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Front Porch & Summer Flower Pots

Happy Monday!  How many of you are heading back to work today after a long July 4th weekend?  Just remember, there’s only five days until another two days off.  {smile}

Within a ten minute drive of where I live is a nursery with the best shrubs and  flowers.  It’s called the Plant Shack and is only open in the Spring and Summer every year.  The prices seem reasonable and its run by two ladies and a gentleman.

I finally got my pots done for the front porch and thought I would share with you.

full side view

porch table small pot

This pot is one that I spray painted with Rustolem blue last year and it’s held up well.  I’m hoping the leaf white begonia, snowflake trailer and fuchsia fill in nicely.  I keep moving the blue pot from the walkway to the porch because when watering the lawn it was getting to much water.


I think this is one of my most favorite plant combinations I’ve done ever.  The Plant Shack had beautiful coleus in a variety of colors.  I decided to keep with the blue, orange, green theme and chose the Rustic Orange and Wasabi coleus.  I added some Margarita Sweet Potato Vine for trailer on each side of the pot and some fuchsia and white snowflake trailer in the middle section.  The container is one I found on the curb for free last year and I spray painted it just like the pot.  Don’t you just love all the shades of green?

Coleus Collage

I also rescued this gold pot from death before the garbage truck picked it up.  I wanted to keep the old look.  I spray painted it using a combination of bronze and copper color.  I added Safari Scarlet marigolds {French Dwarf} and a couple of petunia plants.  I had never seen the Orange Flash color before and fell in love with it.  It was nice to get away from the standard color.

gold pot Collage

gold pot 1 porch table sideview bench


I gave the bench a much needed coat of stain earlier this Spring.  More on that at a later date.  Oh, and did you notice the cute orange watering can?  I scored that at Ace. I decided to use the pillows and seat cushion from last summer because I’m simply still really liking them.


The front porch is one of the coolest spots to sit in the evening and I enjoy sitting out there with a magazine and other amenities.

Tray 3

Instructions for the orange striped tray can be found here.   For other ideas for your outside decorating check out my project gallery.

So what have you been doing outside?  Have you updated / decorated your porch for the warm weather?

For The Love Of… Trays

Happy Monday all!  I hope your weekend was fabulous!  I had a great one.  It contained all the things I love; gardening, shopping, sunshine, friend get-togethers , BBQs, projects and new challenges.

Its been a while since I’ve  shared a For the Love of post.  As I was cleaning house yesterday I was reminded  how many trays I have all over my house, both store bought and thrift bought.  Trays are so versatile ,  come in so many different colors and shapes and can be used anywhere to corral miscellaneous items or just as a decoration.

Here’s just a few that have met my hand when a can of spray paint was attached to them.

For the love of trays

The last tray does  not have an associated post.  I just picked up an old tray at the Goodwill and spray pained the outside black and the inside copper colors by Rustoleum  It’s the perfect size to hold a few magazines and the remote controls Yyes, I said that as plural…grrr.  I think sometimes electronics are mans best friend.

If youd like to read my other For the Love  posts on pinecones, ribbon, buttons, spray paint and contact paper  just click here.

Do you use trays around your house?


Memorial Day Salute

Today on Memorial Day, I just want to say thank you and God Bless to the men and women in the armed forces who have given thier lives to protect ours.  You will always be remembered.

Star Stripe Bucket 2

I made the stars and stripes bucket centerpiece and the tray with patriotic insert last July to celebrate the 4th. They were perfect for today. The only change I made was to use smaller branches.  The table cloth is actually the reverse side of a sailboat quilt used in my sons room when he was a baby.

Star Stripe Bucket 1

close up 1

Top View

close up 2

Star Stripe Bucket 1

Have a wonderful day with family and friends.


Stripe an Outside Tray

Been a while.  The job that pays me money has been very busy lately.  Between that and spring chores I’ve been away from blogging.  But that didn’t stop me from grabbing a spray paint can and getting a few things done.

