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Pre-Spring Entry Way

Can you believe that next Wednesday it will be Spring?  The Northwest weather is teasing me.  One day the car windows are frozen, the next day it’s 55 and sunny, then it turns to wind & rain and the low 40s.  The little bit of sun we’ve had, however,  has given me a dose of spring fever so I added a that feeling to my entry way table.  My eight dollar black rod iron that I painted white table that is.   I think it’s lived everywhere in the house, but now has a home in the corner of my entry way.

Entry full pic

I love all the white and I think next week when I replace the bunnies and bird nests with bunnies and Easter eggs it will be perfect.

birdsnest bird on bowl

close up 3 left corner

Pussy Willows {courtesy of Michaels} sit in a square glass vase painted with pink flowers and birds.  The birds fly and land different places in my house 365 days a year.  Today, one of the larger of the flock is perching on a white glossy vase I found for cheap on one of my recent outings.

close up vase

I like a little memory shared in everything I do.  The linen doily is a part of a set of table cloth, napkins, and a runner that hubby and I got on a trip to St. Thomas.  The posey was my mother-in-laws.  She passed away 18 years ago and I still think of her every time  I bring this precious porcelain basket of  flowers out.

2042  posey

The green plate is a charger from Michaels just sitting on a plate stand.

center close up bowl

sideview top view

close up 1

Is your house shouting a little Spring?


White Accessory Obsession

Welcome to Lattenene Chat.  My name is Renee and I have an obsession for white….dishes, vases, bowls, plates.  You name it, I’m sure I have it in one form or another.

I’ve always loved white and yes, even though there is a continuous debate, I consider it a color.  It’s clean. crisp and bright all at the same time.  I have lot’s of white accessories throughout my home, but recently the stock pile has increased due to multiple trips to the Goodwill, St.Vincent DePaul, Value Village, Marshalls, and other choice spots.

The total dollar amount for my treasures below is less than $50.00 .  See what a little time and a sharp eye does and I had a blast with my girlfriends doing it.

All white

All white 3s

heart and silver birdbath and heart

milk vase



Blue white bowl

Do you have a favorite color you decorate with?  Happy Friday!


Spring Craft – Birdhouse Bookends + Stands

I’m so glad winter is over, at least according to the calendar.  Here in the Seattle area there still is the occasional snow/rain/hail storms.  This weekends weather forecast indicates  conditions will improve.  That means clear skies and a little sun.

The girls of blogland ( no reality intended, but it does sound like a TV series, lol).  Anyway,  Layla, Kate, Rhoda, and Sarah are having a Spring Fling party.  If you missed the Monday get-together you really need to check back and see the mantel party Layla hosted HERE because you will find plenty of inspiring ideas, including my very own.


Kate is hosting today’s Spring crafts par-tay.  I’m on a “what can I craft and not spend any money” kick, aka what is sitting in my house stashed in a corner or in the crap craft closet.  I found a box of wood items the other day and ended up just spray painting primer on them for future use.

001 (2)

Today I’m sharing a few things I did with the birdhouses and all you need besides them is spray paint, gorilla glue, tiles and time, all of which I had on hand.

I took some square tiles, 2 sizes,  from a bathroom project, and glued one on top of the other, then glued a birdhouse on top.  I spray painted it glossy white.  If you make two of them, then you can use them as bookends!


Since I was on a spray paint and glue roll, I also gave two wooden candle holders and two more birdhouses some color.  Add some glue to stick them together and you have some decorative birdhouse stands which eventually, when the weather gets warmer, will move to the front porch.


I replaced some of the darker accessories with white and yellow and gave my bookshelves a fresh Spring look.

002 001





012 011-1

I’m always amazed at what a few simple changes can do to put a “Spring” in my step!  Have you done your Spring decorating yet?