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On the Wall {The Week Review}

It’s 4:45 a.m. Sunday morning.  I’ve been awake for the last 3 hours and not by choice I might add.  I woke up coughing and sneezing and could not go back to sleep.  I decided to get just get up and have that first cup of coffee before the no-caffeine headache set in.  Well that, plus take some cold medicine and hope this oncoming cold goes away quickly.  I thought  I would just write a quick recap of my last week’s personal challenge to myself.  Getting closer to being organized meant I had to give some messy craft storage areas a much need sorting and cleaning.  I am the master of hide everything you can in spaces people won’t look!  I told myself for one week I would focus on sprucing up my walls, using only what I already had.  And that’s exactly what I did for 5 days.

After key board 1

On The Wall Collage

I used a variety of items in my personal challenge; charger plate, mirror, cards, scrapbook paper, color printer and the internet, glitter, buttons, fabric, ribbon, picture frames, wood from a broken shelf,  and a bulletin board.  It’s amazing what can be created by shopping your house and thinking out of the box.  Here’s a recap of last weeks posts.  I’ve also added each item to my Project Gallery.

Day 1 – I repurposed an old bulletin board  by adding some paisley fabric, perfect for my “woman cave”.

Day 2 – I added to my Wizard of Oz themed entry wall with a picture of Dorothy’s red shoes all glittered up.

Day 3 – I created a wall mirror using a charger plate, small mirror and mosaic tiles.

Day 4 –  I framed  scrapbook paper, a card, and added a sconce to the wall mirror and a framed picture I bought over a year ago and never hung.

Day 5 – Even though I had previously created a command station in my kitchen we were still just tossing our car keys on the counter.  That’s what prompted me to create the key board holder.  I know it’s only been up for 2 days, but so far so good!  I guess time will tell how disciplined we can be.

There you have it.  Not to bad, right?  Have you shopped your house and added anything to your walls lately?  Have a fabulous Sunday.  I think I’m going to lay low and ward off the bug.  I’m sure a nap will be needed some time today.  I don’t have time to be sick!  It’s going to be a busy week, lot’s going on.  Have a great Sunday!


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On The Wall {Day 3} Charger Mirror

Hi again.  I’m back today with another On The Wall post.  In case you’re stopping by for the first time, I’ve given myself a challenge this week.  To add some color to my walls without spending a dime.

Today I’m sharing a mirror made using a teal plate charger.


Charger Mirror Close Up

Yes, in case your wondering, I had the charger, and the mosaic pieces.  My neighbor gal actually bought me the mirror the week before.  She was out and about and knew I wanted a 7” mirror.  This took 15 minutes to make and a few more than that to dry.  I used clear Gorilla glue.


Thank God for Command Hook picture strips.  Don’t cha just love them?  I paired the mirror with a geometric picture I bought a couple of years ago and hung them on the entry wall coming in out of the utility room.

Charger Mirror full view

Close Up 2



You’ll have to come back tomorrow and see what else I’m adding to the wall.  It’s going to be good.  Have you used charger plates for anything other than eating?

If you missed Day one and 2 of my personal On The Wall Challenge check out Fabric covered bulletin board and Dorothy’s red shoes.



On The Wall {Day 2} Dorothy’s Red Shoes

I’m back to share day 2 of my challenge to myself.  I’m sharing 5 straight days of ideas to decorate your walls using only what I already have in my house.  That’s right folks, I’m not spending a dime.  I’m also hoping it will help me free up some drawer and closet space.

I’m making use of my Canon printer, some red glitter, stickers and reusing a shadowbox frame I already had to create a little piece of one of my favorite childhood movies.

Pic 1

You guessed right if you said Oh my God, it’s Dorothy’s shoes from the Wizard of Oz!  Along with Pollyanna, it’s one of my childhood favorite movies.  I first shared this pic in a post about a year go.

In our entry way we have a large Wizard of Oz painting and a smaller pencil drawing of the Cowardly Lion.  I thought it would be cute to add Dorothy’s shoes.

side view

I printed a pic off the internet and trimmed it down to fit on a piece of scrapbook paper I had glued to a piece of cardboard from a cereal box.  I coated the shoes in Mod Podge glue and sprinkled on red glitter.  Remember to shake the paper after a few minutes to get rid of the excess that didn’t stick.

Step 1 Mod Podge

The shadow box was a freebie given to me by my neighbor.  He’s in the frame business.  Lucky me!  I’m quite happy  how the shoes turned out, especially when I had to do the glue /glitter thing again to fill in a few gaps.  Once I put the picture in the frame it still needed something so I added some sticker trim onto the glass of the frame.  Then I was short on the trim, thus the reason for the flower.  Remember my challenge to myself, no money spent.

close up shoes

Here’s a side by side of the shoes.

before after

What do you think?  Am I totally wacko?  Do you like The Wizard of Oz?

If you want to check out Day 1 of my personal On The Wall challenge, click here to see my paisley fabric covered bulletin board.


