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DIY–Spotted Vases

Happy Monday.  How was everyone’s weekend?  Ours was pretty low-key, but Thursday and Friday had a few “oh no’s” in them.  I’ll just be brief by saying I have a scary eye, I scratched it somehow and now it’s all red and we had our gutters cleaned and found out we have a hole in out roof.  We had a fairly good windstorm not too long ago and pulled a large branch from our second story.  There is already some water damage in the attic.  Thank goodness insurance covers it.  Now comes the fun part, getting a few bids.

Last week I told you about my get-together with my BFFs and the little journals and handmade bookmarks I gave each of them.    Kathy, Michele and Patty have also all had birthdays since the last time we were together and I made a little gift for each.


I got this idea from Cassie at Hi Sugarplum when she did a project on confetti bud vases.  She used small vases and toothpicks to add acrylic paint.  I took a bit if a different route.

I picked my 3 small vases at the Goodwill for $1.00 each.  I ran then through the dishwasher to ensure they were clean.  Using oil base sharpie painter pens I made dots on the glass.  I turned them upside down and started with the base first.  Once you’re happy how they look pop them in a 325 degree oven for 30 minutes.  Do not preheat the oven.  This process sets the paint.

Ready to Bake

I added some colored rock in a baggie tied up with a ribbon.

close up 1 close up2close up 3inside

Once again, inexpensive, but from my heart and I think they like them.  Have you made any little gifts lately?


DIY – Painted Vase

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  It was a pretty low key weekend for us; grocery shopping, I had some work from my work to catch up on, house cleaning, and of course, the Academy awards show, and I de-stressed by changing my craft room around (more on that in another post).  I also went snooping in my craft closet for something to do and here’s what I found, here’s what I did.

vase 2-2

Looks a bit like stained glass, but it isn’t and so simple to do.  I fhad ound this vase at Joann Fabrics with a 40% off coupon a couple of weeks ago.  It cost me 5 bucks.  I like the twist in the vase shape.  The small bottles of glass paint were in my basket of craft paint.


I decided to only use the green and blue.  Just dump the contents of the bottles into the bottom of the vase.  Turn the vase upside down and just turn it in circles.  The paint will slowly just drip down the sides.  Then you just flip the vase over to let the excess paint drip out.  I let mine sit for about 24 hours.

vase 2  vase 1-1

vase inside 2-1

vase inside 3-1

Pretty easy.  Looks great in my bathroom.  Now I just need to find the right thing to put inside, but for now I like it just the way it is.

vase 2-2


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Vase Evolution

I usually try to shop the clearance aisles at my local stores once a week.  I call it clearance drive by to stores like Ross, Marshalls and TJ Max.  I usually give myself no more then 10 minutes in a store and I randomly stop on my way home from work.  Which store depends on traffic and what exit I take off of the interstate.

On one of my quick trips last fall I spotted an ugly plastic, fairly large vase for $3.50.  I spray painted it white.  Then I went traipsing through the gulley, found some broken branches, and spray painted them white.  I’m finding this vase a staple when it comes to seasonal decorating.  Here, I’ll show you…

Vase and Branches-1

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It doesn’t take much for me to be happy! 🙂


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Valentine Tree + Wreath

Happy Monday!  What a beautiful weekend in the Northwest, 55 and sunny.  I abandoned my computer and house and had a nice relaxing weekend.

Today I’m sharing my Valentines Tree and another little wreath.  You may recognize this vase.  I’ve written several posts on it.  Later this week I’ll be writing a post on its evolution.

The recipe for this decoration is a vase and branches sprayed white + some cute hanging hearts and sparkly clothes pins from Michaels = a very sweet Valentines tree for the living room.




I also put a wreath up in the dining room to give a bit of color…..



I bought the wreath and just added the bow.  Have you done any decorating for Valentines Day?


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Living Room Holiday Decor

A short while ago I shared a post where I turned a plastic vase and some branches leftover from a windstorm into a Drab to Fab Centerpiece.  Since my wrist was broken, we decided to not put up the big Christmas tree in the living room.  I still wanted some color so here’s what I did with the vase and branches, plus a few spray painted reindeer.




005-1 006-1 007-1


I love this, so natural.  Enjoy!  TTYL,

latte Lattenene

It’s Been A Journey…Plus HomeGoods – WOW!!!

via Pinterest

Hi Everyone!  This time I really am back, I promise!  The last 6 weeks have been a bit crazy.  Don’t worry, nothing horrible, just extra extra busy.  In fact,  my August posts have been very minimal so thanks for sticking with me.  At one point I shared “I was back in the saddle”, meaning I was back to my blogging.  However, that just didn’t quite pan out, thus the reason for a bit longer break.

Some  know I live in the Northwest and by day I work in Human Resources for a BIG airplane company.  I changed jobs within the company in mid-July.  Between learning new stuff and increasing my commute time, I spent time with family and got my son ready to return to college.  Add that all up and it equals little time to put forth a good effort into blogging.

