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{DIY} Doodle Pen Holders

I was sitting at my desk in the woman cave today.  I turned on My Doodle Lamp and that gave me a little idea.  A 5 minute idea.  An idea that took all of a few minutes watching American Pickers.  I love that show by the way.  I have a couple of small white pots that I use for pens and highlighters and thought hmmm, why not doodle them.

5 Minutes + Black Painter Pen =

Free  Form Doodles!

doodles full pic

Like I said, they now match my doodle lamp.

010-2 013-1

Instead of white painter pen on black, I did black on white.

013 doodles 1

The fun and best part is there’s no pattern, you can just doodle, squiggle, circle to your hearts content.  Much better then plain white, right?

Doodle and white

doodles full pic

What silly moments gives you an idea?Sharing at Monday Funday.  Have a great day!


Polka Dot Frames

Hi there!  I usually post in the morning, but last night I took 2 drowsy Sudafed because I was so stuffed up.  And guess what?  I kind of slept in…made it to work on time but there wasn’t any room in the morning schedule for a coffee and blog time.

I’ve had some frames on my wall in the woman cave, once known as the craft/reading/guest room.  They contained some awesome sunflower pics a friend took.  I was doing another craft project using ribbon and duct tape (sharing this week, yes I will) and decided to add some to the plain black frames.

Here’s a picture of a plain frame and next to it is a comparison of the plain and polka dot. I just added the tape to the outside edges.

solid black closeup Plain and Polka dot

Can you see the difference?  Subtle but I like it lots!  Please excuse the glare.

close up polka dot

close up 1

I hung the two frames with the black with white polka dot trim on the wall above the printer station.

printer station and frames

I got REALLY creative with the third frame.  I first added yellow tape, then overlaid it with the polka dot tape.  I hung it on the opposite side of the room.  It fits in perfect with the shelves with black and white ribbon.

Yellow and dot full

A closer look…

Yellow and polka dot

Another 5-10 minute touch-up that definitely adds some color and punch to the woman cave!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday night.  It’s cuddle night for hubby and I ( and Divot) to watch The Voice!  Don’t you just love Blake?  Do you think Adam is feeling left out?  Blake and Usher seem like they’ve really bonded!


Paper Backed Bookcases

Happy Monday all!  The weather has changed and let me just say sunshine makes me happy!  I’ve been on vacation since last Wednesday.  It was my birthday so I pampered myself with a manicure/pedicure and followed that up by re-staining the front porch bench.  The pedicure is still in tact, not so much the other.  Take note – remember to wear gloves {smirk}.  We went to Portland for a day shopping. I love that Oregon has no tax.  I also was able to accomplish a couple of projects .  I’m sharing one of those today, and will share more later this week.

I’ve been spending lots of time in the woman cave making it my own on a low cost budget.  In other words, use what I have and make it work.  I have two open bookcases that have been in practically every room in our house.  I bought them originally to show case my son’s sports trophies when he was growing up.  The trophies have since  found a place in the garage packed in Rubbermaid totes.  The bookcases are now in the woman cave.  I’ve thought about painting them but for now I’ve decided to leave the gray metal as is.  To give them an update and some contrast from the bright yellow walls I backed the bookcases with turquoise and white striped wrapping paper I found at Marshalls.

before 2 after 2

The process was pretty simple.  I used about 1 1/2 rolls of paper and  6  foam boards found at the Dollar store for $1.00 each.  You will also want a scalpel, scissors, spray adhesive,  and duct tape.

I cut the paper with scissors to fit each foam board,  then laid them out side by side on the bed to make sure the stripes in the wrapping paper lined up.  Once I was satisfied,  I used spray adhesive to adhere to the boards.  You might find you’ll need the scalpel to trim excess.  When I added the boards to the back of the bookcases I used duct tape to attach to the side posts and to each other.

steps collage

I’m happy how it turned out and the only cost other than the paper ($3.99 a roll) and foam boards ($1.00 each) was time.

before and after 1 to 4

close up 1 close up 2

close up 4

Do you ever craft with paper?  I’m joining Between Naps On The Porch, Monday Funday Link Party, Tutorial and Tip Tuesday.

Have a great Monday!

Organized Printer Station

I’m slowly but surely getting the woman cave organized to my liking.  I’m always in there reading, crafting, puttering.  My husband says pretty soon he may never see me.  I told him not to worry, food and drink were downstairs.

organized station

I have loved black and white combinations all my life so it’s not a surprise to me how my printer station turned out.  I moved my white dresser decorated with duct tape diagonally into the far corner of the room.  It’s the perfect place for my wireless printer,   file tray, a.k.a. cardboard box lid covered with duct tape, and my 3 drawer Rubbermaid tote to hold printer paper.

After close up

This was just a plain container I had stored in the garage.  I already had the black and white scrapbook paper and it was perfect match to the rest of the printer station.  I simply cut to size to fit the front, added some hand printed labels, and slipped them inside the drawers.  I also added a sheet to the top.

Printer Station  organized station

before After close up

The great thing is there wasn’t any cost to do this.  I had everything and  it took  less then 10 minutes to do. Have any quick updates you’ve done lately?

Adding Ribbon to Shelves

Happy Monday everyone!  The Northwest is adhering to the saying April Showers brings May flowers.  The weather was so sporadic this past weekend. First it was pouring rain and then the sun came out.  Too wet to work in the yard so it was a definite putter-around-the-house weekend.

Speaking of puttering, I’ve been changing things up in what used to be called the craft/reading/guest room.  Now I just call it the Woman Cave.  I’ve  been reorganizing, adding and deleting, making minor changes  only.

I have two white shelves on the wall above my desk area.  When I put them up about a year ago  I hung them so they were tiered.  I got this brainiac  idea this past week to put the bottom shelf directly below the top shelf.  Let’s just say I’ll be doing a post sometime soon on how to patch a hole in the wall.  Yep, the screw did not want to come out.

Once I re-positioned the  shelf I minimized the amount of items I had on them.  But they still needed some pizazz so using double back tape I added some ribbon to trim the edges.

Full Pic 1

Much better than this, right?  Here’s the before and after.

Before Full Pic 1

I’ve always loved black and white together.

Close up 1 close up 2

Another quick and simple change.  Have you done this before?  For other ideas see my For the Love of Ribbon.