On The Wall {Day 1} Paisley Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

Happy Monday!  Are you one of the lucky people that don’t have to work today?  Unfortunately, I do and I hope the time goes really fast.  This past weekend was rainy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon.  And now I’ve got a case of spring fever!

I’ve given myself an ultimatum; NO More Buying crafting stuff until I use some of what I have.  That said, I gave myself the challenge this week to fill up some of the blank walls pace I have and not spend a dime.  Day 1 starts now with my revamped bulletin board.


I picked up the fabric remnant at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago for $4.00 and some copper colored tacks.  This was pretty simple to do.  Lay the fabric on the floor or some type of flay surface, inside up.  Put the bulletin board on top of the fabric face down.  Pull the fabric tight and staple.  Add tacks for a decorative look.

BB Full View BB sideview

BB Close Up


Before After

Do you have any old bulletin boards just laying around under the bed, hid in a corner?  You know what to do now, right?


Spare Room Project – Shelf + TJ Max

Happy Friday everyone!!  Yay!  I do love the weekends.

I’m still working on the spare room, aka craft/guest/reading/my room.  Hopefully it will be done by the time I go back to work on Monday.  After all, it’s Fall and that means let the decorating and yard cleanup begin.

I finished another project and did not spend any additional dollars to complete as I had everything on hand.  I had an old, dirty, but cute shelf sitting in the corner of the garage just waiting to be painted.  Once again, Rust Oleum to the rescue.  It was a simple fix and it will look great on one of the smaller corner walls.  And how my goodness, the white will pop so well against the yellow walls.

White Shelf  042

Here are a couple of pics, not the best, but wanted you to have a closer peek at some of the scrolled edges.  I think its so pretty.

043 047-1

I also am still contemplating what to do with the white dresser.  It’s not solid wood and I used it in my son’s nursery and he’s 20 now.  I’ve thought about painting, stenciling, using rub-ons, contact paper or wall art stickers.  It’s not in to bad of shape so I may keep as is until I can 100% decide in my head what I want to do.  In the interim I’ve spray painted the drawer pulls to a metal black.  Much better, don’t ya think?


Lastly, made a quick stop at TJ Max yesterday on the way home from work.  By the way, L.O.V.E. that store.  Spent very little money for 3 pillows, and a throw blanket.  I think there all pretty special and compliment the loveseat and walls.


Big heart for the pillow in the middle.  Every room needs something really girly.


One more thing about the pic above.  I used one of the features in piknick to get the white matte/black frame look.  I’m going to print out and if it looks good I won’t have to by mattes for the picture frames!

I also picked up a couple of more items while I was at TJ Max.  They fall into the “just have to have because” category.  I know I said I wasn’t  going to buy any items for the walls.  My goal was and stii is to use what I already have and/or create art for the walls but…..this picture was only $12.00 and I think it will be perfect.


I mentioned an additional 2 purchased items, didn’t I?  Here’s the really big splurge.  Fell in love with it and hey, the lid comes off so I can store stuff!


Hey, I think it’s your first glimpse at the yellow walls.  Pretty bright!  It makes me feel like sunshine.  So what do you think?


latte Lattenene

Spare Room Project – Wall Art / Picture Placement

Mornin!  I’m almost done completing my Spare Room Project, aka craft/guest/reading/my hangout.  I have one blank wall that I would really like to make pop with pictures that are meaningful to me (family, places I’ve been, special moments in time, things I love) and maybe a few created art projects created by me. I actually shared some ideas in a previous post earlier this week.

When it comes to placing all of this on a wall I very often need a visual.  I am always having to think and learn about scale.  Below are some different layouts I really like.  Once again, thank you Pinterest for giving me something to think about…

Love the black and white against the bold color and especially the outline of black.  OMG, do I need to do some additional painting?

love this corner wall, oooooo la la!!!  The color is yummy with the black contrast

frames are different sizes, widths, colors, but it all blends nicely, doesn’t;t it?

@ nesting place

Same shape, variation in size and pattern, shades and depth of same color

Ready-made ceiling rosettes with spray paint. Inexpensive wall art for a guest bedroom? cute

What a great idea – could do something like this with ribbon…

Pops of bright color = the matting is outstanding!


Hmmmm, me likey.  My yellow walls, my colors (yellow, turquoise, black, white), different shapes, a little bit random, just like me!  A mix of color, shapes, sizes but still goes together.  This could be the ticket!  But then again maybe not.

I think I need to do a layout on the floor before I start putting nails into my new beautiful yellow walls.  Stay tuned!


latte Lattenene

Spare Room Project – Wall Accessories

I touched up the walls last night in the spare/guest/craft/my room but decided I would also paint the switch plates so waiting for those to dry.  For paint details, see  yesterdays post.

I’ve been contemplating what to hang on the walls.  I know whatever it is it needs to be personal to me and not some random piece. I am going through my picture stash for my favorites.  I also have garnered some ideas from Pinterest. That said, here are some of my thoughts.  It will take awhile to get it all done.  Oh and by the way, I really don’t know if I will incorporate all of this, but I really like all these ideas…

I love buttons.  Adorable, right?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to framing scrapbook paper.