Hubby and I also just returned from a two week vacation.  Wait, did I say vacation?  We took young son back to college to Orlando.  He’s a junior this year.  Truly, it was a nice get away and yes, I always get sentimental when I say goodbye.  Skype fills the void somewhat, but once a mom, always a mom, and the house is so quiet.

Over the past months I’ve been reading about HomeGoods, a store that seems to come up in posts all over the blogsphere.  So……when we were in Florida I dragged my hubby and young son to the nearest store.  And, oh my gosh!!!!  If I was driving rather  then flying had a U-Haul truck I could of spent bunches of money! Loved it all….I had little battery left on my phone but managed to grab a few pictures.

Check out this lampshade.  Definitely there’s a journalism theme going on here.

HG Lamp Shade-1

How about these plates?  I’d love to set a morning brunch table with them!


I love this char and table…..so “autumny” – is that a word?

Chair Table-1

This vase is fabulous – would love this with some tall greenery and white branches.


These last two pics are my favorite.  Right in the middle of the HomeGoods store stood this handmade metal tree with tons of blue lights.  I have blue and cream couches in my living room and this tree would fit perfectly.  This definitely is something I will need to think about – is there a fairly easy way to make this?


I did a search and there is a HomeGoods store in Portland, Oregon, only 3-4 hours away.  Do I see a road trip coming?  The bonus is Oregon does not have state taxes!

It’s so good to be back!!!!

latte  Lattenene

Monday Magazine Review -Lease a Dairy Cow or Arrange Flowers!

Coffee 007

Happy Monday!  I’m introducing something new on my blog and I’m calling it Magazine Monday Review.  A few months back I came clean and admitted to everyone that I am a magazine hoarder.  I love browsing through them and I am constantly saying “Oh, that’s a great idea” or “I have to remember that.” Yes, I do rip lots out and keep a file and periodically go through them. 

I decided to start Magazine Monday for two reasons.  I’ll have to go through all my magazines (including the ones hidden in the closet!) and second I’ll be able to share great and interesting tidbits with you.  That said, it could be a review of a magazine, new or old.  I’m not sure yet how I will relay this information to you(write about it, take pictures of it, test it, link it, etc.).    I’m going to play it by ear and you’ll have to tell me what is working for you.

Also, feel free to share a magazine with me and I will share with everyone. 🙂  Here we go….

First up, Family Circle magazine.  I have the magazine in hand.  You can also find at //www.familycircle.com/.  I am sharing fun and interesting info from the May, 2011 issue.  In this review:

  • How to lease your own dairy cow
  • Pretty flower arrangements 

How To Lease Your Own Dairy Cow – Did you know that for $60.00 a year at RentMotherNature you can lease your very own Jersey dairy cow?  According to the article you will receive progress reports such as how long they were outside each day.  After milking, then processing you’ll receive Brie or cheddar cheese in 8 oz. wheels. Check out the link as you can also lease peach trees, bees for honey and Pistachio trees.  What will they think of next?

I tried to pull off pics from the internet of Pretty Flower Arrangements, but you have to subscribe online to read it online. Since I have the magazine I just took pictures of the pages instead.  Look at these fabulous colors and fabulous flowers.  Please let the sunshine soon!  I want to see some of these bloom in my yard!

Fam Circle Flowers 004  Fam Circle Flowers 003

The vase of flowers on the left hydrangeas with white lilacs.  Gorgeous, don’t you think.  The house I grew up in and the house next to us were about 150 feet from the main road. Our two driveways were split by a 150 foot row of lilacs.  Every spring I thought I was in heaven, it smelled so wonderful.  All different colors of lilacs, white, lavender, pink, dark purple.  For this bouquet you’ll need to have a wide mouth type container to put them in.  Cut the stems of the lilacs different heights to fill in the gaps from the hydrangeas.

The vase on the right is made up of pink peonies, my personal favorite and green viburnum.  I have 6 peony plants in my back yard and cannot wait for them to bloom.  Since I live in the Northwest when they do bloom I will pray for no rain.  Peonies are such pretty flowers.  Reading the article in FC I learned that you split the stems a couple of inches up the middle which helps with the water absorbing.  The blooms are really heavy so find your vase that has the smallest mouth so the peony stems stand up nice and straight.  Fill in with those pretty green viburnum.

Fam Circle Flowers 005 Fam Circle Flowers 009

On the left is another one of my favorites, lilies.  To get this clustered affect cut the stems really short.  The other pinky fluffy stuff is astilbe.  I love to open the doors and windows when the lilies bloom.  Their smell floats through the house. 

Okay, even before I talk about the flowers I am in love with the vase on the right.  It’s shape is so unique.  Choosing different kinds of flowers in the same colors and shades are always guaranteed to be a bouquet winner.  This one shown in the FC magazine is made up of ranunculus and snapdragons. 

A few additional tips for flower bouquets from FC: any leave below the water line should be removed, room temperature water is the best, and a finished bouquet should be approximately 1 1/2 times your vase height.

Oh, just a couple of random things before I sign off.  My son will be home from college in a week (excited) and my husband is in love with Lady Gaga!

latte Lattenene