Stripe a Tray

My husband calls me a tray hoarder.  I love them; so versatile, colorful.  What can I say?  I am a bit obsessive.  This  tray was originally a moss green color inside and out when I first picked it up at the store last summer on a clearance price.  Then I sprayed it all white.  Now it’s back to green on the outside and white on the inside.  I was inspired by my bench pillows on my front porch so using frog tape several times I added some green and orange stripes.

Pillow match Full pic

It’s the perfect tray to hold a little afternoon snack, a pick-me-up after a long day.

Tray 2

Tray 1

Tray 3

Happy Friday!

Organized Coffee Station

I can’t live without my coffee.  I don’t drink very much soda pop but caffeine and I have had a loving relationship for a very long time.  I use a Keurig  Coffee Maker.  Love the Keurig.  It’s amazing how many places sell the K cups now.  I’ve even found them at Home Goods.  I was keeping the K cups in the cupboard above the stove and the sugar packets were in the pantry.  I centrally located both to a tray next to the coffee pot.  I feel so organized every morning when I make a cup of coffee.  Smile

coffee bar 1

The tray came from Marshalls.  In fact,  I have2 of them the same color, just different sizes.  I use the other one for my command media station.  I  folded a kitchen towel to fit the bottom.  The Ikea container was a Christmas present from a friend years ago.  It was full of peanut brittle.  The bowl I just pulled from the cupboard.

Have you organized anything lately that was so simple and easy to do?


DIY–Tray Love

Tip me over, I’ve found some more trays at the Goodwill.  My hubby told me by end of summer I’ll probably have spray painted a tray in every color.  Hmmmm, at last count I had 62 cans of spray paint in my garage and that doesn’t include the primers and sealers.

I found these 2 trays on a trip to the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.  They cost me 99 cents each.


before sideview

The Orange Tray – First I primed it and I was quite lazy I might add.  You can see I didn’t even pull the sticker from the bottom.  Yep, painted right over it.  I used Rustoleum’s bright orange for some zing.  For an added touch,  I found some gold colored duct tape in my craft closet and trimmed each corner with it.  I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the inside.  It can easily be exchanged for another when I tire of it.

close up

sideview 2185

The Blue Tray – Primed and painted a Rustoleum soft blue.  I used a gold painter pen for the trim.  What makes this tray fun is the inside.

Map 1

When I spotted the trays at the Goodwill I also founded a book of maps for $2.99.  I added a page out of the book with decoupage.   This is one of my favorite trays to date and I feel like I’m going to be on a map kick shortly.

Map 2

2131 Map 1

So what about you?  Have you been spray painting lately?  Do you use maps for decorating?


Tray with Reversible Liner

Hello people!  The weekend was soooooo rainy and housework was not sounding like it would cure the creative itch I was having.  Out to the garage I went for a look at the opportunities that lurked.  On the shelf was this old wood tray.  Back in April we had our city wide garage sale and at the end of the weekend the city offered free pick-up for all items left on the curb.  My neighbor pal Sharon and I went curb diving.  That’s where I found an old icky looking flower urn and I rescued it and made it fab.  I also picked this wood tray up from the curb.

Brown Tray

I disinfected in with some wipes and Simple Green.  Then I went to my “Rust Oleum library”, and grabbed the oil based spray primer and the gloss white.  A couple of coats of each and some acrylic spray to seal had it looking like this.

White Tray

Now here’s the fun part.  I always save cardboard because ya just never know.  I had a piece that was the back of a large desk top calendar so I cut it to fit the inside of the tray.  I also have multiple rolls of contact paper so I picked 2 patterns, applying one to each side and then using my glue gun, added ribbon.

Black White Toille Liner

Green Flower Liner Green Liner w Ribbon

Here’s the final product.

DIY tray

Here it is one more time…collage style.

Tray Collage

Do you recognize either one of the contact paper designs?  Check out the green floral here in my DIY porch table update and the black and white toile in my mirror boxes post.

This tray is definitely cheap, definitely easy and definitely versatile!  Do you have trays around your house?


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