Love, love, love this!

I know it’s not a wall item, but had to throw this great idea for a lampshade in ’cause it’s so dang cute.  I can just see it in the colors I’ve picked.

Another cute use for a frame.  Did I mention how long I’ve been picking up frames and how many are in my closet?

I love birds and I am totally, totally, totally in love with this dresser.  I have to think about this one.  I have a white dresser.  There’s got to be a stencil out there somewhere…..

So many ideas!  My brain hurts!  I will have to think about this in a bit.  What do you think?


latte Lattenene

The “9 Lives” I Mean Uses of Scrapbook Paper

I really don’t have 9 ways to use scrapbook paper.  I just wanted to get your attention! I do have some ideas to share though, just not 9.  I’m not sure why, but lately I’ve been using and hearing about how crafty people are using scrapbook paper other than the norm…

1.  Of course, scrapbooking pictures, DUH!

2.  Scrapbook paper is a necessity when making special cards.  If I had a copy of one I’d show you but I don’t.  Use your imagination.

3.  The colorful sheets make nice rooftops for birdhouses I decorate…

 yellow_bedroom_marthastewart_com_Blog Pics 006Blog Pics 007 Blog Pics 005

4.  I was reading some of the projects Kate  at Centsational Girl has completed.  Sorry, I cannot pinpoint the exact spot in Kate’s blog where I read it, but she explained if you spray scrapbook paper with linen water it becomes wonderful drawer liners.

5.  Martha Stewart thought of this one.   It involves multiple picture frames  and similar design scrapbook paper.   I really love this. I think it makes quite a statement and is fairly inexpensive.  I especially enjoy the yellow, black and white combination and am now seriously thinking of doing my guest bedroom/craft room in these colors,  Clean and fresh looking yet classy. 

6.  My latest favorite use of scrapbook paper is one I had a brainstorm about the other day.  I have this corner wall in my entry way and it has some of my favorite things.  First, the little chest with drawers is one I scored at Marshals.  Both the price and the chest are priceless.  On top of the table is a picture of my mom with her grandkids which was taken approximately 2 months before she passed away.  Also there is a precious pic from years ago when my son was 4 and my niece/god daughter was around 8.  We had gone to West Edmonton Mall in Canada and I took this and still love it; chubby legs, big smiles and not a care in the world.  You’ll also see to black candle sticks which I bought and painted and a hand painted vase I picked up when I was in China.  Yes, I’m getting to the scrapbooking part.

Wall Jewelry 001

The large picture on the wall is my limited edition painting of the Wizard of Oz.  To the right on the bottom is a sketch of the lion’s head.  It’s the pre-painting.  I really needed something for the top right to balance the wall out and I did not want to spend any money.  My neighbor has a frame business and he gave me the frame.  I have tons, I say TONS of scrapbook paper so I picked one out that had similar colors to the picture.  Now comes the brainstorm.  I have lots of hold jewelry so I hot glued the jewelry to the picture.  Wall art!  I think I’m hooked.

 Wall Jewelry 003   Wall Jewelry 004

I hope you like it.  The picture in the frame is the actual colors.  I wanted you to see the jewelry too and I’m not a photographer so it came out rather light.

What do you think?


Wall Art

I was browsing through my Flea Market Style magazine this morning.  I picked up on a few ideas, but got really excited when I looked at the magazine’s back cover.  It was an advertisement for a company called Wall Words which sells rub-on vinyl transfers for your walls.  The nice thing about these vs. wallpaper is you can put them up and take them down as you choose with no harm to your wall.  Wall Words has everything; quotes, flowers, animals, trees.  They even can take your own photos and create wall art.   The colors you can choose from lets you be really creative, anything from metallic gold to sapphire blue.   With some of the designs there is the option to choose an etched glass look so voila, you can change the look of your windows.  There are three to four sizes to choose from.  What could be easier?

My mind is going WOW, what do I want to get and where do I want to put it? Here are a few of my favorites…..

This is called Birds On A Tree.  Four sizes to chooses from.  Two colors to choose from.  The first color is the tree and the birds and the second color is the leaves. This would be beautiful in any room where the sun always shines.

This is called Bless This Home.  It also comes in Autumn colors.  This would be wonderful in an entry way.

With the  Photo Tree, you can choose your colors.  It comes with vinyl picture frames and vinyl strings.  Pic frame sizes vary or if you want, you can use your own frames.  I just like that you can share your family tree or favorite photos.  Great for a family room!

This Dandelion image is one of my favorites and would take care of a small corner wall where some color is needed but there isn’t room to put any furniture.

Here’s the link to the website.  The advertisement says if you enter code 315103 when you order you’ll get a 20% discount.  I’ve also added the link in my category list under Decorating so it is always easily accessible to you.




Oh, one more thing.  This has nothing to do with wall art, but my son is playing in a college tournament today.  Good luck son!  Love mom ❤