of all…

IMAG0640 Do you have ideas for July 4th?  By all means, please share!

latte Lattenene